Best Hats for Women

10 Best Sun Hats for Women

Is it necessary this summer to look up the top 10 best sun hats for women in order to upgrade our wardrobes?

When we upgrade our collection of outfits every season, why not buy a new sunhat as well? Investing in the best one is definitely going to pay. It will have all the features to protect you against the sun while keeping your fashion game strong.

Doing some research about the latest and best hats available for these summers will go a long way toward keeping the season comfortable for you while you accessorize yourself stylishly. There is a huge collection that may leave you feeling confused if you don’t know how to pick the best one. By “best” I am not just referring to the aesthetics of the hat. In fact, it should have all the traits that provide great protection against sun damage and heat. Going through some reviews before you hit the shopping aisles will be very helpful for you.

Your headgear is just as important as your sunscreen lotion and sunglasses are. In fact, hats are the coolest summer accessory during the hot weather. So make sure you have one or more – as many as your wallet allows. Wink!

List of the Most Stylish Sun Hats with the Best Sun Protection

A smart woman wouldn’t miss out sun protection when she is looking for trendy headgear for the summers. So, here I have put together a list of chic hats popular this season. These hats carry amazing features for protection against the sun’s UV rays and heat. Plus, in this list, you will find a hat for every occasion or activity you want to indulge in during the hot weather.

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FURTALK Womens Beach Sun Straw Hat

The “FURTALK Womens Beach Sun Straw Hat” is a stylish and practical accessory for women who enjoy spending time outdoors, particularly on the beach. The hat is made of high-quality straw, which provides excellent protection from the sun’s harmful rays while keeping your head cool and comfortable.

One of the features that I particularly like about this hat is its wide brim, which measures 4 inches in length, providing ample shade to your face, neck, and shoulders. The hat also features an adjustable inner band, which allows you to customize the fit and ensures that the hat stays securely in place, even on windy days.

Another feature that sets this hat apart is its stylish design. The FURTALK brand has a reputation for producing fashionable and trendy accessories, and this hat is no exception. It comes in several colors, including beige, black, navy blue, and pink, making it easy to find a style that suits your taste and complements your beachwear.

FURTALK Womens Beach Sun Hat


Additionally, the hat’s lightweight and packable nature make it an ideal travel companion. You can easily fold and store it in your luggage without taking up too much space, ensuring that you always have a sun hat handy wherever you go.

The hat’s material is of high quality and durable, ensuring that it can withstand the harsh sun, saltwater, and sand without losing its shape or color. It is also easy to clean, so you can simply wipe it down with a damp cloth to keep it looking new.

Moreover, the FURTALK brand offers excellent customer service and ensures that their customers are happy with their purchase. If you have any issues with the hat or are not satisfied with your purchase, the company offers a 30-day money-back guarantee, giving you peace of mind when making your purchase.

1. Unisex LTM3 Airflo Hay Hat by Tilley Endurables

Showing an LTM3 Airflo Hay hat

Tilly Endurable – a world-famous Canadian company – has put forth this amazing product that offers both comforts as well as amazing functionality. It is not just an ordinary hat that simply shields you from the sun’s rays. In fact, this medium-brimmed hat has been designed to accompany you on your outdoor adventures all year round.

It protects you from sunburn, keeps your head cool in the scorching heat, gives you a shield when it pours, and keeps the gusty winds away. LTM3 will be at your service at any time of the year for any of your outdoor activities.

The hat features 50+ Ultraviolet Factor Protection through its special Tilley Nylamtium fabric. This particular fabric is composed of lightweight nylon that also offers water resistance.

The hat is, therefore, not susceptible to damage when it rains. This also means that your headgear will not get mildew regardless of your humid surroundings or when you sweat. At the same time, there is also a sweatband to keep the sweat away when you are indulging in some strenuous physical activity.

During strong winds, the hat sits securely on the head through a special wind cord system. On the other hand, the crown features a quarter inch of polyester mesh that provides added comfort during hot days. This mesh ensures ventilation to maintain coolness.

With all these wonderful features, the manufacturers have been extremely creative with the design to make this hat really stand out from conventional sunhats. There is also a secret pocket in the crown to store a wad of cash, your keys, or your credit card safely.

  • The hat offers protection during all types of weather conditions
  • A high UFP rating offers great UV protection
  • A secret pocket in the crown comes in quite handy during travel
  • The Tilley Nylamtium fabric is rather stiff as compared to canvas
  • The hat is not foldable for easy storage


2. Women’s Shelby Poolside Hat by Coolibar

This wonderful wide-brimmed hat is perfect for your beach parties or a relaxing time at the pool. The 7 inches wide brim effectively keeps the sunlight away and gives coverage to the entire face along with your neck, nape and ears.

Additionally, the polyester fabric features UV light protection with a UFP rating of 50+. This whopping rating blocks 98% of the hazardous UV radiation, thereby giving you the ultimate protection against the savage sun.

The brim is wired which means you can adjust it to get the desired coverage. Users can easily customize the shape according to the position of the sun. Moreover, this flexible hat also offers COMPACT IN A SNAP FEATURE. With this feature, you may fold and roll up your Shelby hat for convenient storage in the closest or when you are travelling.

Overall, it is a stylish hat for outdoor protection against the sun and heat.

  • High UFP rating to block 98% UV radiation
  • A wide and wired brim for adjustable coverage
  • A travel-friendly hat that is easily foldable for storage
  • No under-brim glare protection
  • Has to be hand washed and line dried


3. Genuine Madagascar Raffia Hat

Showing a Madagascar raffia hat

This hat is a true gem! It comes straight from the exotic island of Madagascar where it is hand-crafted using native raffia palm tree. The latter is a hat maker’s delight. It creates the finest hats just like this treasure from Madagascar.

For those who love to travel, this hat is completely flexible. Just fold it and pack it in your luggage. Don’t forget to steam out the creases though after unpacking the hat. Additionally, the hidden pocket in the crown comes in handy for storing some cash on your travel trips.

This beautiful hat also gives you amazing sun protection. There is a double layer of raffia straw that effectively blocks the sun’s rays. You can also adjust the super-flexible brim to give yourself the desired protection against the sunlight.

There are colors to choose from as well as sizes. Depending on the size of your head, you can find your perfect fit as your options range between XS and XL. This means no one is going to be deprived of this amazing hat.

  • Double layer of genuine raffia palm straw gives the optimum sun protection
  • Large and adjustable brim
  • Foldable hat for travel
  • A range of sizes available for all types of customers
  • After folding, some creases might appear which need to be steamed out.


4. A Royal Sinamy Hat

Showing a lady with a royal sinamy hat

They call it “fit for a queen”. The hat truly is nothing less than royal! It is one of the most glamorous and elegant hats for all gorgeous women out there.

A special arrangement of flowers and feathers gives the hat a victorian look and makes it your finest accessory for all fancy outdoor events.

Be it a classy cocktail party, a daytime wedding ceremony or any other formal gathering, this hat can be paired up with your ravishing ball gowns and beautiful dresses to complete a stylish and sophisticated look for you.

Made from extremely durable Sinamy fabric, this hat will be your companion for a lifetime! It is fit for teenage girls as well as older women.

The interior tie band can be adjusted according to the size of your head. This makes the head-turning hat perfectly comfortable as well.

Since the hat has been designed as a fancy accessory, it does not offer the best UV protection. However, the 6 – 1/4th inches brim keeps your face, ears and neck well protected from the sunlight.

Additionally, the height of the crown is 4 – 1/2 inches to keep your head comfortable and cool during a hot, daytime event.

  • A luxurious and fancy hat for formal occasions
  • A wide brim protects against sunlight
  • No Ultraviolet factor protection
  • Not foldable for compact storage or travel


5. Indiana Jones Style Hat by the American Hat Makers

Showing an Indiana Jones style hat

This elegant leather-made hat is a keeper. It has been designed with a high-quality finish and perfect functionality as a sun hat. With UPF 50+ rating, you can strut around in the sun without worrying about UV damage for your face, neck and hair. Moreover, it offers a crown with lightweight mesh to enhance breathability. This means no more uncomfortable sweating during your outdoor adventures in the hot weather.

Speaking of weather, this fantastic hat has you covered be it windy, raining or unbearably hot. While the chin strap helps you secure the hat during gusty winds, the water-resistant surface of the leather repels raindrops. This keeps you dry and makes the hat more long-lasting.

The brim is 2 – 3/4 inches wide to give you ample protection from the sun’s rays. A high UPF rating ensures that 98% of the UV radiation is blocked.

This hat is a one-time investment. The manufacturers give a lifetime guarantee for its durability and longevity.

What more can one want from a hat that is stylish, protective, and a lifelong companion?

  • 50+ UPF rating blocks 80% UV radiation
  • An all-weather hat
  • Comes with a lifetime guarantee
  • Not packable to be easily carried on travel trips


6. Jasper Wool Hat by Overland

Showing a Jasper wool hat

This is a graceful unisex Fedora. With a 3 inches wide brim, the hat suits most face cuts. It is a stylish accessory for your summertime adventures as it keeps the sunlight away.

The beige hat with its braided leather hatband can be paired with any outfit to make you look chic. Other than style, the hat also offers plenty of comforts as well as protection against different types of weather conditions. It is composed of waterproof wool so that you don’t have to put your adventures on hold when it’s drizzling outside. At the same time, a cotton sweatband has been incorporated inside for hot and humid days.

The stylish pinched crown helps make the hat crushable. Simply collapse the crown to fold the hat and toss it in your bag while traveling. When you need to unfold the hat, the crown just pops back into the right shape – no creases or wrinkles to straighten out.

Through these qualities, this Jasper hat can prove to be a good purchase.

  • Easy to pack for travel without creases or wrinkles
  • Waterproof wool exterior
  • A 3 inch brim and cotton sweatband for protection against sunlight and heat
  • No ultraviolet factor protection
  • No chinstrap for windy weather


7. A Wide Rolled Brim Hat by Solumbra

Showing a wide brim rolled hat

Solumbra is a name associated with a whole line of patented sun-protected clothing. The sun protection offered by the brand has scientifically been proven by health authorities in the USA and Canada to be more effective than a sunscreen lotion! This is, therefore, the most suitable hat for your casual outdoor trips during summer.

Beat the heat perfectly by giving yourself the protection of the hat’s 6 inches-wide brim. The latter keeps your face, hair, ears, and neck as well as upper back well-shaded. In addition, it offers SPF protection with a rating of 100+. This whopping number ensures you get the ultimate protection against the cancerous UV radiation of the cruel sun. So, when you put on this hat, you alleviate your worries about pre-mature wrinkles, black spots, uneven complexion, and the deadly disease of skin cancer.

The rolled brim of this hat makes it easy to fold it and pack it when you are on the go. The hat doesn’t want to be left out on any of your memorable journeys!

The chin strap helps keep the hat well-secured. You can run around on the beach with your kids or enjoy a windy afternoon without needing to adjust the hat every now and then.

With this Solumbra Rolled Brim hat, you get everything – comfort, protection, and ease.

  • High SPF value to protect the skin against premature ageing and cancer
  • 6 inches wide brim gives a large coverage against sun light
  • Easily packable hat
  • A casual design not suitable for formal outdoor occasions


8. A Vintage Leather Bowler Hat by Stetson

Showing a vintage leather Bowler hat

This is one of the most stylish hats for women who adore a vintage look. The faded-out appearance of this unisex hat makes it classy and eye-catching.

Its composition is cotton combined with oilskin to create headgear that is chic as well as comfortable. The leather repels water so that the hat can be your companion during unpredictable weather when it drizzles. On the other hand, the UV protection rating is 40+ to effectively block harmful radiations on a bright sunny day. In this way, it may turn out to be your favorite accessory all year round in different weather conditions.

  • A stylish vintage look
  • Sufficient UV protection
  • Water repellent surface
  • Not foldable
  • Needs to be hand washed to maintain the quality


9. Chic Panama Hat by the San Francisco Hat Company

Showing a Chic Panama hat

What is more elegant than a hand woven panama hat? This classy design is created by the San Francisco Hat Company in the USA. The style is quite feminine with a thin braided leather band running all around the crown. This truly is an eye-catching piece that can be paired up with any nice summer dress owing to its neutral shade.

Sizes are available from XS to XL. Women can easily find the best fit according to the size of the head and the particular face cut.

As the 5 inches brim keeps the sun’s rays out of your face, a UPF rating of 50+ strongly protects against the harmful effects of UV radiation. A chic leather chinstrap secures the hat properly. It may also be tied around the neck to wear the hat at the back of your neck in a stylishly casual manner.

How can such a wonderful hat not be your travel buddy? It is packable so that you can simply stow it away in your luggage or handbag.

Sophisticated Panama is fit for various kinds of occasions. You can wear it to a daytime cocktail party, an outdoor baby shower or simply a lazy day at the beach. Enhance your femininity and style with this dashing sun hat.

  • A neutral color that goes with a variety of outfits
  • 5 inches wide brim and 50+ UFP rating for substantial UV protection
  • Easily packable for travel adventures
  • Not water resistant


10. Luxurious Victorian Hat by June’s Young Women

Shows a young woman with a luxurious victorian style hat

This extraordinary hat is the right choice for the bold diva that you are! Its head-turning design is unique with a floppy brim and flares. The hat is decorated with a classy organza net veil as well as shiny imitation diamonds. The headgear simply exuberates luxury.

Pick this Victorian hat for your formal social events. You may wear it to a Derby party, the Church, a wedding or any other classy event. It is going to enhance your elegant personality. Pair it up with your ball gowns, church dresses and all formal outfits. Don’t forget those high heels, smoky eyes and bold lips to complete the look.

The big brim of the hat measures 8.7 inches. It gives you excellent cover from the sunlight despite not having any UV filter like most other summer hats. However, the design of this floppy hat is more focused towards style and grandeur for fancy occasions. So, go for this magnificent hat to dress up like royalty.

  • A luxurious hat suitable for fancy occasions
  • A big floppy brim blocks sunlight
  • No ultraviolet factor protection
  • Not suitable for casual outdoor adventures


What are Women’s Hats Called

What are Women’s Hats Called
Showing a bunch of hats in a shop

Looking at a big collection of hats of different styles at a fashion store, I wonder what is each type of women’s hats called.

While searching for a hat for myself one day, I came across so many kinds of styles. I discovered these styles vary with the seasons, occasions, activities and – most importantly – your outfit. Each of these styles has a unique name. With so many gorgeous options available, it is good to have a little knowledge about what these names are. So, based on my own research, here is a list of some of the most popular hats for women.

With so many gorgeous options available, it is good to have a little knowledge about what each type of hat is called. Here is a list of the most popular headgear for women.

Elegant Brimmed Hats

Hats with wide brims are your best pick for a daytime outdoor activity. The brim gives you good cover against the sunlight. At the same time, you give yourself an elegant look when you put on a Panama or a Bowler’s hat.

Gatsby Hat for a Chic Look

Also known as the Newsboy cap, the Gatsby is brimless and comes with a peak. It is a stylish accessory that can be paired with your boot cut trousers or trendy jeans. A variation of colors and patterns makes it stand out. You can get it plain, checkered or floral printed.

A Snug and Warm Beanie

A beanie is mostly worn in winters. It is a knit hat with no brim. You fit it comfortably on your head to get warmth. Some large beanies may also cover the ears during the colder season.

Cloche for a Feminine Look

Simply defined, a cloche hat is bell-shaped and fits tightly around the head. It is quite feminine and chic. Although more popular back in 1920s, cloches have made a comeback and are chosen by the most fashionable women. The hat may be plain or adorned with flowers or ribbons to be worn on a formal event.

Bucket hat for a Casual Look

For all your casual activities, a bucket hat is not only stylish, but also comfortable and practical. Whether you are out on a fishing trip or simply busy gardening in your backyard, a bucket hat gives you sufficient protection against the sun and heat. The hat covers the crown and shades the face with its small but slightly sloping brim. When it comes to colors and designs, there are far too many options. So, all you women out there can find the perfect bucket hat to match a dress and suit a particular activity.

A Lovely Beret

A Beret creates a classy, French style. The cap is brimless with a flat crown. It is usually made from knitted wool, cotton or wool felt. This hat is rather more suitable as a fashion accessory than a protective headgear. Wear it with a bob cut or short, layered hairstyle for a beautiful look. It may be paired with jeans or a nice summer dress – the choice is yours.

A Sporty Sun Visor

The sporty women mostly opt for a visor. It is a crownless hat with a peak to shade the face and a band or strap that encircles the head. A visor fits perfectly around the head so that you can carry on with your outdoor activities comfortably. The peak gives shade to your forehead and eyes when the sun is bright.

What are the Best Sun Hats

What are the Best Sun Hats
Here we can see a few mannequins style in clothes and wearing a the best hat

Opting for a high quality sun hat means you need to loosen the purse strings. Make sure you get value for every penny you spend. So, go for the most effective sun hat that is not only trendy but also gives you the best sun protection.

Here are a few qualities to look for before you make your purchase.

A Wide Brim to Provide Shade

On a bright sunny day, you need shade for your face and head. This is what a brimmed hat does for you. It protects you from the scorching sunrays. Therefore, the wider the brim the more protective your hat is going to be. Not only will you be shading your hair and face, but your ears and nape will also be sufficiently covered.

UV Protection with a High UPF Factor

There are different kinds of sun protected clothing including hats. The manufacturers use advanced technology that imparts UV protection to any piece of clothing. Ideally, the UPF – Ultraviolet Protection Factor – for your hat should be equal to or greater than 50. This is when your headgear will be able to block almost 98% of the cancerous UV radiation. So, before picking a sun hat at the store, do check its UPF rating.

Availability of an Adjustable Brim

A hat with a wide brim serves as a great sun hat. However, if that brim is adjustable, you are in luck! This means you can customize the way your hat shields you from the sun. Simply adjust the brim according to the direction of the sunlight. You may also use this option to give more coverage to areas of your face or neck that are more sensitive to the sun.

A Cool Lightweight Mesh

Wearing a hat on a hot day might get uncomfortable unless your hat offers breathability. The crown needs to have a lightweight mesh to keep you cool. In this way, you will be able to survive a sweltering hot day while you are doing outdoor chores.

A Sweatband for Comfort

Along with breathability, a good sun hat should also have a sweatband to make it more comfortable for you. Sweating is inevitable during an outdoor activity on a hot summer day. So, make sure your hat offers a sweatband to take care of the sweating.

What is the Best Color for a Sun Hat

What is the Best Color for a Sun Hat
Showing a woman with a dress and hat for the best color in the sun

When you wish to purchase a sun hat for protection, it is very important what color you choose. For this purpose, first it is necessary to understand how colors play a role in sun protection. Simply put, light shades do not absorb light or heat while darker ones do. What do we make of this information? Well, your sun hat should be a light color like white or a lovely pastel shade. However, make sure the under-brim off the hat is dark! This is because even though a light colored hat protects you from the sun above, refracted sunrays are found everywhere bouncing off the ground or other objects around you. A dark under-brim absorb these stray rays of the sun before these can hit you. As a result, your protection becomes stronger.

This was just some simple primary school science. Using these logics while shopping instead of purchasing on a whim will definitely help you make a smart choice when you opt for the best sun hat.

However, this doesn’t means your hat should only be white with a black interior. Although, in my opinion, white is the most elegant color there is, you can always go for other beautiful shades like light pink or yellow. Pretty girls always want a variety of colors to match their outfit or mood.

On the other hand, if you are a minimalist and want your sun hat to go with most of your dresses, you can easily opt for a neutral shade like beige. I always go with the latter option specially when going on a summer vacation. A beige hat comes in handy as it goes with almost everything and you need to pack just one hat for the entire vacation.

How should a Sun Hat Fit

Since there are so many types of sun hats available, a single-line explanation won’t answer this question. There are quite a number of factors to consider in order to ensure your sunhat fits you perfectly. Take, for instance, the shape of your face, the size of your head and the particular style of the hat you want to buy. You want a hat that is not only comfortable but also suits you.

Here are a few simple tips I always follow while buying a hat.

Check the Manufacturer’s Size Guide

This is particularly useful for my online shopping sprees. You can’t assess a hat’s comfort level or how well it is going to suit by you just looking at the available pictures on a particular website. So, without wasting any time, go straight to the manufacturer’s size chart. Check what sizes are available.

You might need to measure the size of your head first using a measuring tape. Wrap it around your head starting from a point on the forehead just above your eyebrows. In this way you will be able to find the right fit for yourself.

At times, the manufacturers claim “one size fits all”. In this case, make sure there is an adjustable band built inside the hat. Adjust the size of the hat accordingly by loosening or tightening the band.

Try on the Hat

When you are not shopping online, you always have the option to try it on. This is the best way of assessing a hat’s comfort and fit. At the same time, you can also make sure whether it suits you or not. Consider your face cut, height and build while checking out a hat in the mirror. You may ask for the opinion of the salesperson as well.

Buy Hats with Chin Strap

Buy Hats with Chin Strap
Showing a woman near a beach with a chin strap hats

Larger hats with wide brims should come with a chin strap so that they don’t fall off the head during an activity. At the same time, a chin strap also comes in handy when it is windy outside. The hat sits securely on your head. On the other hand, while you are not wearing the hat on your head, you may tie the strap around your neck to wear the hat at the back of your neck. It looks quite stylish.

So, buying a sunhat with a chin strap is a good idea.


When you purchase a sun hat, make sure it offers the best sun protection. Pick a brimmed hat of the right color and the right size that suits you. At the same time, having UV protection will be an added bonus for the ultimate protection. In this way, your hat will be your protection as well as a gorgeous style statement for you during the summers.

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