Aside to safeguarding you against sun, a hat is designed to impart you with an elegant and classy look, without the need for putting on any makeup at all!

Hi, my name is Andrew and I am a graphic designer by profession. I have a number of hobbies and ‘Hats’ is definitely one of them. I always wanted to have some kind of website or blog where I could express my penchant for hats and also explain to people about different types of hats and what makes each of them unique, exciting, stylish, fashionable and clever, all at the same time. And here I am finally! At the beginning of 2016, I did a great deal of research around the best of the hats and also went through a number of hat buying guides to eventually design and launch my very own website that caters to the requirements of hats lovers and enthusiasts. I am hoping that you’ll find my website useful and that you’ll turn to it every time you need any kind of advice or information about hats, their usability and other relevant details.

What’s Unique about ‘The Hats Guide’?

There’s only one way in which I can answer that question and i.e. by asking you to go through the posts!

When you scan my posts thoroughly, you’ll realize the amount of hard work, effort and research I’ve put in to deliver top quality content about different styles and variety of hats. Right from gathering and highlighting details regarding the construction and make of the hats to underling and emphasizing on the design, color and overall style and quality of different types of hats, you’ll get every piece of information that you are looking for right here!

I firmly believe that if you love the accessory and want to experiment with different patterns, styles and colors of hat then you will always return to my site for more on them. Whether you need to find out more about the fabric used for designing a wide variety of hats or even if you simply need a style guide or reasons for picking a particular type of hat, at The Hats Guide, you’ll find every bit of information that you need for choosing the right hats for yourself or your loved ones. Together with my team of zealous writers, I have worked extremely hard to collate details and information that matter or should be taken into consideration before buying a hat.

My motto is simple! I want you to don best looking hats and make your very own fashion statement every time you walk into a party, meeting or casual get-togethers with your friends!

So, whether you have never worn a hat before or even if you simply love your hats and cannot fathom your life without them, go ahead and explore my website to discover what is special about hats and why you must make them a part of your wardrobe, if you haven’t already done it!