Are Women’s Hats Smaller Than Men’s?

are women's hats smaller than men's

Are Women’s Hats Smaller Than Men’s?

Styling a woman is very critical. Different types of physical features have different hat styles. While picking you wonder, are women’s hats smaller than men’s?

The size of the hats directly linked to the face shape and size. Typically, on different events, you might feel that women’s hats are quite smaller than men, or there are mens hats bigger than women’s . However, this statement is not true all the time. There are major reasons of different hat sizes that might include different styles, and hat with different profiles.

Buying the right hat for women during the long summer is not an easy thing. During summer, one has to pick an option that protects them from the sun and harsh rays and protects the skin while giving a classy look. Similar to other summer accessories such as sunglasses, bright clothing, and the hat is also essential. Hence, as long your wallet allows you, buy as stylish hats as possible. Also take a look at our top 10 best options:

  1. LTM3 Airflo Hay Hat by Tilley Endurables
  2. Women’s Shelby Poolside Hat by Coolibar
  3. Genuine Madagascar Raffia Hat
  4. A Royal Sinamy Hat
  5. Indiana Jones Style Hat by the American Hat Makers
  6. Jasper Wool Hat by Overland
  7. A Wide Rolled Brim Hat by Solumbra
  8. A Vintage Leather Bowler Hat by Stetson
  9. Chic Panama Hat by the San Francisco Hat Company
  10. Luxurious Victorian Hat by June’s Young Women

Right hat size for men and women:

Right hat size for men and women
Showing a woman with a white baseball cap

Wearing a hat is all about enhancing the class and elegance while beautifying the physical features. The feeling of looking fabulous in the hat always gives you a million dollar confidence. You can have such feelings by wearing the right sized hat and the hat that best suits facial features, i.e., shape. Indeed, the hat shape and size always play a vital role in enchanting your look while receiving the iconic response from other people.

While determining the right size for women and men, we will also explore the answers to a few questions:

  • Are women’s hats smaller than men’s?
  • Are mens hats bigger than women’s?
  • How can you tell your hat size?

Firstly, are women’s hats smaller than men’s? Generally, the size of the women has been sized into one single standard. Mostly the standard size is one fit solution for many women. The style of each hat designed by the manufacturer holds the adaptability to adjust to various designs. The head size of women mostly lies within the range of 21.5 to 22.25 inches in circumference. Hence, by default, the hat size is not an issue for many women. However, in some cases, the variation in head size might enable women to choose the right size carefully. However, the size of the hat is different from one designer to another. Different hats in the brands have different size styles, varied from more significant to small size. Moreover, some hat styles have an inner drawstring or band within the hat, which is adjustable, and that can fit all different types of hats.

Secondly, are mens hats bigger than women’s? Mostly the men’s hat and caps have different types of sizes. The size types are alpha and numerical sizing (small through extra-large). In most cases, you might find the size of the hat can fit you in all sizes. Though one size that can fit almost all the men have a range of 21.5 to 23 inches. The size of these hats lay from medium to large. Hence while you are going shopping, make sure you are cleared with the sizing. Either you sized in alpha or numeric. The most important part before you go for sizing is to measure your head size. In “how can you tell your hat size,” we have discussed sizing measurements in detail. After you have carefully determined the head’s circumference, make sure you use the chart to get clear about the order size.

Lastly, how can you tell your hat size? Since hat size measurement is the most yet the crucial part. And any improper measurement will lead you to face different issues. Hence, to properly determine the hat size, one must look into measuring your head that can be defined as:

  • Measuring Your Head

One can determine the size of your hat while using a measuring tape, ruler, and a string. Make sure the measuring tool is flexible. Moreover, you can also measure the head while printing out through any customized measuring tool. Hence while measuring, try to start with the back of your head and then slightly bring them at front.

Make sure the ends of the measuring tool meet at your forehead above the eyebrows. After measure, the head size, use the below calculating size chart to determine the size. You are rounding the nearest eight inches as necessary. It is essential to measure the head first. Regardless of the size measurements and hats, you have bought.

Measuring the size is vital as your most fit size can vary from one brand to another. It is important to remember that one cannot rely on head measurement value while buying the hat. One must try and test the hat before purchasing the exact fittings.

We have updated the measuring size guide for your convenience.

Hat Sizing Guide: Determine Your Hat Size

Imagine you have found the best hat style according to your face shape, now it’s your time to try them to make sure this hat smoothly fits on you. Below is the size guide that will make hat shopping simple and less hectic for men and women.

The sizing and styling tips for measuring your head with customized tools discussed in Hats in belfry are handy and easy to adopt. Moreover, this guide can help you walk through the size guidelines that include the types of hat sizes for men and women.

Furthermore, these measurement suggestions and measuring tips to determine your hat size are mentioned in alpha and numerical style. It is essential to explore the hat size that bone up on hat fitting while placing the order.

Hat Measurement (Inches) Hat Size European Size
21 1/8 6 3/4 – S 54
21 1/2 6 7/8 – S 55
21 7/8 7 – M 56
22 1/4 7 1/8 – M 57
22 5/8 7 1/4 – L 58
23 7 3/8 – L 59
23 1/2 7 1/2 – XL 60
23 7/8 7 5/8 – XL 61
24 1/4 7 3/4 – XXL 62

What does it mean when a hat is low profile?

The sleek definition of profile in terms of hat and caps can describe as the height of the crown. Typically profile can be expressed as high, low, and medium.

Hence, the low profile means the hats will have a crown that is shallow in style and have a range of 2-3 inches. This style of hat will give an impression of a hat that contains a brim, which, after pulled down tight, will rest on the forehead.

low profile hat
Showing a yellow low profile hat

Similarly, the medium profile can be explained as the hats that include a shallow crown style and a height range of 3 to 4 inches. This style of hat will give an impression of a hat that contains a brim, which, after pulled down tight, will rest on the brow.

medium profile hat
Showing a black medium profile hat

Lastly, in our list, we have a high profile, in this type of profile the crown of the hat will be heightened more than 4 inches. Hence when you pull this hat a bit tight, it will reach your eyes or further. However, traditionally you wear such hats with some space, not too tight, to leave the top-up. Also, it is recommended for the people having voluminous hair to wear high profile hats.

high profile hat
Showing a high profile hat

All the preferences for the hat designs have been specified on different occasions. Also, you find many hat lovers that determine their style statements on various events. Moreover, they have specified each suitable profile as per a particular purpose and function.

Regardless of any type of hat or event preference, you must know the difference between suitable profiles such as a high or low crown hat. Knowing your hat profile is essential. You will find numerous people that perform different mistakes while choosing a head-wear for the event. One of the significant reasons for making such a mistake includes high crown and low crown hats. Choosing the right crown can save your million dollar look.

Can men wear women’s hats?

Though wearing a hat is gaining popularity over the years. You can find different styles and hats in the streets on many occasions, ceremonies, and even Red carpet. Hence, if you can see something on the red carpet, trust us, this thing is in trend now. So it’s hard for men and women to keep the trend updated.

unisex hats
Showing a fabulous unisex hats

Currently, there is a big boom of hats, and over the years, the concept of wearing hats on different occasions is taking a huge comeback. Over the internet, this hat trend is happening in the shops and markets with different versatile hat options like porkpies, fedora, beret, beanies, or baseball caps. After going through various options, you might realize, can men wear women’s hat?

According to our recommendation and experience in hats for many years, we feel a man can wear a woman’s hat. Before you go to the conclusion and judge us, let me elaborate, we are not talking about cross-dressing. I’m talking about styles and designs that can be made for women but can be worn by men. Trust us. It looks great on men too.

Moreover, we must understand that wearing what ladies often wore by men does not make them disrespectful or a cross-dressing. Some available options termed as unisex, where men can comfortably wear women’s products. For instance, merchandise such as sunglasses, purse, boots, coats is available in unisex that enables the men and women to wear them. Similarly, there are numerous websites, online stores (such as or Wallaroo Hat), and shops selling fabulous unisex hats for men and women.


Hats have become the must-have accessory that most people use while planning to go outside. This accessory is popular among both men and women. One should keep the requirements of hats in mind; different manufacturers dare design hats based on both standards and customize the size.

Mostly the hats are designed in such a way that it can easily fit everyone. The women’s hats are smaller than men ranging from different size options of 21.5 to 22.25 inches, and for men, this range is from 21.5 to 23 inches. So after adequately measuring the size, one can pick the desirable hat.

Measuring through tapes is a commonly used method to determine the head size. If a person is concerned about the specific height of the hat, then once can refer to different available hat profiles. Moreover, the hat trend boom enables the manufactures to design unisex hats that help the men to wear women hat without any hesitation.

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