Australian Hat

Australian Hat

Why You Need an Australian Hat

Hats have their origin from the old ages where in Egypt the kings used to cover their head. The hat is an accessory which covers your head and can be used for many reasons. It is worn for various ceremonies like social, corporate or as a fashion symbol. New age hats are mostly worn for dope.

Reasons to Wear the Hat

Military people use the hat as a symbol of nationality or as regime recognition and status. Hats are used for protection as hard hat worn by construction site workers. Also against the weather as during sunny season a cloth hat protecting you from the sun also during rains a plastic raincoat with a hood covering your head. Ushanka hat with fur and which has earflaps keeping your ear and head warm that can be used during winters and snow. Some hats are worn for religious beliefs like turban by Sikhs. Professional hats include the toque worn by a chef. Graduation hats that show a status of qualification which gets on the head during graduating from a high school.

Types of Hats

There are various types which include ascot cap, balmoral bonnet, toque, beanie, bearskin, beret, cloche hat, cricket cap, sombrero cordobas, conical Asian hat, zucchetto etc. All these hats have different purposes and meanings and therefore hats form a basic part of every culture as a symbol of respect or profession or fashion. Every culture has its own significance of hat.


Hats are a reason of revolution the Venus of Brassempouy may resemble a hat, which was discovered by archeologists as 26000 years old. During the revolution era, the hats worn by free slaves called Phyrgian cap became famous. Women are and were never out of fashion. They wore veils, kerchiefs, caps, and hoods. In the 19th century, women started wearing bonnets with large flowers and ribbons. For men, the status quotient came from wearing a hat to a horse race it defined royalty. First, it became a tradition in Britain and then was followed by the United States. Thereafter it also became a fashion symbol i.e. Lady Gaga has done many publicity stunts. Australian Cowboy Hat is the most famous one and is used in most of the movies.

Australian Cowboy Cap
Waved Australian Cowboy Hat

Hat Collections

The world’s largest hat collection is the Phillippi Collection, it has over 500 hats of clerical, religious and ecclesiastical head coverings.

Famous Hatmakers

James Lock & co. of London is the London’s famous hat maker. It is one of the oldest shops. The second one is Fish street hill shop having designer hats all around. The Belgium hat makers are Elvis Pompilio and Fabienne Dalvigne. America’s most notable hatter was John Cavanagh.

Australian Hat

Akubra is the Australian hat manufacturer producing bush hats or fur hats worn in the rural part of Australia. The Australian hat production company Akubra has over 100 designs of hats produced including hats made from leather of straw and cloth. They make fashion hats called Fedoras. It is the company providing Slouch hats during World War I and II which were worn by Australian forces. This Australian hat making company was founded by Benjamin Dunkerley.
Cowboy hats are the most famous hats known, they are high crowned and wide brimmed with a string of deign at the brim. It is the part of Mexican culture now adopted almost everywhere. It is made of straw or leather. The cowboy hat made by Boss of The Plains was a normal flat brimmed hat then it started to evolve and now that we know is the result of innovations and efforts.
Australian hats give you the x-factors when it comes to fashion trends. There are numerous benefits associated with the Australian hats. They can be taken to the beaches and to the gold courses as well. We have all the hat style as per your requirements. The Australian Leather Hats are one of the most popular hats available in the market today. They are made up of rigid material that can withstand any kind weather that you wear them in. Australian hats can be distinguished because of its unique design and style. They are exported to over 50 countries due to their popularity and demands amongst people of all ages.

Leather Cowboy Hat
Australian Cowboy Cap Made with Leather

Australian Hats on the Screen

The famous Australian hat the Akubra Snowy River hat has been featured in many shows like the famous Australian movie, “The Man from Snowy River” and has also been featured on the reality TV show “I’m A Celebrity Get me Out of Here”. These hats were designed to protect the head since Australians tend to spend a lot of time outdoors. Many celebrities have been seen in Australian hats on several occasions as they add a sense of elegance and style that would complement different outfits.

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