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Beard Hat – New Trend Setters!

Have you ever wondered about the beard hat which are hitting the fashion streets these days? These are really getting into vogue. In winters, these have a special demand. Beard-Hats the best way to keep your head and face warm. So, these allow you to keep your face warm and do your daily chores without being restricted to a particular area as happens when you use a heater. So, what kind are these actually? Let’s have an overview of this piece of art which has blown people’s minds and have set a new trend in vogue.

Long Beard Hat
Beard Hat – New Trend Setter

What is a beard hat? The name is itself indicative of its meaning. It’s a hat like a beard, for your beard and worn like a beard. That’s classic, isn’t it?

History and Invention of Beard Hats

This innovative fashion work was invented by Jeff Phillips born in Canada. He’s winter devotee and is passionate for snowboarding. As they say, ‘necessity is the mother of invention’. A similar situation occurred to Jeff. Jeff was pursuing powder runs all around the world when in late 2006 he came up with his first ever make-shift Bearded. He did all this while he was on the top of the Blackcomb Mountain in 7th heaven.

It’s nothing to wonder about that how different the first sample would have been. It was far less than what it has been now refined too. It was far away from the word perfection. The very first model was made using an old woven scarf with a hole in it. Since the hat was hand-knitted, it proved to be very effective in cold weather and areas of high altitude. Therefore it proved ideal for people living in northern areas and for the hikers.

What Are Beard Hats Made of?

Beard-Hats might be available in different qualities however, the original ones are handmade. These are made from 100% acrylic yarn which promises to give you the coziest and most comfortable touch and feel on your face and head. It is not scratchy or itchy at all. The beard is manufactured using soft velcro connections on the inside of the beanie. This gives you the choice to make it tight or loose as much as you want and have it fit best to you.

Other usual hats are one-sized fits mostly but the beard hats have different fits and can also be folded back to give a nice shaven look. These beard hats make a perfect choice for hiking, skiing and all other kinds of outdoor sports in winters. These hats have an adjustable size range of about 10-14 centimeters.

Gradually, with time, these hats have been greatly modified and designed with a thick knit to counter even the extreme of temperature. Their bit slouchy fit gives you the most comfortable feeling even in very cold weather.

Available Hat Sizes

Original beard-hat usually come in universal size. This is what makes them unique. You buy one size and it will adjust to your size. Therefore it has the easiest selection. However, the rule of ‘one size fits all’ is applicable to adults and teenagers. For children, there is a different range. For kids, these hats are available for ages 3-10.

Baby Beard Hat
A cute baby wearing beard cap

How Is the Stitching Done?

Beard hats have characteristic unique stitching patterns which give them the classic customers look for. Two main stitching methods are:

1. Foundation Chain Stitch

beard hat for girls
Foundation Chain Stitch

Puff Stitch

puff stitch beard hat
Puff Stitch Beard

2. Beard Hats Ideas!

One can carry beard hats in a very cool way. Their unique manufacture is what makes them really eye-catching. This is why these hats have gained a lot of popularity among sportsmen, hikers and all the people who have to face extreme weather conditions. Not only this, people have started wearing these hats to make their own fashion statements. So how can one carry these hats?

3. Viking Beard Hats!

Viking beard hat
Stylish Viking Beard Cap

Viking beard hats have really been in vogue these days. These look extremely hot and give one a sturdy look. You can not only wear it for fashion but can also it for your child if he’s going to play a related role in a skit in his school

4. Beard Hat With the Beanie!

Beard hat with beanie
Military Beanie With Beard

You can wear beard-hat with beanie anywhere you want. It gives you a casual yet unique look. Moreover, it is very comfortable to carry so you don’t have to take extra care of it.

5. Beard Hats for Kids!

Beard Beanie for Kids
Kids Wearing Beard Hat

So, it’s not just the adults and teenagers who care about fashion. Nowadays, children are also a part of this. Beard Hats are also available for children.

What Kind of Beard Hats Should You Pursue?

First of all, you should pick the size of the beard hats according to your face size. You should be picking full sized that can perfectly capture your face. It should be super soft and perfectly coiffed on your face. Prefer the beard hat that is made from 100 percent acrylic yarn. It will not offer any kind of itching and scratch on your face. It is preferable especially for kids who need it during the winter season.

Always get yourself a detachable beard as it will be easier for you store it in a hat. Also, 5.5 inches is often the beard adjustment range, so you need to pick one accordingly. Usually, people like to buy the hand knit pattern as it’s beautiful and charming for the viewers. Select the color that suits your personality rather than using the trending colors. Usually, people prefer gray, brown, blue and green colors. Otherwise, it won’t look good on your face. Moreover, it is preferable to get the only hand washes only as machine wash can rip the soft material of the beard hat.

Prefer a foldaway design as it offers the capacity for a detachable beard to store the heat conveniently. It will also give you a clean-shaven look that you really want.

What are you waiting for? Get yourself or your child the beard-hat and carry it to stand out in the crowd!

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