The Best Running Hats for Hot Weather [April, 2020]

Best Running Hat for Hot Weather

Being fit and healthy has such a massive impact on your life, with so many benefits you just can’t take for granted. There are two main elements to it, exercise and diet.

These can be a real challenge but thankfully, at least for the exercise side of things, there’s been a lot of research and development of products which make working out a lot easier.

Best Running Hat
A man running with the best hat

There’s loads of ways to workout and stay in shape. Some people love heavy weights, some people prefer bodyweight exercise or circuits but running is still the most popular way to be fit and healthy.

Running can be a real challenge if you’re just getting started, but it’s also something you can build on over time.

Whether you’re just starting out or if you’re looking to build on where you’ve got to already it’s about putting yourself in the best possible position to achieve your goals.

One of the biggest challenges for runners is dealing with hot weather because of the difficulties it can bring. It’s easy to overheat and the sun can often prove a problem for visibility while you’re out there running.

However, like with anything, there are ways to overcome these challenges, and a good running hat will solve a lot of issues.

With running there’s some key gear you should be looking into if you’re going to reach new heights. One of the most overlooked pieces of running kit is a good running hat or cap but once you realise the benefits you’ll understand how vital they are.

What Are Running Hats?

Some of you might be thinking what is a running hat? Well, in short, it’s a cap you wear while you’re out there running that looks quite similar to a store-bought cap.

In reality, they’re a piece of running gear that has been developed to help runners avoid and add something to your performance.

Why Wear Running Hat?

Running hats offer a real boost to performance for runners. Of course there’s the obvious benefit of controlling your hair and keeping the sun out of your face, but actually, a well-made running hat can bring a lot of benefits to your run.

Most professional or running enthusiasts know the benefits of a running hat and would feel naked without one. This often overlooked piece of running gear has some key benefits you might not even realize:

1. Wear Running Hat to Stay Cool

Running hats offer a lot more than standard caps because of the materials used. Breathable materials allow ventilation to keep you cool while wicking technology removes the moisture.

The best running hats dry quickly so there’s no visible sweat in the way. On top of this the best running hats help block the sun so you can see clearly even in the middle of the day, plus they provide UPF protection.

2. Aerodynamics

Runners and athletes know all about the principles of aerodynamics to reduce any drag or resistance.

A good running hat will be shaped to streamline you and reduce any limitations. This can actually mean a faster run.

3. Style

Let’s be honest it isn’t all about performance. We stay in shape to look good and we should look good while we’re getting in shape. A top quality running hat completes the look offering a comfortable and flexible fit even when you’re out giving it your all. It keeps sweat off your face and keeps you looking good.

Running hats offer a lot more than a standard cap and can bring a lot more to the table than a lot of people might think. We’ve done the legwork for you and compiled our list of top hats for you to have a look through and consider.

Top 10 Running Hats for Hot Weather

Here are the best running hats for hot weather conditions.

1. Trailheads Race Day Performance Running Hat

Trailheads Race Day Performance Running Hat combines a lot of the key elements that make running hats so effective. Infact it’s the way all of these come together so well that has meant it’s in our elite list of the best caps.

However, it isn’t all about style and Trailheads have created a really stylish product that can complete a look.

Trailheads Race Performance Running Hat
Trailheads Race Performance Running Hat

Trailheads are known as a high quality brand and make loads of outdoor and sporting equipment that has proved very popular with active individuals. They’ve also shown a great balance between style and performance which stays true for this performance hat.

So what are the key features of the trailheads performance hat? Firstly it’s useful in a variety of situations, built to be lightweight but designed to be robust with strong durable materials to protect your head and hair.

Secondly, there are high visibility strips built onto the outside of the cap which are reflective. This helps keep you safe when the light starts to fade.

On top of these factors it’s designed for endurance and performance. Not only is it light, but it’s sweat resistant and allows your skin to breathe through your whole workout. The built in sweatband helps remove moisture and prevent sweat pouring off your face.

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  • Lightweight but Durable Design
  • High Visibility Reflective Strips for Added Safety
  • Sweat Resistant


  • Can Be Tight if You Have a Larger Head

User reviews of the Trailheads performance hat have scored it really highly with 4 out of 5 stars. People seem happy with the size and fit and have a lot of praise for how comfortable it is.

So overall the Trailheads race day performance running hat scores highly both for intelligent design and for style. It’s good value and seems to be fairly long lasting. On top of that it’s got great user feedback with 4.5 stars out of 5. Definitely one to consider and we give it 9/10.

2. Outdoor Research Men’s Mesh Running Hat

Outdoor Research are really well known brand amount active people. They have won awards for their innovation and creativity when designing outdoor clothes, with unique ideas being rolled out across the globe.

Initially, you might think that a running hat doesn’t have much room for innovation, but you’ll quickly see the potential when you learn more about Outdoor Research Men’s Mesh Running Hat.

Outdoor Research Mesh Running Hat
Outdoor Research Mesh Running Hat

For starters, it has 360-degree high visibility technology. This means there are reflective panels all around the hat which allow you to be seen even in the failing light. This is an important safety precaution and a must for serious runners.

As the name suggests, this hat uses lightweight materials and mesh which let you keep cool even in intense conditions. This allows for perspiration and breathability without compromising the protection it provides from the elements.

They’ve designed this running hat to be bigger than the standard which allows a comfortable fit whether you have a large or small head, solving a big issue for some people. Combine this with the simple style of the running hat and it is definitely appealing.

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  • 360 High Visibility Technology
  • Extremely Lightweight and Breathable with the Mesh Design


  • Can Run Small in Size

Users and buyers across the board have given this hat some very positive feedback and the larger fit has gone down well.

Overall it’s getting between 4 and 5 stars and shows that once again Outdoor Research has done their research and understand what the customer wants.

Another strong running hat which is well suited for people who could use it for a range of sports of activities. We which give it 9/10.

3. Adidas Men’s Adizero Cap

Adidas need no introduction. They’re one of the biggest and most recognizable brands out there making a range of different clothing, shoes and accessories.

They specialize in sports and active wear so it’s not surprising they would have at least one running hat which makes the list.

Adidas Men's Adizero Running Cap
Adidas Men’s Adizero Running Cap

The Adizero running cap is simple but effective. It’s made with a built-in sweat band with climalite fabric technology. This means that the cap keeps you dry and cool if you’re out running whatever the weather. It’s lightweight and built for comfort as well as utility.

Another great feature of the Adizero running cap is the shape and fit. The Adizero is streamlined and sleek which helps limit any unnecessary resistance which ultimately makes your run easier.

It includes UPF sun protection to prevent any sunburn on sensitive parts of your skin, leaving you free to run without interruptions.

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  • Built in Sweat Band and Climalite Fabric Technology
  • Lightweight and Keeps You Dry
  • Big Brand Name (Stylish)


  • “Blaze Orange” Color is More Red than Orange
  • No Where to Hide the Excess Strap After Adjusting the Fit

The user reviews are overwhelmingly popular for this running cap and people are quick to praise the stylish look of the cap. It fits well, hugging the head better than a lot of cheaper caps, plus you get to sport the Adidas brand. Overall the reviews are giving Adidas close to perfect scores of 5 out of 5.

Adidas are known for their striking style, using their instantly recognizable logo on their products, and the Adizero cap is no different. Adidas have built their brand on aesthetics and quality which is what they have done once again. We give this 9.5 out of 10.

4. Nike Aerobill Featherlight Cap

This is one of the simplest running caps on the list but let’s face it, how could we have a list on the top hats without at least one Nike being featured?

Made with sweat resistant technology and breathable materials it’s an effective piece of kit.

Nike AeroBill Running Hat
Nike AeroBill Running Hat

Nike is one of the most well-known brands of sports clothes in the world. Everybody recognizes the Nike tick logo and it’s become something of a status symbol.

Nike makes everything from socks to jumpers so it’s no surprise they have a range of hats. In fact, it’s worth noting that this hat is different from their tennis cap which has stronger material but is heavier and less breathable.

Made intelligently the Nike Aerobill has mesh panels to keep you cool and a reflective tab to keep you safe. DRI-FIT technology keeps you and the running hat dry while you’re performing and a wider front protects you from the sun at all angles. At only 7 ounces it’s noticeably lighter than other brands.

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  • Extremely Lightweight (Only 7 Ounces)
  • Mesh Panels to Keep it Breathable
  • Reflective Tab to Keep You Safe


  • Some Argue That This Hat Lacks Structure

The Aerobill running hat comes in over 15 different variations of color and is perfect for men or women. It’s getting really positive feedback or between 4 and 5 stars across the board which is reassuring. It’s classic Nike and for that reason it’s hard to go wrong, a 9 out of 10 for us.

5. Under Armour Men’s Shadow 4.0 Run Cap

Ok, so top prize for most badass name 100% goes to Under Armour here for making this running cap seem like a high level item in a quest game. However, that isn’t why it’s bad the list as Under Armour have put together quite an impressive running hat that does not disappoint.

Under Armour Shadow Running Hat
Under Armour Shadow Running Hat

Under Armour became a household name with their signature under a layer of tight-fitting tops and shorts. These helped boost performance and looked great while doing it, quickly being taken up by top athletes and sports people everywhere.

They’ve expanded and they’re a huge brand with hundreds of product lines. I was excited to see what their running hat had to offer.

This had is all about versatility for the wearer. It’s made with an unstructured fit which allows it to conform to your unique head shape and size.

The 100% polyester is made with 4 way stretch to allow for greater maneuverability while you’re out there running.

Mesh paneling on the back of the cap allow for ventilation to keep you cool and dry along with reflective paneling that allows people to spot you in the dark.

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  • 4 Way Stretch Technology Which Ensures a Great Fit
  • Mesh Paneling to Allow Breathability
  • Reflective Paneling to Keep You Safe


  • The Sticker Sometimes Leaves Stains on the Brim of the Hat

Even with all these useful features this cap only weighs in at 10.6 ounces, still making it a light running hat, and it has a strong look which makes it even more appealing. The reviews for this cap are strong with 4s and 5s from most users.

It’s a tougher material than some other running caps which has a lot of advantages, but can be quite different to other brands and to what you expect. Despite this we still think this is one of the best around and give it 9/10.

6. Headsweats Performance Running Hat

You’d be forgiven for not having heard of Headsweats before as they definitely aren’t as well known as Nike or Adidas.

However, don’t let that fool you because Headsweats have been operating for over 20 years specializing only in headwear that lets you get the most from your sports or activity.

Headsweats Race Performance Running Hat
Headsweats Race Performance Running Hat

Headsweats are dedicated to advancing the field and bringing some unique qualities to running hats for the wearer. All of their products are made to be light and keep you cool, but also practical and easy to wash.

Headsweats have a massive collection and even make custom hats so it’s pretty certain they know their way around a running hat.

The Headsweats performance running hat has a lot of the features you would expect. It’s well fitted and comfortable for the wearer with a flat front panel. It’s super light, under 2 ounces, and well suited for hot conditions.

The unique parts of the product are in the shell and sweat band. An Eventure knit shell allows for a greater flow of air, which in turn lets you keep cooler. Their unique Eventure terry sweatband increases the moisture transfer to keep any sweat away from you, while drying 3 to 4 times faster than other hats.

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  • Extremely Lightweight and Breathable (2 Ounces)
  • Dries 3-4 Times Faster Than Other Hats


  • Some Argue That the Sizing is Too Small

The Headsweats performance running hat does very well with the users and there’s a real appreciation for the practical elements incorporated here. This hat is light, easy to clean (machine washable) and does the job giving it user feedback of very close to 5 out of 5.

For us it’s an elegant design which is cleverly made by people who clearly know their work. Very tough to beat these hat specialists and we give them 9.5 out of 10.

7. Under Armour Men’s Launch ArmourVent Cap

This is Under Armour’s second mention on the list and this one’s potentially more impressive than the first. It’s without a doubt one of the best looking running hats on here with a bold Under Armour logo decorating the front.

Under Armour Launch Runnning Hat
Under Armour Launch Running Hat

The curved visor and sleep head panels allow you to wear this cap low, while the stretchy material fits comfortably to your head.

The logo itself and taping are all reflective for those runs in the failing light where you 100% need to be seen. It’s also a light cap, coming in at just 4 ounces, so there’s no chance of it weighing you down.

Under Armour are no strangers to innovation and they’ve introduced ArmourVent technology into their running hat to bring a new level of benefit to the user.

This is extremely breathable material used which is also impressively fast drying letting you stay dryer and cooler for longer. It breathes while you run.

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  • Reflective Logo and Taping for Added Safety
  • Curved Visor Allows for Added Sun Protection
  • Weighs Only 4 Ounces


  • Price is on the Higher End of Our List

Under Armour have done it again by creating an incredibly stylish, attractive and effective hat. The ArmourVent technology is what really impresses us about this hat. It’s the next level above a lot of the competition and the reviews tell us that it’s what the users love too.

Almost all the wearers of this hat give this a perfect 5 out of 5, with the only criticism being the slightly higher price.

We think that the cost is justified for a solid piece of Under Armour running kit and we’d encourage you to check it out. 9.5 out of 10.

8. Nike Authentic Dri Fit Running Hat

Similarly, Nike making the list again is no real surprise given how big a brand they are. Nike probably have more caps in their product range than any of the other brands but this is probably their most impressive running hat.

This one size fits all cap is perfect for running and pre-curved to keep out the sun. It features the bold Nike logo heavily on the front (perfect for Instagram photos) and there are 4 different solid colors on offer.

Nike Dri-FIT Running Hat
Nike Dri-FIT Running Hat

The Nike Authentic Dri Fit running hat is another of the unstructured caps which allows it to fit snugly to your head when you’re out there on the track.

It’s light, but solid and seems to be one of the more durable caps out there. This isn’t too surprising given the quality Nike have given us over the years.

The key feature of this running hat is the Dri Fit technology and similar to Under Armour, Nike have really delivered in this area.

This comes down to the Moisture Wicking Polyester which soaks up all the sweat that is produced but quickly and effectively dries off, leaving you dry. As with other brands the material is breathable so there’s airflow to your head as you run.

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  • Dri Fit Technology Features Moisture Wicking Designs
  • Breathable Design


  • Some Argue That It Isn’t Low Profile Enough

Nike bring a simple style to products that is really attractive to the user. In fact, the majority of the users seem to praise the look and fit of the cap, giving 4 or 5 stars.

What Nike have done is balanced the look with the utility and created a running hat that really works for the wearer. The Dri Fit technology will keep you cool and performing your best while the Nike logo adds to your look. We give this a solid 9/10.

9. Adidas Women’s Superlite Relaxed Performance Cap

Almost all running caps are unisex and it’s unusual to see too many tailored towards men or women.

This is actually surprising given that in most countries (with some exceptions) there tend to be more female runners and so the demand is likely there.

It’s no real surprise that Adidas have created a women’s performance cap that brings some great features to the table.

Adidas Superior Running Hat
Adidas Superior Running Hat

This is a truly light hat weighing in at just 4 ounces. That’s less weight and less resistance while you run which is good all round. Despite this light weight the protection is still offered with UPF 50 sun protection from any harmful rays.

The mix of 87% polyester and 13% spandex gives a stretching and comfortable fit, but durability for a longer lasting hat.

In this performance cap, Adidas has introduced their Climacool technology designed to keep the wearer as cool as possible when they run. This is a thin mesh that is incorporated in the paneling of the cap which allows for maximum airflow through the gaps.

It also captures any moisture and quickly dries out, giving a cool but dry experience. This is one of the most effective systems that we’ve seen out there and a really useful asset when working out.

The Adidas Superlite Performance cap is also one of the best looking out there. There are over 6 different styles available but they all feature a 3D weld logo which stands out at the front. This can really turn heads and sets you way apart from the crowd as you go by.

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  • Lightweight (Weighs Only 4 Ounces)
  • UPF 50 Sun Protection Rating
  • Thin Mesh Paneling for Added Breathability


  • One Customer Complained of the Velcro Being Exposed

User reviews are giving this 4 or 5 stars with particular praise being given to the size and fit of the cap.

There’s very little to criticize about this running hat and actually it’s an elegant and well made cap. A solid 9.5/10 from us.

10. Starter Men’s Lightweight Performance Running Cap

Starter have been around since the 1970s and were one of the first brands to begin the fusion of sports clothing and fashion.

Since then they’ve developed a diverse product range of great looking and high performing clothing, including a range of running wear.

The brand are definitely more focused towards style and making you look great whatever the activity, but they’ve slipped some useful features into their running cap too.

Starter Lightweight Performance Running Hat

This 6-panel hat features a 3D embroidered Starter logo on the front which is more robust and durable than a standard print. There’s a velcro fastener on the back and made to fit any size head.

The Starter performance cap isn’t only about looks and it features DRI-STAR technology. This involves specialist materials which allow air to flow around your head to keep you cool but also dries the sweat to stop any dripping as you run.

The curvature in the hat helps keep the sun off you as you run. The only limitation for this hat is that there is little reflective paneling, so be careful if you’re running when it starts to get dark.

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  • Great Price
  • One Size Fits All
  • DRI-STAR Technology Which Increase Air Flow and Helps to Dry Sweat


  • Might Not Fit Those with Larger Heads

Starter are known for creating iconic clothing and this performance cap keeps closely in line with this. It does stand out from the crowd and helps you get noticed plus its exceptionally well made with some fantastic quality.

The overall user feedback is pretty much exclusively 5 out of 5 and people love the protection it offers from the heat. For us this cap is really impressive and stands out on the list. We give it an impressive 9.7/10.

11. FitDom Lightweight All Season Performance Cap

FitDom are all about staying fit and healthy to get the most from life. They’ve developed a lot of different products for training and working out which have helped people get more from their time.

They’ve also put time into some more uniquely innovative products like durable wedding rings and survival bracelets.

The FitDom performance cap instantly stood out to us because of its shape and style. It was only when we looked into the features offered by FitDom in this product that we realized how much more this performance cap brought to the table. Let’s have a look at the key features.

FitDom Lightweight Running Hat
FitDom Lightweight Running Hat

Firstly, it’s made to be dry and cool like the other caps. DRY-FIT polyester is used to wick any moisture from your head into the material which quickly dries.

The design allows you to remain well ventilated and stay cool even while your body temperature rises. The aerodynamic fit which first attracted us to the performance cap also ensures there’s a minimal drag to slow you down while racing.

On top of keeping you, dry FitDom have introduced a lot of reflective paneling to keep you safe. This will let you stay visible to other runners or traffic as you go if you’re running in the early hours or late at night. Plus, a rigid visor allows you to keep the sun out of your eyes even in the middle of the day.

FitDom have made a performance cap that will last, using premium materials that won’t easily wear away, It’s even been tested in various different tough environments.

The primary color for the cap is white which makes any dirt instantly visible, but thankfully it’s easy to clean by hand with just cold water. It’s practical and it looks great making it really appealing to us.

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  • DRY-FIT Polyester Material Designed to Wick Away Moisture
  • Features Reflective Paneling to Keep You Safe


  • Adjustment Strap Might Be Too Long for Some
  • Because White is the Main Color, Dirt Shows Easily

User reviews almost all agree with us and it’s scoring 3,4 or 5 stars. There’s some criticism over the fitting of the cap but most people appreciate how it’s helping them perform. Plus it’s one of the most affordable in the selection. For us it’s a really impressive running cap and a great 8.5/10.

The Best Running Hat: Final Thoughts on Running Hats

All of the above running hats are great assets to your running kit and can add a lot to your workout routine. There’s a lot of similarities between the different caps, even between brands, because these are all the elite models.

They all focus on the performance, keeping you cool and offering a high level of protection from the elements. This is what makes these models specifically well suited for running in hot weather.

You can’t go wrong with any of the hats listed and the choice between them would mostly be based on personal preference and style. There are some variations in price which could also be a factor.

However, if you are still searching then what we would say is that premium materials are the most important factor. Sure it might be a bit more expensive in the short term, but it’s much more of an investment long term. Always consider the brand and the quality associated with it because this is where you’ll find the best value.

A running hat is an important addition to your running gears if you don’t already have one. There are some great brands and great running hats in our top list which are all perfect for hot weather.

They are all durable, intelligent and stylish so whether you’re going on a random jog or training for a marathon it’s definitely worth checking them out.

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