Best Summer Hats for Guys in 2019 Reviews and Buying Guide

Summer Hats for Guys

Everyone needs to protect their heads from the harsh weather eventually. Even if you are adapted to your environment, you cannot fight and win mother nature.

There are different extremes of weather across the globe so the desired hat is defined by the type of weather. It is not easy finding the best summer hats for guys that will be useful for the sunny season. Before buying a hat you have to consider a lot of contributing factors.

Summer hats for guys are designed for protection and not like fashion ones meant for impressions. While fashionable hats focus on style, summer hats have tough material to shield the wearer from hazardous weather. There are many specifications over time from people who ask for adjustments to the quality and size of hats. The need for protection against the sun may be uniform for everyone but personal preferences and varying experiences cause customers to differ in opinion.

As a response to this customer needs, designers have created a countless variety of options for cool summer hats for guys. You may have already got some reviews and recommendations on which hat to buy in summer and have a few designs in mind.

Do not be caught unawares this summer or any other summer. Ensure you have a good hat for summer in your wardrobe by purchasing a good hat to shield your face. The wide variety available come in all possible trendy styles so there is something for your liking. Here is a guide on 10 best summer hats for guys. We picked out the most fashionable men’s summer hats for your consideration.

Types of Summer Hats

The type of Summer hat you choose depends on durability, its role to serve a person, size and cost. For example; The Wallaroo is a men’s jasper sun hat that comes with UPF 50+ internal adjustable drawstring. Although it is old school and completely out of trend, it can serve you with sun protection. In case you want to travel, use the Wallaroo for protection against sunburns. It has a reputation of shielding you with 100% effectiveness from the UV rays. The brand has a 30 da warranty too so you can return the product for another one without paying an extra cent.

Travelling exposes you to different cultural beliefs where you get to appreciate diversity in the world. For instance, hats are perceived differently in the world. The type of hat and how you like to wear it may not matter when it comes to different parts of the world. Your likes and preferences are highly likely to differ with people from another part of the world. Apart from culture and diversity in the world, there is an issue with personality and temperaments, which define human perspectives. You may not have to go further than your friend or family member to get a different opinion about your hat. You can do it practically and ask your spouse or colleague at work what they think about the hat you are wearing. While you might be compatible with almost everything, including ethnicity hence same upbringing, you will be surprised with their reaction on your hat.

Best Summer Hats for Guys
Top 10 Best Summer Hats for Guys

There is a wide field of judgment when it comes to hats, colour being the very basic, which might seem unnecessary but it’s crucial. There are different colours that go either contrast or match with your outfit. How you blend in the two attracts different reactions and judgment form people. In fact, hats make a first impression. You might want to learn of every culture in any place you visit before putting on a hat. It might also help you to avoid embarrassment. What if it is perceived as funny in your tourist area? Kids don’t pretend to behave at a certain age to impress you. How they react is not based on your feelings or how you will react. If their upbringing defines your type/colour/design of wearing a hat as weird, that is the message they will deliver to you. It is only in your best interest to get exposed to different cultures.

You are not restricted to travel or engage with anyone from whichever part of the world that you like. Extending boundaries by travelling either to a college overseas or visit a scenery during the summer holiday helps in exposing your mind to other perspectives. While some cultures are similar, the further you travel from home the stranger it would be. You will actually be surprised at why and how people live the way they do and why they would wear hats or why they don’t. The more you interact with people from different cultures the more you will outgrow and become less strict and conservative. While you may still hold and appreciate your way of life from childhood, which is important, you will appreciate people from other parts of the world without judging them on the basis of how they wear hats. For instance, if your culture defines wearing hats as disrespectful, you will be liberal in your judgment when you meet someone with a hat. And that is progress, what has considered exposure and a primary definition of the world is a global village.

Trends in Summer’s Hats

The fashion industry is interesting with respect to change and causes of summer hats. Like a celebrity’s preference, which might be a mistake becomes the fashion. It is possible that while a renowned politician, socialite or Hollywood star stepped out of the car, the hat orientation change, the cameras will capture this without his knowledge and it will trend. Then next morning you will see someone on a Television breakfast show with the same style and the wave will spread. Moreover, the celebrity who deeply knows it was completely incidental and was subconsciously done will pose with the look for the following weeks and mark it as a brand. But that is fashion. Neither can control nor ignore it.

Exposure does not only entail meeting people from different continents and culture but also understanding people from your own neighbourhood. Personality and temperaments also contribute significantly to different perspectives of society. The way you wear your hat will not automatically agree with your neighbour even though you have grown up and lived in the same region for years. Naturally, you are right and the other person is wrong. When any conflict of interest arises, a human being will tend to defend individual thoughts and perspectives. Dressing with respect to hats should not be on the basis of right and wrong.

Actually, there is no right and wrong in whatever people do in society. It all depends on culture, religious beliefs, and personalities. The church you go to is right as far as you are concerned, it should interfere with my belief in a different church or religion. In the same way, dressing with respect to hats is an individual perspective. Although culture has a significant influence, it still lies upon us as individuals to make sober decisions and judgment concerning hats.

Why you Need a Summer Hat

Summers can be very punishing and your vacation may be ruined by sunburns due to exposure to too much heat in June. Hats are worn to stay clear of different elements of weather. When it is hot, most people would prefer to wear a hat to protect their head from sun rays. This is based on individual preference. Some people long for the sun to surface and would do anything to get a feel of the natural light and heat from its rays. Hats can also protect the head from cold. Hats are also worn for leisure like in golf. Golf is characterized by t-shirts and caps, which are types of hats. The sport was discovered decades ago and is widely associated with the rich. This brings in the element of class in relation to hats.

Men are widely known to wear hats because of bald heads. In this case, it is for cosmetic value. A bald head can be used as an advantage to create style. However, some find it unpleasant and wish to cover their heads. Apart from hats, bald heads are also hidden by shaving other parts of the head in the same way to create uniformity.

Besides, a hat is a status symbol for men in society. Abraham Lincoln, the sixteenth President of the United States used to wear a hat that was followed by most of his followers and Americans in general. In this case, it was a status symbol as well as a sense of fashion. Wearing this type of hat that resembled the presidents was not only identifying with the ruling party hence patriotism but it was also stylistic. Long coats, beards and the hat was the way of dressing associated with the president. It marked the status of the government, which later became a style that exists to date. On his day of the assassination, Lincoln was wearing this top hat that later evolved to be known as derby thus popular among businessmen and gentlemen across the world.

We all long for this sunny season because of the fun and warmth in the social fields. You don’t want to be busy in school or work during this time; everyone is on holiday and probably to the beach and dream destinations. This is also the time to show off your body fitness. Summer seasons are characterized by bikinis, shorts, and sunglasses. While we love the sun and we would love to bask all day on a beach, sunburns are a nightmare. It is important to protect your head and face against extreme sun rays that can damage your skin. And this is where hats come in. There are round floppy types of hat that create a shade for your whole head. However, capes are popular among men during the summer. Headwear is during summer is not only protective but also stylish. You should take time to choose a stylish and elegant hat just like you take time on your sunglasses.

10 Best Summer Hats

you have been familiarized the need for a suitable hat for summer that will address your needs. It is crucial not to focus on fashion neglect the usefulness of a hat. It is also not thought to pick one without style and have to remove it when on outdoor events. Now here are the 10 best options of the summer hats for guys

1. The Gamboa Hat

The Gamboa Hat
The Gamboa Hat

The Gamboa Genuine Unisex Hat UPF 50 Gambler Straw Hat is a water repellent outback fedora that comes with grosgrain. Just from the first striking look of this hat, you will remain with its impression. The quality of the material will definitely catch your attention before you have the time to assess the design. It is also cheap and you will be surprised at what low a price you will be able to acquire a hat. It is valued at $ 54.99 on Amazon with free returns.

It is made from 100% wool. The abundance of wool is responsible for the softness you feel when you touch. With its roots in Kentucky, the Gamboa hat is 100 years old and popular among the old folk. It has been used for a long time when hunting game and was associated as part of the dress code for hunters before the World war when hunting laws were lenient in the remote parts of Indiana. Generations in the state have also passed on the pride in these hats and are won widely in the state during outdoor activities and family sessions such as get-together parties.

It became a signature of the Easterners but since spread to the West with the expansion of globalization and movement among the American population. It now is among the top options for men’s straw hats for summer across the states.


  • Comfortable
  • Appropriate for outdoor


  • Not significant

Lets Dive in Advantages and Disadvanteges of the Gamboa Hat:

  • The softness will keep you comfortable and can wear it for a long time. Apart from serving as a shield from the sun, the hat is also a good protector from the rain.
  • It is appropriate for outdoor activities as you will not need to worry about the changes in the weather.


2. The Kavu Chillba

The Kavu Chillba Hat
The Kavu Chillba Hat

The Kavu Chillba is a protective hat you should consider. It goes for between $33 to $45 at Amazon. The hat has a special net to allow ventilation on the inside to release heat. For you own manual cooling effect mechanism, simply snug down occasionally.

  • Waterproof
  • Wide circumference
  • Available in multiple colors and sizes
  • Can fold nicely and easily pop back up


  • No need for fashion while in the bush.
  • The foam may melt under extremely hot temperatures

Lets Dive in Advantages and Disadvantages of the Kavu Chillba Hat:

  • The Kavu Chillba is waterproof to protect you from rain and dries up fast. It has a huge diameter hiding your entire face from exposure.
  • The wide circumference can shield you while you eat on a snowy or rainy day. The extension extends water to the back of your coat so you will not have to wet your neck or collars.
  • They are available in multiple colours and sizes for your preference.
  • Hunters like it because the completely round shape makes it hard to be detected when you turn around.
  • Photographers in the wild may also find it useful as it keeps their lens dry so long as it is close to their face.
  • The Chillba can fold nicely and easily pop back up into shape when you get it.
  • The Chillba gives you a funny look quite as you have just emerged from the forest. It has no sense of fashion or advancement in technique or style. Although it is useful for hunters as they can camouflage in it without detection, there is no need for fashion while in the bush.
  • In the wild, this hat could get you in danger like you can find yourself surrounded by a herd of elk. Without, however, this hat is just good for the wild.
  • Do not leave your Chillba in the sun or in your car. The foam may melt under extreme hot temperatures.


3. The Premium Waterproof Rain Bonnet

The Premium Waterproof Rain Bonnet Hat
The Premium Waterproof Rain Bonnet Hat

The Premium waterproof rain bonnet hat with full cut visor and netting stay dry rain protection for men is actually a unisex design. It is a good option for you this summer. It has undergone several improvement procedures to suit customer suggestions. In the latest product, the manufactures have gone a notch higher to use unique material to make it light yet durable. The main role of this hat is to shield the owner from rain and keep your face and hair completely dry.

  • Does not need you to use your hands to hold up
  • Netting stay dry rain protection
  • Letting you return the product


  • For people who care about style and fashion, this hat is a let-down.

Lets Dive in Advantages and Disadvanteges of the Premium Waterproof Rain Bonnet:

  • It does not need you to use your hands to hold up the hat with the effort to keep in place.
  • The Premium waterproof rain bonnet hat with full cut visor and netting stay dry rain protection is best for camping in the woods where the weather is unpredictable.
  • Most importantly the brand offers very fair after-sales services that include letting you return the product if, for example, it does not fit. If you find that it is the wrong size, they accept it back in place for another one without having to pay more.
  • The company also considers extra information about the product such as the colour and dimensions according to the user preference.
  • For people who care about style and fashion, this hat is a let-down. It does not pay attention to trends and may not be useful in a group function or family event. It needs extra improvement to make it more appealing to the customers. The emphasis seems to be on its protective properties to the extent that it overrides the attraction to the customer. Not many people are ready to look old fashioned and out of touch unless it is intentional.
  • Without proper changes, this hat may not sell for long or open its market around the world for other cultures. It has no place for modern society that is always shifting and expecting a trendy offer every other time.


4. The Panama Hat

The Panama Hat
The Panama Hat

You may not know this but an authentic panama hat is produced Ecuador. You may however have known that President Theodore Roosevelt made it popular when he wore it during a visit to the Panama Canal at the time of its construction. Other world leaders who made it popular are Winston Churchill U.S president Harry Truman and Nikita Khurshchev. The genuine panama hat is made of fibers derived from the stalks of the toquilla palm plant found in Ecuador. To complete hat, the fibers are hand woven into hat bodies by skilled craftsmen.

The genuine panama hat represents a long tradition of the South Americans. The history of the hat begins with the arrival of the Spaniards to South American and found the locals wearing fancy head coverings made from straw. This was back in the 16th Century when the Spaniards were keen on forcing their influence on the new lands. Over time, the straw toquilla yielded to the Spanish influence and evolved into what is today is recognized as the Panama hat.

The skilled craftsmen of Ecuador arrived in Panama in the 19th century. The staff working on the Panama Canal construction found the hats useful to wear in the hot sun while at work. The tightly woven hats would then to hold water for quenching thirst in the punishing Panama heat. From here; travelers would purchase and with their movement, spread the fame of the hat to their homes across the nations. In the 1850s it had made it all the way to Europe and was showcased at the World Fair in Paris. The Panama hat was now world famous as a fashion accessory especially for the elite.

Artisans of this world famous hat chose to maintain the traditional hand-made technique using the original toquilla plam. With their roots in Montecristi, Ecuador, the master weaver artisans have succeeded in maintaining the uniqueness of each authentic panama hat since they are woven practically by hand. One hat takes up to six months to complete. It is therefore expected to maintain world fame due to its uniqueness and universal appeal.

The Ecuadorian master weavers received world recognition when UNESCO published their products as an intangible cultural heritage. This term is reserved for renown practices and skills that are successive generations hold from their ancestors as cultural heritage. Ironically, they also maintain their fame for the best sun hats for travel.

The panama hat arguably got its way to the majority of Americans after the image of Ted Roosevelt appeared on the New York Times in 1906. It will remain at the for front of fashion but most importantly a shield against the direct light in extreme sunny days. Apart from celebrities, other people will forever be using the Panama hat to find relief from the weather.


  • Fits nicely in urban settings as well as the rural regions


  • Take too long and effort to be created by hand

Lets Dive in Advantages and Disadvanteges of the Panama Hat:

  • The authentic panama hat is a fun hat that can be won in occasions for pleasure. It fits nicely in urban settings as well as the rural regions. You can have it as tourist in Rome, Italy and wear in the Amazon jungle. It is exciting and brings warmth to whoever you are with and meet.
  • They take too long and effort to be created by hand. Since the artisans have maintained the activity, the price will remain high.


5. The Dorfman Pacific Hat

The Dorfman Pacific Hat
The Dorfman Pacific Hat

The Dorfman pacific hat is designed for the men. It is a weathered cotton outback bushmaster hat that got is name from a popular politician in Texas. It is made of 52% cotton and 48 % polyester. The Dorfman is the best seller among hats available in this brand. It is the most popular product in their collection. It is designed in a way to adjust a variety of head sizes with at 2.5-inch stretch. Amazingly, it remains in good shape as it springs back to its original design. The hat goes for $45.

Follow the instruction on cleaning to avoid destroying the hat’s material.


  • Water proof and special SPF: UPF proportion
  • Good protection for hot and windy wheather conditions
  • Wide variety of sizes and ability to adjust


  • Only available in a single color
  • Cleaning the hat is very challenging

Lets Dive in Advantages and Disadvanteges of the Dorfman Pacific Hat:

  • It is also water proof and is built with a special SPF: UPF proportion to make you safe from the sun’s harmful rays. Its engineers maintained the secret ratio to make the brand competitive in the market. It is good for both sunny and rainy days.
  • With its good fit, this hat is able to protect you from even the wind. It is therefore an all-weather safety hat for summer. it Is the among the best protection hats you should consider for your summer vacation.
  • The Dorfman Pacific comes in a wide variety of sizes and with its ability to adjust, they are available for practically everyone. Find out and fit it or keep it for your collection.
  • Only one complain comes to the company about the hats. They are only available in a single color. Customers with the desire to keep up with trends and match their dresses may not be huge fans of this brand as it will limit their options. With only one color, you will need to have other hats to keep changing depending on the new look.
  • Cleaning the hat is also very challenging. It is a complex process that needs you to go several steps. It cannot be cleaned with the washing machine, for example. You will have to take your time and use a damp cloth to get it clean.
  • The combination of cotton and polyester makes it risky to completely submerge it in water. You may only have that one chance to make the single mistake and lose the hat for good.


6. The Black Faux Fedora

The Black Faux Fedora Hat
The Black Faux Fedora Hat

The Black Faux Panama Fedora is a men’s stylish hat that is water resistant. It is a reputable black faux leather panama fedora hat which adds fashion to protection. These are the best sun hats for travel. The Faux leather is responsible for its durability. It is however, its style that is the most appealing feature of the Black Faux Panama Fedora. Being a panama hat makes it naturally trendy too. Since you are looking for a useful summer hat, it would be wise to consider this one as it makes the list of cool summer hats for guys.

  • Softened to keep you comfortable regardless of the raindrops
  • The sleek faux feature


  • Expensive

Lets Dive in Advantages and Disadvanteges of the Black Faux Fedora Hat:

  • The interior is softened to keep you comfortable regardless of the raindrops on the exterior. You can keep your smile during harsh weather.
  • On the exterior is the sleek faux feature which apart from being stylish, helps to keep away the harmful Ultra-violet rays.
  • Although you will keep your head dry and warm in the rain, you will be spending too much for the safety. The material used to make this fashion hat is costly hence high prices of the hats.
  • To own this fashion hat, you will have to part with a fortune but it is worth the cost. It is mostly won by celebrities and the elite but could be a good one for your collection.


7. The Toutacoo Rain Hat

The Toutacoo Hat
The Toutacoo Hat

The Toutacoo is a popular bucket rain hat. With fleece on the inside, this hat is among the softest available. You may wear it for a long time without feeling like you have had enough of it.

  • Warmth it provides for the wearer’s head makes it a good choice for cold wheather
  • Flexible
  • Waterproof


  • The water repellant material used consists plastic which is not good for people who are allergic to the smell of plastic

Lets Dive in Advantages and Disadvanteges of the Toutacoo Hat:

  • It is appropriate in cold months as well because of the warmth it provides for the wearer’s head. The Toutacoo will make you look outstanding if you are a person who is keen on image. It is trend-sensitive and meant to be comfortable.
  • It is a flexible water proof hat so you are able to fold it and pack it for a journey.
  • The water repellant material used consists plastic. For people who are allergic to the smell of plastic, we do not recommend the Toutacoo for you. The smell is strong with the increase in heat. It also comes in one size so the extra small-headed and extra-big headed are not lucky.


8. The Carhartt Surrey

The Carhartt Surrey Hat
The Carhartt Surrey Hat

The men’s carhatt surrey hat is not as famous as the rest so it does not have a competitive price. It is available at low costs. From the review of users, it is worthy owning this hat as it is one of the best in completely covering your entire face from the weather without interfering with your vision. The Carhartt Surrey is mostly made of plastic with polyvinyl chloride making 80% of the material and 20% polyester. It comes only in yellow and black. This hat is a basic rain protection gear.

  • Waterproof
  • Easy to clean


  • The heat might be intensified by the hat

Lets Dive in Advantages and Disadvanteges of the Carhartt Surrey Hat:

  • It has an embedded seam welded electronically. With a rain coat to combine with this hat, you will completely be confident in the rain for as long as you need.
  • Since it is made of plastic, it is easy to clean. You can save all the time and use the washing machine.
  • Being a completely protective hat, you cannot afford to wear it on occasions and outdoor activities.
  • In hot weather, you probably do not want to be caught wearing the Carhartt Surrey. The heat might be intensified by the hat. You will also have to avoid this hat if you are working in the field or on any manual jobs.


9. The Boonie Safari Sun UPF 50 Sun Protection Hat

The Boonie Safari Sun UPF 50 Sun Protection Hat
The Boonie Safari Sun UPF 50 Sun Protection Hat

The men’s Columbia boney is water tight to keep you from the rain. You probably need to consider this hat before buying a hat for summer. It is made completely from Nylon to keep out water. This also means it easily washable with the washing machine.

Some wearers say it as an accessory while others consider it to be a vital part of dressing. In remote China, for example, stepping out without a Boony hat is a surprise. Yes, some people believe you have to cover your head all the time. While hats are common for men, women also have their fair share when it comes to dressing fashion sense with respect to hats. Some have cultural beliefs that involve covering the head as a sign of respect. In some regions of the world, it is considered disrespectful for a woman to be in public without her head covered. While there are multiple ways heads can be covered, a hat is mostly considered as a decent and easy way to match up to this culture.


  • Used quality materials
  • Affordable


  • The heat might be intensified by the hat
  • Sizes are limited
  • Wearing this hat can be disrespectful in Japan

Lets Dive in Advantages and Disadvanteges of the Boonie Safari Sun Protection Hat:

  • The majority of wearers use it during fall and spring as they walk the mornings and evenings. it is cheap but the quality is not compromised. It has not style whatsoever and not suitable for fashion.
  • The problem with the Columbia Booney, like the Carhartt Surrey is that you may not wear it in hot weather or you will be sweating profusely with the slightest heat from the sun.
  • Its sizes are also limited so you need to be of an average sized head to enjoy the benefits of the Columbia Booney. People do not like the Velcro patches.
  • Wearing this hat can be disrespectful in some parts of the world especially in Japan in the sense that elders should not be approached when wearing a hat; you have to remove it or at least show sign of removing it. This is a sign of respect and the opposite is disrespect. It is important to understand different cultures and their perceptions on different aspects of life to be able to fit in and avoid misunderstandings. You may not list travelling in your hobby list, but this is unavoidable in the global world today. In fact, if you do not travel, you do not know anything beyond your nose. While traveling is largely viewed as a way to pass time, explore, and have fun, which can easily be associated with the ‘rich,’ there is more to it.


10. The Coolibar UPF50+

The Coolibar UPF50 Hat
The Coolibar UPF50 Hat

The Coolibar UPF50+ is a wide reversible bucket hat meant solely for sun protection. It would not be wise to think of it as a good one for outdoor activities as you will be embarrassed. It is completely polyester.

  • Has a hard brim to keep in shape for long lasting
  • Although quite expensive, it is worth a try because the quality is equally high


  • Expensive

Lets Dive in Advantages and Disadvanteges of the Coolibar Hat:

  • It can completely crush down to shield you face, eyes all the way to the neck. The Coolibar has a hard brim to keep in shape for long lasting.
  • You may reverse the heart to change the color and appear as it you had another one. Although quite expensive, it is worth a try because the quality is equally high.



Apart from fashion, the hats are worn in different parts of the world for different functions. They also define a class of people in society. Some professions also require people to wear the Coolibar. You might not relate to all these elements about hats if you have not had the chance to interact with people from different cultures. While traveling is the absolute way to meet different people that perceive aspects of life differently where dressing is a primary factor, you can learn culture through other mediums. Going to college and school basically should open up individuals on this important element of culture, dressing. Schools are assumable not only academic and following curriculum but also building life skills and social aspects in the students. Schools have a role in helping spread knowledge and diversity because the instructions are a platform of people from different backgrounds.

It is unknown when hats were first discovered. It goes back to the very early days when clothes became a part of human life. There is a lot about hats and how it became integrated in various culture and structures in society. Hats cannot be related to a specific culture or kind of people from specific regions. Hats are universal; people of all ages can wear hats irrespective of gender and age. While clothing fashion and everything to do with cosmetics and dressing should be pointed to Paris, it is not so for hats. Hats were of different types since discovery in an unknown year. Of course, Americans have the biggest part to play when it comes to inventions and spread of culture.

The British as well have been instrumental in the world for spreading culture through their colonial strategies. Most countries, which are colonies of the UK, have embraced ways of dressing among others. Although Africans who are the most influenced still hold to their native culture and ways of life including dressing, the influence of respective colonials is immense. The British for example have several colonies, which they have deeply embedded their culture and influence. From education structures, religion to language, colonists have barely a life of their own. History of any cultural practices and life hacks among these countries is largely attributed to the British administration. While hats as part of dressing cannot be directly pointed to this trend of influence, there is no other explanation of universality of this popular part of dressing.

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