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How to Choose the Best Wedding Hat?

Wedding hats are considered the most essential part of a wedding. Various kinds of hats are in fashion and you can choose among them. No doubt, these hats are in high demand and they sell at high prices.

While selecting a hat for your wedding, you need to ensure that it is according to the shape of your face and it suits your personality.

Don’t run behind weird fashions but adopt what suits you. Select the beautiful color according to your desire.

You may play with different styles and colors until and unless you choose a color and hat style according to your desire. This is a big and very important day for you, so don’t make any decisions in the rush.

Various designers are designing hats in weird styles like octopus wedding hat. You should not become crazy about such styles.

Whenever you visit a shop to buy a hat you, must measure your head by using a tape measure. It is essential so that you will get the accurate size.

If your wedding venue is open air then you should consider the fact that the feathers can move away due to the wind.

Nowadays, whimsical hats are the trend. If you want to add some crystals then you can wear these hats with the pearls.

Hats have the capability to turn a vintage or modern dress into an amazing dress. You can also add some crystals or pearls if you are using veils.

Conventional hats that are starched line are also acceptable when you use them with gowns.

You may also try different colors and different styles of hats to ensure which suits you best.

You may also adopt the custom-made option. Custom style can be expensive as compared to other options but it’s best for you.

Organza wedding hat
Stylish Wedding Hat for Women

It may be tricky to know which hat is best for the wedding day. Also, it depends on the dress code, wedding style, etc. Following are some of the tips that may help you in this regard.

  • Half hats are also considered ‘percher’ hats worn in a dramatic way by keeping an angle on the right eyebrow. These hats are familiar with the Royal wedding styles. Usually, the mother of the bride uses such styles.
  • If you want to wear wide-brimmed hats then you should adopt bold colors and where them in contrast. Don’t go for the matching in this scenario.
  • If your dress is in a lime green color then you should adopt a black hat. It will give a sophisticated and eye-catching look.
  • Whenever you want to try which hat will suit you, try it with the dress that you are going to wear on your wedding day.
  • You can hire a designer who can design your wedding occasions and also help you in selecting your dress and hat. You should find a designer that comes in an affordable cost.
  • You may get a matching hat or you can also make a beautiful contrast by using a different color.
  • Think about adopting a hat by keeping your whole look in mind.
  • The finishing look is important so you should try the hat with the overall look instead of just keeping your dress in the mind.

Wedding Hairstyles and Hats

  • Focus on the body and the overall volume.
  • Blow dry your hair, curl or bounce with the help of hair spray. It is essential to get a beautiful look as hats flatten the hair.
  • Use high-quality products so that you can look fresh for a long time.
  • If you have short hair then style your hair in such a way that they stay below the hat and from the sides and front.
  • You should choose a hairstylist who knows how to bring creativity in the hairstyle to make it amazing. Even if you take your wedding hat off your hair looks pretty cool.

Hats and Face Shape

You should select your wedding hat by keeping your face shape in mind.

  • Big-brimmed hats can be the best choice for round faces.
  • If you have a small face then you may wear a small ‘percher’ with a specific angle or ‘inferno’.

Hopefully, the explanation and tips are helpful for you in making the right decision regarding the hat for your wedding day. If you have any valuable suggestions in your mind, you may leave it in the comments below!

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