Bucket Hats for Men

Let’s Bring the Bucket Hats for Men Back into Fashion!

Whenever you hear the term men’s bucket hats and see someone wearing them, you soon assume them to be either a gangster or an original Gilligan. But before you roll your eyes, just hear this out: Bucket Hats for Men are back and we should not be so mad about it. Yes of course, during the 19th century these men’s bucket hat were only spotted on Disneyland dads or babies or on actual fisherman, but today everyone from Bethany Cosentino to the entire A$AP Mob have been spotted wearing these summer hats on a regular basis, you can thank LL Cool J, Run Dmc and Aaliyah (Late) for bringing back the old trend.

Fashionable Bucket Hat
Absolute Snapback Fashion Bucket Hat Cap Headwear

Hats for men are extremely stylish and have been around since the mid 2,000 and bring a sense of class in today’s men fashion world. Not just simple Bucket Hats for Men or summer hats, but polo bucket hats for men are also becoming a hot topic these days. They rank right up with other polarizing accessories of men and other styles of summer hats for men. There is more to bucket hats than just style:

  1. They protect your neck and head from the sun.

  2. Most important bucket hats can fit all heads shape and size. Got big, messy curly hair? No problem.

Talking about the actual fashion front, the popular clothing line Burberry had a parade of men wearing brightly colored hats for men, among which bucket for men was the most obvious in Menswear Spring runway 2015. Because of their durable nature and design, men’s bucket hats are very famous for various outdoor activities, such as mountain walking, fishing or sports such as golf or tennis or in polo such as the stylish polo bucket hats for men.

Solid Tartan Bucket Hat
Polo Ralph Lauren Men’s Reversible Solid-Tartan Bucket Hat

Bucket hats are light weighted and easily taken care of, as they can be thrown into the washer whenever they get dirty or you can even stuff them into your when they are not needed. Most of them can even be found in denim or canvas as they are made out of cotton. They are also referred to as the ‘fishermen’s hats’. To wear these hats for men during the winter season you can even find them made out of warm material and some may even have a faux fur lining.

The bucket hat for men is seen wearing all around the globe and for their own particular reasons. They have been the main fashion staple of the hip hop culture for more than thirty years. Bucket Hats for Men are also known as known as ‘Reni Hats’ in the UK. These hats for men may not be too expensive but if you are looking for a designer bucket hat for men, then check out Eric Javits and Burberry, these summer hats will definitely get you noticed you go.

Mainly, remember that simplicity is the ultimate key to wearing these hats elegantly in men. Hats become the main point of any outfit you are wearing, so make sure that you do not pile on other accessories while already wearing one. Keep the rest of your clothes sleek and you will definitely look great wearing one of these stylish summer hats!

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