Find the Most Stylish Women’s Sun Hats for Big Heads

Find the Most Stylish Women’s Sun Hats for Big Heads

Where to Find the Most Stylish Women’s Sun Hats for Big Heads?

Many ladies love a stylish hat but having a larger head size than ones available in stores. So I asked where to find the most stylish women’s sun hats for big heads.

Every store that sells women’s sun hats is filled with hats for small heads, which spur me into research. All thanks to the internet, whether you need something fuzzy and warm or light and airy, it’s never been easier to always find a good selection of women’s sun hats for large heads available to you. Several online hat stores have a stuck of stylish sun hats for the extra-large size women.

What is a Sun Hat?

It is otherwise called Harvest hat or Field hat. It is a head covering, often in the approximate form of a cone or a cylinder closed at its top end specially designed to protect the head and shoulders from the sun and Ultra-Violet rays in particular. Sun hats come in a variety of types and materials like the straw sun hat, pressed fibre sun hat and the pith helmet. The style of sun hats ranges from small brims to large brims of about four to seven inches in length to suit any weather or climate.

These are the Best Sun Hats

1. Sloggers Wide Brim Braided Women’s Sun Hat

Sloggers Wide Brim Braided Women’s Sun Hat
Showing a Wide Brim Sun Hat for Women

The Sloggers Wide Brim Braided Sun Hat is one of the most common, attractive and practical designs. It has a fastening for the windy days and a high-quality inner hatband for superior comfort and fit. A reputable sun care laboratory rated it UPF 50+, the maximum sun protection rating available. The wide brim gives it an excellent shape, not too hard, not too floppy, and it comes in several attractive colours.

2. Camo Coll Outdoor Summer Sun Hat

Camo Coll Outdoor Summer Sun Hat
Showing a Camo Coll Outdoor Summer Sun Hat

One of the most popular UV protection hats for hiking, camping, tourism, gardening, backpacking, traveling, or any outdoor activity. This Camo Coll sun hat is quite affordable and comes in a wide variety of colours. Considering its price, you could even buy several and choose a different colour according to mood or outfit matching reasons.

You can use the adjustable drawstring for fixing the hat tightly in place, so it stays put even on windy days. Its diameter is 7.5 inches and fits women who wear Medium for their capsize.

The Camo Coll hat is made of a soft-touch polyester with air vents and has an excellent sun protection factor of 50+. The brim size is about 3 inches so it can protect you well enough, but while remaining in a casual range as far as style goes.

3. Siggi Women’s Summer Cotton Cover Sun Hat

Siggi Women’s Summer Cotton Cover Sun Hat
Showing a Women with a Summer Cotton Cover Sun Hat

Another standard option due to its ability to maintain shape through folding and packing, the Siggi Women’s cover is a dream come true for all who are searching for portable protection and comfort. The adventure hat has wide brims and a high level of UV protection (50+). The Siggi Sun Hat comes with an optional ponytail hole (if you like wearing your hair like that and would like to pull it out through the back of the hat) and chin strap.

What we love about it is the lightly punctured pattern on the brim; it gives the headwear a specific something that makes it instantly classy and ventilated. There is also a little bowknot at the back of the hat that allows for better adjustment, in case you need it. Anyhow, you can choose your size, so fitting shouldn’t be a problem. SIZE – Medium best fits for 55-59CM 21.6″-23.2″; Large best fits for 59-61CM 23.2″-24″. You can adjust the bowknot at the back to find a snug fit.

4. Funky Junque Women’s Beach Floppy Sun Hat

Funky Junque Women’s Beach Floppy Sun Hat
Showing a Funky Junque Women’s Beach Floppy Sun Hat

This Funky Junque model is one of the most popular floppy beach sun hats for women due to its modern and fresh design. As far as UV protection hats go, this one is the perfect accessory for summer festivals, glamping and other places where people with great style go. It can be adjusted with a drawstring, and it measures about 23 inches on the inside.

Remember that the hat arrives folded, so it needs to be unpacked and left to regain its standard shape before you can wear it. Some of the hat reviews pointed out that this was somewhat of a disappointment, but only because they could hardly wait to wear it. Getting it back into its original shape isn’t a problem, not even if you fold and pack it for traveling now and then.

5. Furtalk Foldable Floppy Travel Sun Hat

Furtalk Foldable Floppy Travel Sun Hat
Show a Furtalk Foldable Floppy Sun Hat

If you love light-coloured vintage lace dresses and the imagery of white-clad elegance on the beach, then this is the best travel hat for you. In spite of the lacey appearance, the Furtalk sun hat is equipped with all the modern tech you can expect from high-performing protective headwear.

There is an inner string for adjusting the size, though the hat already comes in 2 sizes, one is NORMAL SIZE for head size around 22.44 inch, and another is EXTRA LAGE Size for head size around 23.22 inch; Normal size is recommended for average head size, and if you are an extra-large size woman, please choose Extra-Large. Also, there is a cotton-based inside lining and a sweatband which will keep you fresh. The leather bow tie on the outside is detachable but gives an extra touch of style when worn.

But by far, the critical feature of this hat is the resilience to folding and packing. Even when heavily folded for a long time, it will spring back into shape, maybe with a little help from a steaming machine. This ability makes it one of the top-rated hats for travel, in addition to a classy style choice.

What Hat Suits Your Head Shape?

Hats for Round-Shaped Face

Round-Shaped Face
Show a Round-Shaped Face

A round face is about as broad as it is long, with a full cheek, rounded chin, and broader forehead. A boxy crown and wide brim will balance out your face shape.

Hats for Oval-Shaped Face

Oval-Shaped Face
Show a Oval-Shaped Face

Oval faces are longer than they are full with relatively straight lines running from temple to jaw, and a round chin.  Hats with a shorter crown and a broader brim to avoid elongating your profile.

Hats for Diamond-Shaped Face

Diamond-Shaped Face
Show a Diamond-Shaped Face

Hats with a medium width brim and a shorter crown will go for a diamond face because the face is highly angular and widest at the cheekbones with a tapered chin and broad forehead.

Hats for Square-Shaped Face

Square-Shaped Face
Show a Square-Shaped Face

Avoiding styles that are flat or angular and choosing hat shapes with curvy lines will be flattering due to the strong jawline, wide cheekbones, and broad forehead.

Choosing Your Best Hat Colour

The Brown Hat

Skin Colour: Brown hats are best for ruddy and dark complexions, and with auburn, sandy and red hair. Most hair colours and skin complexions can go with a brown hat but not acceptable with grey hair or slightly pale olive. Dark brown hats are also acceptable with healthy olive skin.

Clothing Colour: Brown, green, dark grey and dark blue suits and coats are the best bet for a brown hat. Don’t make the mistake of combining brown-blue and brown-grey.

Accessories: Clothing accessories like dark green, wine, blue, and yellow colours add great riches to a brown hat.

The Green Hat

Skin Colour: Green hats look better with healthy complexioned grey-haired, blonde, and brown-haired women. A robust olive skin blends with a dark green hat. Green hats are also acceptable with any youthful appearance, and with any hair colour, especially the red hair. Don’t try a red hat on with a pale skin complexion.

Clothing Colour: Green hat is naturally good with green outfits. It also brings out the beauty in brown or tan suits and coats. Light grey and medium grey suits and jackets are very pleasing with a grey hat.

Accessories: Brown or brownish-yellow ties and shirts or a black and white patterned tie or scarf are recommended with a green hat.

The Blue Hats

Skin Colour: Blue hats look best with blue eyes, and with ruddy, and light flushed complexions. Blue hats are also acceptable with any colour hair. Blue hats tend to emphasize red hair. Dark blue hats are fair with slightly pale complexions.

Clothing Colour: Blue hats are best with a blue or grey dress. It’s never advisable to match a blue hat with a blue suit. Blue hats are also acceptable with neutral brown, and tan suits.

Accessories: Blue shirts, ties, or scarfs go very well with a blue hat. Grey or neutral brown clothing accessories also make a pleasing effect with the blue caps.

The Grey Hats

Complexion: The Grey hats are best with light skins; and with blonde, brunette, or iron-grey hair. Grey hats are fair with a ruddy complexion (approaching redness). Grey hats also neutralize brown eyes and brown hair.

Clothing Colour: Light grey hats are best with blue, dark grey, or black suits and coats. Dark grey hats are best with grey or green clothing fabrics. All grey hats are acceptable with suits in any of the other colours except when worn with brown.

Accessories: A vast range of colours are allowed when choosing clothing accessories for a grey hat because grey is neutral. Vivid or deep contrasting colours are particularly suitable as they tone up the particular outfit.

Choosing Your Best Hat Fabric

There are many ways to find just the perfect hat for different weather and climate conditions, but there are two major seasonal categories to choose from Autumn/Winter and Spring/Summer.

Cooler Weather (Autumn/Winter Hats)

Materials Details to look for
Wool Earflaps
Wool Felt Inner Lining
Leather Insulation
Knit Acrylic Water-Resistance
Fleece and Fleece Blends

Warmer Weather (Spring/Summer Hats)

Materials Details to look for
Cotton UPF Sun Protection
Straw Wide Brim
Polyester Ventilation holes
Bamboo Sweat-Wicking Inner Bands
Linen Water-Resistance (Rain and Light Showers)


Wearing a sun hat during the warm season is a necessity. If you live in an unusually sunny region or work outdoors, it’s even more mandatory as we become more and more aware that while the sun sustains life, the unfiltered exposure to its rays can cause skin cancer and rapid skin aging.

Many women especially the extra-large size women complain of not getting a perfect size, but the internet has made it so easy to find the ideal sun hats for large heads no matter how big your head size is. The best sun hats on the market combine style and functionality into a great product. You need to choose what suits you most, and I hope this guide helps.

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