How Many Types of Hats Are There in the World

how many types of hats are there

How Many Types of Hats Are There in the World

Mostly true or not; when we think about accessories, we go for three things shoes, watches, and hats. As how many types of hats are there in the world. Which one should you try or style?

We don’t have to think much regarding shoes and watches. However, when it comes to a hat, it is difficult to distinguish between how many types of hats are there also minor differences among specific terms and styles. Additionally, everyone has different opinions about the hat, and there were hundreds of styles and fashion of hats have been introduced globally. Hence, when you are out and about, you will be able to distinguish about anything.

Why Wearing a Hat is Important

While dressing up for the event, some minor things require special care such as Handbags/wallets, shoes, accessories (jewelry, watches, studs, etc.). Among each small detail, many people forget about picking up the hat. Yes, you hear me right, your most neglected accessory for any event is a hat. Also, many people pay less attention to how to style this accessory. Or how to pick the right hat to maintain the balance of class and fashion.

As compared to any practicality either handbag, shoes or any other accessory, it is a straightforward approach to consider afterthought. So when it comes to hat the practical way to wear them is to protect your head from cold, rain, heat and sunshine. Additionally, they are styling accessories, so they gave an extra grace to your entire look. Interested in learning more about cool hats during hot summer times? I’ve written an article wearing a hat in hot weather.

Wearing the Right Hat

The trend of wearing hat never gets outdated. The charm of these hats strut down the runways as well as give a spark during an event. However, wearing the right type of headgear is essential. Similar to other accessories, properly wearing a hat can add grace or disgrace your entire look. We can even claim that the hat can make a statement, especially on your big wedding day. Read our wedding hat guide to learn more.

Furthermore, the beauty of picking hat can effortlessly elevate fashion sense, style and few personality traits of the wearer. Interestingly, different types of hats are available that different express types of personalities individuals possess. Hence, among how many types of hats are there in the world, each person has a variety of options to pick their kind of hats.

What Are Different Hats Called?

One cannot neglect the fact that hats are getting popularity again. Different types of hats such as bowler, fedora, safari, and gambler can be seen more often during events and gatherings. Watching people wearing a hat sometimes makes me wonder how and why people are not sure about wearing or styling than the hat. Also, you will find people confusing with their decision of wearing not their type of hat. To help you out from this confusing state, we have highlighted the list of different hats, what are different hats called and a short description so you can style them properly. Additionally, this article will be an insightful guide on how many types of hats are there in the world for both men and women.

What is the Most Popular Hat?

Initiating our guide with the basics on what is the most popular hat for different types of people, so, here are the top 10 inspirational hat types that you can use and also add these classics as a part of your fancy collection.

To answer the most straightforward question about how many types of hats are there in the world? It can be explained as “numerous”. The world has filled with so many options be yet more options mean more confusion, especially in this scenario. So regardless of how many hats are there, today we will only talk about the popular one that includes:

1. Baseball Cap

Black baseball cap
Shows a Black baseball cap

One of the most easily accessible hat types that can easily be available in the market. But if you don’t find it in the shop, you may borrow it from any man in your life, and we assure you that he might have the secret collection of that hat in his wardrobe. Even our very own favorite celebs have this casual vibe cap with the big smile while looking styling and profiling,

2. Beanie

Beanie hat
Shows a black beanie hat

While thinking of picking beanie, then you must have to be slightly careful about your hairstyle. Trust us; this may sound frightening but based on our observation, these hats snug fit around the head. So this fat has the fan collection of people who have curly, long or wavy hairs are interested in experimenting bright, pretty, and different.

3. Beret

Blue Beret Hat
Shows a Blue Beret Hat

This classic collection will never disappoint you in any casual event, and we will assure you about this statement. So without any second thought, pick your own desired color or pattern and let this hat handle the rest. Also, don’t forget to cock it down to one side. Wear your classy French beret like a beret and see the magic.

4. Boater

Boater Hat
Shows a Boater Hat

You don’t have to be a boater to wear a boater hat. Give a chance to a flat topper during your beach party to give you a sleek look. The flat-top, along with a flat brim made up of straw or similar material. So caring it with your structured clothes or even with preppy style clothing, you will always get a compliment.

5. Bowler

Brown Bowler Cap
Shows a Brown Bowler Cap

For some hats, you don’t have to elaborate or explain the importance of details. Bowler hats are one of them, from the genre of British Royals. These hats make you look decent and elegant. This chic has a round and slightly large top along with upturned brim. Regardless of pork or fedoras, bowlers are more formal and have quite cheery and charming delight.

6. Cowboy Hat

Stylish Cowboy Hat
Shows a Stylish Cowboy Hat

Arguably this headgear is the most recognizable type of hat you have witnessed throughout your life. From the southern accent, this has tremendously captured the attention of so many people. Without any surprise, these hats have been putting quite seducing impressions. Initially designed for the people to protect long sun rays away from American cowboys during working in the farms, now these hats can quickly be accompanied by many natural styles.

7. Fedora

Fedora Hat
Fedora hat for men Shows a picture of Ash color fedora hat

Ah, our list of fashionable hats won’t be completed without our very own famous Fedora hat. Typically, this classic semi-formal headpiece has shorter brims along with folded tops. A silk ribbon has been placed around the base to give grace to the fedora hat. Generally, most of the soft, suede hats that have ribbons can mistakenly be called as fedora, but the distinct feature of any fedora hat lies in the swallowed folded tops. Undoubtedly, the fedora hat can take any regular outfit to another level. So without any hesitation, go and grab your fedora while hunting for the type of hat.

8. Pork Pie Hat

Navy Pork Pie Hat
Shows a Navy Pork Pie Hat

Blindly admit the fact that pork pie hat carries the same classy chic traits that fedora take. As already being said, these hats have more accessorized and embellished then other types of hats. In addition to brim and ribbon, this hat also has brooches, feathers or pins that complement the whole hat style. If you are confused about picking fedora or pork pie than re-think your styling and if you hate the rep that goes all the way long then go for pork pie.

9. Top Hat

Black Top Hat
Shows a Black Top Hat

You don’t have to dedicate this high hat type to your grandparents. Top hat does not belong to our pretty legacies and not stick to our black and white collections. These top hats are always in fashion as classy and calm that often worn as ironically, mainly when you take them to a rock and roll meet up punk. Also, they have the potential to be part of your many classic gathering contexts.

10. Ushanka

Ushanka Hat
Shows an Ushanka Hat

Don’t have to rub your while reading USHANKA hat in our list of 10 most popular types of hats. Mostly, people call this hat as fur hat until you or your family don’t belong to any part of Russia. So regardless of this warm, soothing and soft texture you can still have this hat to style in the coldest winter, or you can take a sneaky peaky help from Jay-Z on how to rock the stage in this hat. So give yourself a try by experimenting with this hat.

What is a Woman’s Hat Called?

What is a woman's hat called
Showing a woman with a red fascinators hat

Typically, a woman wears fascinators as there formal hats. These hats have termed as a formal headpiece for women. They usually style it like millinery which is originally lightweight made of knitted fabric. Since the 1990s, the team referred fascinators as a type of formal headwear that worn as the alternative of casual hats. Generally, fascinators consist of a large design that was attached to a clip or band. Most of the time, fascinator was incorporated with a base to resemble a hat. Interestingly, these fascinators can be called a hatinator. Choosing a hat can be very challenging and I’ve written an article to help you with that. Here you can find more about the best sun hats for women.

What Percent of People Wear Hats?

According to ask your target market, a survey named “Nike Named Top Hat Brand” has conducted on the percentage of people wear hats, and also the most popular styles. The results of this research can explain as follows:

1. Hats Wearers

According to the Survey:

  • Around 11% of participants said they can wear hats every day
  • 17% participant wear hat, a few times per week
  • 3% of participants wear a hat about once per week
  • 7% of participants said they wear heats a few times per month
  • 5% of participants wear these hats about once per month
  • 33% said that they rarely ever wear hats
  • And around 26% of participants never wear hats

2.   Popular styles

According to the Survey:

  • Baseball hats considered the most popular style. Additionally, 51% of the hat wearers said they wear baseball caps regularly
  • Moreover, around 42% of the participant said they wear knit and winter type hat regularly
  • Furthermore, about 18% of the participant wear sun hats
  • 11% of the participants wear fedoras
  • 8% of participants wear cowboy hats
  • 7% wear newsboy caps and another 7% wear straw hats
  • And 10% of the participants wear other types of hats including hard hats and beanies


Hats have always been in trends and fashion, and excitingly, there are a large number of population has been wearing the hat. Due to the large variety of hats available in the market, most of people still get confused about wearing the right hat on the right occasion. Hence, keeping fashionable hats in mind can save most of your time and enhance your dress sense. Also, most of the people wear hats to keep them safe from the sun, cold, rain and heat.

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