How to Choose the Perfect Wedding Hat

How to Choose the Perfect Wedding Hat

How to Choose the Perfect Wedding Hat

Style, color and ceremonial importance of the wedding dress can depend on the religion and culture of the wedding participants. Brides usually go for lehga, gowns, Indian sari and so on. Mostly in western culture, bridal dress is incomplete without hat or fascinator.

Hats are an effective, simple and wonderful way to make you look more gorgeous, stand taller and give you self-confidence. Whether you are a hat person or not, there is no rejection that a hat can complete a wedding day outfit. While accessories can doll up any ensemble, a hat can form a fashion statement all of its very own.

What Are You Wearing?

What type of look will you want to attain, if the hat is to work with a customized suit or dress, it will need to be more ceremonial and have a structured look. Perhaps a sunhat – they always look great with tailored fashion.

For summer, it could be in lightweight stuff like straw, rather than anything too heavy for instance velvet (which is ideal for winter and teamed with heavier fabrics).

If you are wearing a hat with a floaty dress or a two-piece in a soft fabric, a larger hat with a soft rim would work flawlessly. And keep in mind; you should always take the outfit that you have planned to be dressed in with you when you select your hat.


The hat needs to equalize the whole look. It’s all about attaining the proportion right, so the heat doesn’t overwhelm you.

The taller you are, the outsized the hat can be. The smaller you are, the undersized it should be. However, the rim of the hat should never be wider than your shoulders.

The hat should be worn little lower – about 2cm above the eyebrows except for a pillbox style.


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The hat you choose will look most excellent if it is the matching color as your outfit, rather than a contrasting one.

If the outfit is in a print, co-ordinate the hat to be in the main color of the outfit, and make sure that all your accessories are in that color too.

Hats made in the same fabric as the suit or dress were really trendy in the Seventies and early Eighties but look really old-fashioned now as they appear too artificial.

Hair Rules

Hair Rules
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Long or medium-length hair should always be tied back in a low ponytail and the fringe should be tuck away under the hat to avoid mess up the overall look.

Certainly, this does depend on the size of your hat, but disorderly loose hair without clarity can mess up the look.

Short hair should be smartly put behind the ears and the fringe should be hidden.

Adopt an Asymmetric Slant

Be dressed in your hat on an asymmetric slant for a more eye-catching position. This will make sure that shadow is not directly across your entire face, letting for an improved photographic position. Also, if you have a feature that you don’t like, you can use your hat to cover it by placing it at an appropriate angle, forcing a person’s gaze to go directly to your hat.

Flatter Your Face Shape

Flatter Your Face Shape
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Many of you may already know whether your face is round, oblong, heart-shaped, oval or square. The simplest way to find that out is to get in front of a mirror, take away your hair from the face with a headband or hair elastic. Then take a temporary marker, eye-liner or somewhat like that and draw the outline of your face on the mirror. Now, what does it resemble long, heart-shaped, round, square or oval?

Oval Shaped Face

Generally, people have an oval-shaped face. You can go for almost every hat or fascinator like the fedora, pillbox, sun hat, saucer hat fascinator, etc.

The thing to ponder is your height, if you’re tall, you can balance the appearance with a stunning wide-brimmed hat. If you are short, choose something of smaller size. If in hesitation, look at yourself in a long mirror.

Round Face

For people who have a round face, there is only one rule, choose hats that lengthen your face. There are different techniques to achieve this optical illusion. Choose hats with long lines, asymmetrical brim that inclines away from the forehead. The same result can be attained also with trimming long feathers can work wonders. You can also try on some hats with longer crowns, for example, the part that your head fits into; just ensure they have the correct brim.

Long Face

People with a long face generally have an equally wide jawline and forehead. To equalize this feature try finding a hat that can cover your forehead. The traditional bell-shaped cloche hat will be the best option. You can find these in wool felt for winter and pari-sisal, straw, or sinamay for summer. Pillboxes can also be a choice, just ensure to stay away from those small pillbox hats, as these can look too small and only highlight your long features.

Heart-Shaped Face

You have a heart-shaped face if you have a broad forehead and a narrow, sharp chin.  People with such a beautiful face shape are lucky as they will look attractive in most hats. Still, there are some shapes that should be shunned. Watch out and avoid with undersized fascinators and pillboxes, as these will make your forehead appear large. The same goes for hats with extra-large brims that will cover your face and highlight your pointed chin. The best option would be to look for something average-sized, most likely with an asymmetrical brim.

Square Face

If you have a square, short face, try on hats that make softer your straight jawline. In winter go for floppy fedoras and wide-brimmed sun hats in summer. Select hats with round, graceful lines. Asymmetrical hats will also be an excellent selection, as they will optically cut the rigid features of your face. Hunt for flower and feather trimming that will soften your look.

Hat Colour and Your Complexion

Hat Colour and Your Complexion
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You may have observed which colors of clothing go fit with your skin color. The same rules apply also to selecting a hat. If you have the fair complexion you will never go wrong with light and neutral colors. Olive complexions on the opposite will look gorgeous with hats in bold and bright colors – cherry red, bright green, royal blue, etc. This doesn’t mean that people with fair skin must not go for bright hats or people with darker complexion should not go for light colors. If you like it, go for it! Nothing suits you more than confidence

Avoid ‘Hair Hat’

If you are concerned that you will have ‘helmet hair’ after you remove your hat, try this tip.

When the hair is brushed or blow-dried in the opposite direction and then smoothed over into the right style, it has an extra body, so do this before you put on your hat.

If your hair is spread out and has a leaning to experience from static, use a brush with natural (not nylon) bristles. Or use a serum before putting on your hat which will silk down the hair cuticle.

Otherwise, apply some hairspray onto your palms and gently smooth down the hair to keep it flawlessly in place.


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