How to Clean a Beach Hat

how to clean a beach hat

How to Clean a Beach Hat

Beach hats weaved with different stuffs, enables how to clean a beach hat as tough task requiring some deep cleaning such as dusting, washing, scrubbing & etc.

To know about how to clean a beach hat, one should be careful to handle it. From deep cleaning to air dry, one must pay attention to the tightness of the texture, for instance, a beach hat with a wobbly texture is maybe not as strong as one that is superbly woven. Moreover, ribbons or trim must be removed before starting the cleaning process.

Furthermore, to avoid to do mistakes during the cleaning and storage of your most beloved beach hats because of the suppleness of any sort of a beach hat must be in exact shape after cleaning, Hence, Wikihow suggests different techniques.

Therefore, for cleaning almost every kind of beach hat, the instructions given below are for good preservation and maintenance:

  • To hang, use bolts and hooks.
  • To avoid moisture damage, use a waterproof spray
  • To minimize dust and detritus use Vinyl hat covers
  • To keep their shape, use hat inserts.
  • To clean use a hat brush or sponge etc

How Do You Clean a Hat Without Ruining It?

People, who are onto cleaning the hat wonder, how do you clean the hat without ruining it? As during washing, it is necessary to reminisce the different materials. Each material requires different cleaning methods to sustain the property of each material.

Cleaning a hat without ruining it a more sensitive task, because most hats are not machine-washable type, therefore instead of machine washing, washing through hands is more suitable and safe for this always use a simple white fabric so that there will be no chance of color transference too.

washing sunhat
Showing a woman clean a hat under tap water

Handling a hat is another technique especially during cleaning, so be careful to handle it constantly handle a hat with neat and clean hands and through the brim, not the top. Moreover, fiber can be damaged by continuous pinching.

Some of them are discussed by Puracy can be elaborated as below:

  • First of all, keep in your mind that never put a beach hat in the dishwasher detergent because it’s not meant for garments or fabrics.
  • The boiling water and steam during the wash cycle can also cause damage to your favorite hats. So, must use warm water and be careful in this regard. Moreover, soaking in water is going to destroy your hat too. Hence, it is suggested that one must soak them in warm water for more than 1-2 minutes.
  • Must use a soft-bristled brush in a circular motion with light pressure for scrubbing the soiled part both clockwise as well as anticlockwise. It is observed, mostly, mild brushing can clean 80% of hats.
  • If you need a little more help to get the dust and dirt off, use a clean, warm damp cloth or sponge which is the best way to do so.
  • Don’t use any strong cleaning agents (strong or concentrated chemicals).
cleaning chemicals
Showing a person clean a hat with a vacuum
  • Dry it in the shade and do not leave it in the sun on a very hot day.
  • Never wobble your hat and do not try to twist or wring it out to avoid disfigure the shape.
  • Process duration for beginners: Working time: 10 minutes and Total time: 30 minutes

If you are a clean freak and still want extra care for your do go through with our latest guide on how to take care of your hat.

How Do You Clean a Sun Hat?

Most people use sun hats during their casual days to beat the heat and unhealthy sun rays. Hence, the chance of having more dust and dirt is higher in a sun hat.

Thus, you might encounter people asking, how do you clean a sun hat? However, the basic method to clean the sun hat is relatively the same. But many kinds of sun hats are too delicate. A sunny day means you will possibly perspire a lot. And then you are perspiring, some sweat stains might have appeared on the sun hat. If that’s the case then you need to act fast.

Hence, dealing with and cleaning them often requires extra care and attention. Therefore, these are some of the rules that Petergrimm suggested can help you and everyone a lot in cleaning the sun hat while protecting it. These includes:

sun hat
Showing a beautiful sun hat
  • See the tag to check the stuff it’s composed of before washing and also read the instructions carefully. If sun hat is without tags, then weave and stuff can be checked by hands. Similarly, make sure that how old the hat is, as the age of the material can play a part.
  • If a Sun hat is made up of fur, felt and wool then cleaning is going to be more important, because such headwear is often made up of fancy material.
    • To remove a little dirt/dust from felt or wool hats, just clean gently with the help of a soft brush, never use a regular hard brush.
    • For more extreme messes and stains, cleaning with a powder cleaner and drying with a steam cleaner should be your prior choice for intensive cleaning and maintenance of the delicacy of your beloved hat.
  • Pressing or Ironing Ornamental Accessories, If the hat covering or decorating ribbons are unable to remove, steam it before pressing it with iron or go for clothes steamer or hold over a container of boiling water to cautiously restyle a wrinkled covering. Avoid over-steam it may lose the shape of the entire hat.
  • If there is a need to have a stiff covering that should stand away from your face, then two layers of waxed paper will be used for ironing the cover without steam. A little quantity of wax will make its crunchy appearance.

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How Do You Clean a Straw Cowboy Hat at Home?

Cowboy Hat as a head covering is the most familiar type of hat from the southern accent, initially designed for the people to protect long sun rays away from American cowboys uses during working in the farms. But now these hats hurriedly go many usual styles.

People always busy book appointments to clean these hats by the experts and then save them for their occasional use only. But everyone is interested in knowing How Do You Clean a Straw Cowboy Hat at Home? This way they can save time and money.

western cowboy hat
Showing a western men’s straw Cowboy hat

Though cleaning straw cowboy hats are not as easy as they sound. It requires patience. So, before initiating the cleaning process of straw cowboy hats, look for a label or tag. As different types of cowboy hats are made with different kinds of straw material.

If there is no tag or instructions can’t be seen, at that time carefully check that how well-woven the straw. On the other hand, the tightness of the weave also plays an important role to clean it neatly. The looser textures are not as durable as those closely woven hence may not stand up well to water at all. [cow boy hat.jpg]

Also, these are some of the rules provided by NRSworld, will help you in cleaning the cowboy hats. These includes:

  • To clean light dust/dirt, simply use a hat-brush or a small whisk sweeping brush. In general, a straw cowboy hat is light in color then uses an undyed/white cloth to save the transfer of dye.
  • To clear moderate dirt of straw hats to make them spotless one can use a hat cleaning solution or even window cleaner with a little quantity of soap and water.
  • In the case of too much untidiness, you’ll need a proper cleaning procedure i.e. before cleaning take off appliques, ribbons, etc. Using any aforesaid cleaning mixture, slightly scrub a clean white washcloth in a circular motion on the affected areas until the hat is cleaned accurately.
  • If there is a need to rinse specific areas of your hat after scrubbing it, never dip/soak your complete straw hat in water as this will cause the hat to lose its shape and probably even destroy it.
  • Lastly, set your hat sidewise to air dry whichever on an open hat container or in a hat holder to maintain its shape.
  • Finally, fix your hat sidewise to air dry either on an uncovered hat container or in a hat frame to keep its maintained shape. Moreover, excess water or wetness of hat can be shaken off and dried. And steam can be used for flawless shape maintenance.

How Do You Get Stains Out of a Straw Hat?

To get stains out of a straw hat is a problematic phenomenon itself because if your hat has stains then surely just soaking or rinsing wouldn’t be enough.  So you need to do something special to save it. Straw hats are usually used during the summer.

There are different types of stains and they are all a bit different when it comes to cleaning. Few stains are harder to clean while the others are super easy to get rid of. Hence, we have discussed some of the stains and how do you get stains out of a straw hat? These include:

  • Oil stains can be simply cleaned with the help of talcum powder. As by pouring a little quantity of talcum powder on the stained area. Allow the powder to soak up the oil stain at least for an hour or two, afterwards use a brush or vacuum to eradicate the powder.
powder beach hat
Showing how to get rid of stains
  • Sweat stains:
    • On dark straw hats, you should use a little amount of ammonia in liquid form. Use a neat and moistened sponge/towel to wipe the part.
    • With a light straw hat, you can use a mixture of hydrogen peroxide and a warm water mixture. With the combination of 1/4-cup hydrogen peroxide and 1/4-cup warm water, for this purpose use a neat and moistened towel to rub the area. Keep in your mind that the towel/sponge is just moist, but not waterlogged because you have to get your hat very wet.
  • Scuffs can be removed by an unusual method i-e: through an art gum eraser or a regular rubber. Just rub the scuffed spots slightly with rubber, this eraser will surely make the scuffs disappear magically.


Summer season’s Beach hats are stylish as well as favorite for men and women. Other than that, variations in style the main function of brimmed beach hat is to block the summer sun. As there is no need to do frequent cleanings but a systematic/detailed cleaning will maintain your hat in beautiful shape.

No doubt, it’s a fashionable and versatile headwear even then its cleaning is special kind of task which can be sometimes held by using mild cleaning agents with the little amount of warm water but sometimes misshapenly hats got damaged by soaking or dipping in water.

In short, it is concluded that cleaning different kinds of stains like sweat, dirt, and dust matters, or just maintaining the shape of your hat. And the most important thing is that you will feel comfortable if your hat is capable to clean.

In General, mostly beach hats can be cleaned. But sometimes indications get by tags/labels that the water can damage/destroy the strength or de-shape the stiffness of the hat. Therefore, you should avoid washing or even soaking. That is something that must be checked before starting the cleaning process.

The manufacturer companies mention dos and don’ts on the tags so, which enables us what we can and can’t do with the hat.

Generally, by keeping all the cleaning and preserving precautions in your mind and enjoy wearing your cleaned brimmed beach hat in such a way that you love to do so.

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