How to Make a Sun Hat Out of Fabric

How to Make a Sun Hat Out of Fabric

How to Make a Sun Hat Out of Fabric?

When you take a vacation in the sun, one thing you should remember to pack is a hat so have you ever tried to make a sun hat out of fabric?

A question that comes to the mind is, “Why should that sun hat be made of fabric?” So I did a bit of research. The reason for making a fabric sun hat is that you can fold and pack it along with your clothes and when unfolded, it will provide shade and keep you from getting burnt. The other advantage you get from a sun hat made from fabric is you can wash it easily with all your clothes. On the other hand, the other sun hats usually can not be washed or kept with your other clothes. Let’s look at the process of making a sun hat of fabric.

Another question that comes to mind in regard to sun hat is, “Why should I wear a sunhat?” Sunburn may occur within minutes of sun exposure, although the symptoms may not show for several hours. Your hair mostly protects your scalp, but the skin on your head is still vulnerable to burning. Indeed, your scalp gets more direct UV exposure than any other part of your body simply because it is closer to the sun. Using a hat outdoors is also a great way to protect your hair, eyes, and skin from the sun’s ultraviolet (UV) rays. The bigger or wider the hat, the better!

How Do You Make a Floppy Hat?

Floppy hats are wide-brimmed hats made from wool or different types of straw. These wide-brimmed hats are perfect for saving you from the sun and the paparazzi. It is excellent for a day at the beach or pool or hiding out at your favorite cafe.

Things Required to Make a Floppy Hat from Fabric
Showing a Floppy Hat Made Out of Fabric

Things Required to Make a Floppy Hat from Fabric

  • Sun hat pattern
  • Medium to heavyweight fabric for the top of the hat and both rims
  • Medium to lightweight fabric for the cap lining
  • Lightweight woven fusible interfacing
  • Scissors
  • Thread for topstitching on the main fabric
  • Water-soluble marking tool
  • Pins
  • Pencil
  • Clear ruler

Step 1: Print and Assemble the Pattern

If you have never used a PDF template, it may be new to you. Print the page at 100% with no scaling in a PDF reader software, such as Adobe Acrobat.

PDF patterns have to be collected because they are full-size patterns that have been broken so that they fit in on regular paper. As soon as you cut to the rectangle on the overlapping sides of the pattern, line up the outer rectangle lines and pattern marks. Take the seams together to form one large pattern.

Step 2: Cut the Pattern

Once all the pages are assembled, use scissors intended for paper and cut around the shape. For this project, we have one piece for the rims and one piece for the cap.

Step 3: Cut the Fabric

For the outside portion of the hat, you need to cut the two pieces for the rim then place it on the fold, then cut six triangular pieces for the cap. There is no grainline on the cap piece, so be sure to put it on the grain. Repeat by cutting six pieces for the inside of the cap. Again, make sure that it is placed on grain when pinning to the fabric.

Step 4: Sew the Cap

Place the two outer cap pieces together, facing right sides. Pin the curved edges and then sew on the project’s seam allowance of 1/2″.

After you have sewen the seam, press the seam allowance to the right. As this is now a curved 3-D piece, this will not lay flat, so use an iron under the curve to press it properly.

Put the third cap piece on the previously sewn cap pieces and do what you did with the last pair.

Topstitch along the seam just sewn. Repeat all these steps to form the other half of the cap by joining three pieces together.

Step 5: Sew the Rims.

Now use the rim pattern piece and cut one rim piece of the lightweight woven fusible interfacing. Join the interfacing to one of the rim pieces. This piece of the rim will be on the underside of the hat, so if you are using a different fabric for the two rim pieces, keep that in mind.

Place the outer cap and the rim right sides together and make the curve of the rim and the curve of the cap aligned and then sew the rim and the cap.

Final Step 6: Assemble the Hat.

Place the two hat groupings together, facing right sides. Sew around the rim, stitching the two rims together lastly press the rim flat on both sides of the hat.

How Do You Make a Wizards Hat?

Wizard hats are also known as pointed hats and they have a history. Wizard hats are also worn for fashion nowadays.

Things Required to Make a Wizard Hat from Fabric
Showing a Wizard Hat Made Out of Fabric

Things Required to Make a Wizard Hat from Fabric

  • Two pieces of fabric for the hat
  • Thread (should be of the same color as fabric)
  • Needle
  • Marker
  • Ruler
  • Measuring tape
  • String
  • Fabric scissors
  • Pin

Step 1: Measure and Cut Your Fabric into a Cone Shape

Measure the fabric with the measuring tape and then cut a piece of fabric to the required size. Take your string and hold the end at the corner of one piece fabric. Then, extend the string several inches with your marker in hand. Use the string and your marker to trace the bottom of the cone. You can make the cone as tall as you would like it to be.

Once you have finished tracing the curved line for your cone bottom, use fabric scissors to cut along this line. Now, you should have a triangular piece of fabric with a circular bottom.

Step 2: Make a Cone with the Fabric

Fold the straight edges of the fabric together until they meet, then overlap them until you form a cone. To narrow the cone, you can overlap the edges. As soon as you like the size of the cone, use the needle and thread to sew it together.

Step 3: Measure and Cut the Hat Brim

Measure the other piece fabric and cut it as required. To make the hat brim, hold a piece of string in the center. Then, to draw a circle hold marker in one hand and the other end of the string in the other hand. The circle you cut will be the brim for the cone shape, so ensure that it is big enough.

Once you have measured the brim, cut along the edges of the circle you have marked. Try to cut along the line as correctly as possible because any jagged edges will show.

Step 4: Cut out the Center of the Hat Brim

Fold the hat brim in half so that the edges are even. Now cut in the center of the hat brim and then move outwards. You need to keep cutting until you have created a small circle in the center of the hat brim. Then, for some more flexibility cut four slits in the inner edges of the hat brim.

You need to remember that the inner circle will need to be big enough to fit your head, but not larger than your head or it may be too loose.

Final Step 5: Finishing the Wizard Hat

You can use ribbons or fabric of different color to put on the wizard hat. It will make the wizard hat more attractive.

How Do You Make a Hat out of Paper?

Hats are one of the great ways to add character and fun to a party, play, or dress-up game. Instead of buying hats from the market, however, why not consider making yourself and saving your money for something that’s more important. It is very simple, fun project suitable for all ages. There are endless possibilities of making a basic hat with the paper.

Things Required to Make a Hat Out of Paper
Showing a Hat Made Out of Paper

Things Required to Make a Hat out of Paper

  • Paper
  • String
  • Pencil
  • Paper scissors
  • Glue

Step 1: Draw a Semicircle on the Paper

You can do this with a pencil tied to a piece of string. The circle should be twice as big as you want the hat to be.
Draw the circle along one of the edges of the paper. This way, the straight edge will be even.

Step 2: Cut the Semicircle out with Scissors

Use the paper scissors to cut along the edges of the circle you have marked. Try to cut along the line as correctly as possible because any jagged edges will show.

Step 3: Make the Cone with the Paper

Fold the straight edges of the paper together until they meet, then overlap them until you form a cone. To narrow the cone, you can overlap the edges. As soon as you like the size of the cone, use the glue to the seam together.

Step 4: Cut a Brim and Glue It

Stand the cone upon a sheet of paper and trace around the base using a pencil. Keep the cone aside, and trace around the circle to make a wider brim. Cut the bigger circle out and then cut the smaller circle out. Use glue to properly attach the brim to the bottom of your cone so that it does not come out while you are wearing it which might be embarrassing for you.

Final Step 5: Finishing the Paper Hat

You can use ribbons or fabric to put on the wizard hat moreover you can draw different things using crayons. It will make the paper hat more attractive.


There are many different types of hats and all of them have different purpose or advantages. Nowadays, hats have become a mandatory part of clothing.

A sun hat made from fabric looks amazing at the beach and protects you from the sun’s damaging rays.

Using sun hat made from a fabric in the summer keeps you cooler.
Hats keep the hot rays off your scalp and will keep you cooler than if you let the sun directly blast you.

Hats also make your outfit looks finished and polished too. Even with a casual outfit, a hat looks great.

Wearing hats also keeps you warmer in winters. In truth, you only lose about 5 to 10 percent of body heat in total only from your head. But, wearing a hat projects your ears from frostbite.



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