How to Wash a Running Hat

how to wash running hat

How to Wash a Running Hat

Hat is used as major accessory. It can accumulate much dirt and grime, make it is difficult to wash them. So, how to wash a running hat is important?

Washing hat could be more delicate. You can either wash them by hand or with machine. Frequently, people use washing machines to wash their hats. However, type of hat is important especially if it is made up of hand-knit wool or running hat. Keeping all the aspects of washing your hats in mind, we will discuss different processes and methods to wash your most valuable head wear. It will include how do you wash hats without ruining them? Or how you wash a hat in the washing machine? Especially when you have classy hats such as Nike hat, how do you wash Nike running hats? And can I put my Nike hat in the washer?.

Mostly running hats can be found while walking around the streets. Most of the people are always occupied with wearing running hats. These hats make them look cool, protect them from sun rays, give an aerodynamic shape, and manage the hairs from getting tangled. For some suggestions, you can switch to Best Running Hat for Hot Weather article and find the best running hats available.

How do you wash hats without ruining them

No one wants to ruin their classy piece of accessory, which they use daily. Thus, how do you wash hats without ruining them? Hence, one of the safest ways to wash your hats is through your hands. This method helps the hats to get adequately washed without ruining the texture, material, and color. However, you cannot apply the same hand wash method for some sturdier hats. As these hats require an intense wash and use the washing machine wash method is best.

Since washing is quite complicated as you have to make sure that you have correctly wash it, deeply cleanse all the dust and dirt and purify it with all the germs. So before you head to wear it next time, you are confident that your hat is free from all the toxic infections and bacteria.

To determine which method you should choose hand-washed or machine-washed? You must be well aware of the hat material. This is the critical part. If you want a wrong way, you might lose the perfect fit and shape of the hat. For instance, if you wash hand-knitted wool hats in the washing machine, you will see the damage it will make to your hat. The best way to determine the right method is to read the instructions provided in the tags. If you are still missing with the tags, then using your judgments could be the best way to save yourself from unexpected damage.

hat tags
Showing a diagram on how to wash a hat

How you wash a hat in the washing machine?

Unlike other garments such as socks, shirts, pants, and caps, which get smelly, grimy, and sweat-stained can be freely washed in the washing machines. Moreover, during your laundry days, you clean the variety of these garments in the washer. However, you cannot apply such cleaning techniques for your hats. Hence, mostly the people, when it’s time to wash the hats, then either they hand wash or professionally clean them.

But how you wash a hat in the washing machine? Many caps and hats can come into common washable materials – similar to other clothing shots such as khaki shorts, heavy-cotton, or jeans.
To wash a hat properly into the washing machine without damaging the hat’s shape and texture, you can use a cap cage. Place the cap cage into the washer and follow these steps (How to Wash Caps in a Washing Machine) to wash your hats – recommend by hunkers:

Step 1:

Initially, open the cage.

Step 2:

Try to place the hat inside the cap cage. Carefully position the cap evenly into the cage with the cap-shaped device.

Step 3:

Carefully close the cap cage.

Step 4:

After closing the café, it’s time to place a caged cap into the washing machine. Afterward, launder the hat as per the instructions provided into the care label of the hats. It also suggested that you gently wash it by using a mild detergent in warm and cold water.

Step 5:

When you are done laundry, try to air dry the hat before removing it from the cage. Hence , this is the most critical and essential part. You have to be more careful while removing the hat from the cage.

How to keep your hat to stay in shape?

cap washing cage
Showing a black hat in a washing cap cage

If you are not planning to dry your hat into the cap cage, you might face the band, and the bill appeared into the hat. This is due to the wrapping of the hat into the cap cage. The other way to save your day from the mess is too remove them and put the hat into a circular form such as coffee can, upturned bowl.

Tips for washing hats

  • Generally, one can wash the good quality caps without any hustle. This washing can apply to the hats too that have good quality materials made up of cotton, polyester, or twill. Hence, you can wash your hats by adding cool or warm water into the washing machine using mild laundry soap. However, before digging into the direct wash, it is essential to read the labels according to the laundry instructions and cap’s care.
  • If you found any stains on your cap such as sweat stains, it’s important to pre-treat the stains. You can do this by removing the stains with good stain remover. Also, keep in mind not to use bleach on your caps.
  • Moreover, for some caps such as Flex-fit, that can stretch to provide comfort and secure grip. The manufacturers advise that these caps are durable and can be wash easily. These caps are generally made with polyurethane spandex and woven, so you can use them through hand-wash or by using cold water into the machine. Try not to bleach or air dry them.
  • Suppose you are on the go to wash some budget-brand hats that are cheap or flimsy and have poor stitching and cardboard part on the band or visor. It’s better to wash them directly by hands or if you plan to experiment it with washing machine then prepare to replace it if you got fails.

How to wash a running hat?

You can find a large amount of dust, grime, and dirt in your running hats. By following these instructions provided by wikiHow, you will learn how to wash a running hat:

running hats
Showing a bunch of running hats

Pre-treat the headband or liner of your running hat:

The dirtiest part in your running hat is the liner or headband. While wearing, this part soaks all the sweats and skin oil. Carefully pick the enzyme-based laundry pre-spray and spritz. This helps in breaking down such grimes.

Toss down your running hat in with your regular laundry:

During this phase, you can quickly treat your hat to wash it, usually, like any other laundry garment. Make sure to put your hat into the washing machine with similar colored-clothes. And for the detergent, you can use whichever detergent you prefer.

  • To get the best results from your washing, try to wash the hats with cold water. You can also use warm water while washing the hats. However, we do not recommend you to use hot water while washing it.
  • Do not apply any type of bleach while washing your hat, as this will damage the color of your hat.

Leave your running hat to air dry:

Once you are done with the washing cycle for your running hat, it is time to remove the hat and place it on the clean, flat, dry surface in a well-ventilated area. As an option, to speed up the drying process, you can also position an electric fan nearby the hat. Make sure not to put your running hat into the cloth dryer as it will add band and bill into your hat, and you might lose the shape of your hat.

How do you wash Nike running hats?

nike running hats
Showing a black Nike running hat

Interestingly, the famous Nike running hats are used to keep you protected from the sun and can also be cast-off to enhance your fashion sense. Although similar to other running hats, these Nike hats can also get filled with sweat and dirt while wearing them outside and performing any type of exercise. Hence these hats do require intensive care and should adequately be wash and clean. By following these guidelines, you will learn how to wash Nike running hats without a washer safely?

  • Fill-out the sink or water bowl with warm-to mild hot water
  • Add 1/4th cup of liquid detergent into the water. Try to use the detergent that has no bleach or pick a laundry detergent with a “bleach alternative,” this will protect staining the cap.
  • Put the Nike hat into the water and soak it down for up to 30 min to an hour.
  • Make sure to slightly scrub the hat with the brush to remove dirt or stain. You can either scrub it after removing it from the water or while in the water.
  • Finally, rinse your Nike hat thoroughly. Make sure you don’t leave any soap left into the hat.
  • To dry the hat, allow your Nike running hat to hang it outside or place it in front of the window or fan.

Can I put my Nike hat in the washer?

The safest way to wash your Nike hat is through hand-wash as some hats are not made to wash into the laundry machine. For instance, wool caps, Nike running hats, and polo hats hold an extra leather strap for starters. Hence putting these hats into the washer can be a big experiment that might end on fail and give you a chance to replace them.


Typically people wear running hats more often, especially while going outside or perform any sort of exercise. Due to the vast usability of running caps, one might encounter with so much sweat, dust, dirt, smell, and bacteria stick to it.

Hence, it requires intensive deep washing and cleaning without ruining the hat’s quality and color. One way is to wash it with hands or other through the laundry machine. As per our recommendations, try to wash your hat method after carefully pick the material.

So to save money and mess, it’s better to wash running hats with hand-washed while correctly reading the care tag instructions or learning more about the products such as material, fabric type, etc., through the manufacturer’s website. This way one can easily learn more about the product in details.


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