Men’s Summer Hats for Large Heads

mens summer hats for large heads

Men’s Summer Hats for Large Heads

Hats are essentials for everyone. People with different physical features prefer to choose different head wears such as men’s summer hats for large heads.

Dealing with a specific category such as men’s summer hats for large heads includes deep understanding. As styling such hat category is all about handling a class with a smooth flow attitude while making you look attractive as well as protect your large head from sun. Furthermore, you can slay this wearing hat technique while putting little effort. So buckle-up and stay easy peasy, because today we will talk about Men’s summer hats especially suited for large heads.

All of us are looking for the right sun hat that makes us look stylish and protects us from the glaring sunny rays. You can find varieties of available hats in the market and online. You can shop for your favorite hats such as straw hats, bucket hats, trucker hats, baseball caps, fedoras, Panama hats, and everything. To ease the difficulty level in the hot summer, we will discuss each type of hat in detail and suggest the best hats that suit your face shape. Read this article to find the best summer hats for you.

About men and summer hats

Let’s get straight; when the summer rolls over, the headwear is not the only thing for each individual. Typically, men’s first choice during summer is summer shorts, sunglasses, or Cuban collars. However, we cannot neglect the fact that hats are the best alternative accessories around the year. They are a fantastic addition to your wardrobe and can save you from harsh sun rays during summer and keep your head warm in the winter. For us, investing in hats are the best investment. But it requires the right type for the right head.

Once again, it’s a summer hat season. So get prep for styling the hat while beating the sunny rays. This time we need to design men’s summer hats for large heads. Tough job, I must say!Make sure your hat has the capacity to:

  • Protect you from the sun. As direct exposure to the sun can brutally damage your skin and add premature aging. Always look for the sun hats that are lightweight, comfortable, and also provide excellent protection from sun rays.
  • The brim of your hat should shield your eyes and face from the sun. Hence, a better shield can be possible if the brim is more comprehensive and more significant.
    Read more about hat protection in our featured article: How Hats Can Protect You From the Sun.

How should I dress if I have a big head?

how should i dress if i have a big head
Showing a man surprised

We have also sort down the questions like what hat looks good on a big head? and consideration you should look while buying hats, By sub-categorizing  the features. These feature are essentials and  one should take more look before investing money  in your upcoming hats collection.

  • Choosing right hat Style
  • Material use to made hats
  • Intent/Purpose of buying hat
  • Sun Protection
  • Hat & Brim Size
  • Picking up the right color
  • Brand suggestions
  • Additional Features
  • Price range for different hats

Choosing right hat Style: One of the key feature is styling your hat. Typically, the sun hats have four main divisions that covers overall collection of different types of hats. These four types of hat styles include:

  • Cap: Similar to some snapback hat or baseball cap. Usually, the cap contains a brim that protects your face from the sun but doesn’t protect your back. Some cap designs include a flap that can be pulled down till to extend till neck for back protection.
cap hat style
Showing a dark cap
  • Flap: these types of hats provide ultimate protection by properly covering the face and neck. Must recommend hats during traversing deserts and places where the weather is intense, and exposure to the sun is prolonged.
flap hat style
Showing a blue flap hat
  • Bucket: One can have complete protection from the sun if they use bucket style hats. These hats have wide brims around the entire hat.
Bucket hat style
Showing a bucket hat with pink flowers
  • Fedora: these hats are similar to bucket hats in terms of size and shape. However, the Fedoras have moderate sized-brim wrap around the hat. Also, they are very stylish so that you can dress them up with any formal and casual event.
fedora hat style
Showing a black fedora hat

Material use to made hats: When buying the sun hat, the material is most important. Make sure your hat is having a good quality of the fabric. The impact of your hat must provide washability, presenting style, and breathability. These are the most common used materials you can find in a variety of sun protection hats:

Intention /Purpose of buying hat: The reason behind your wearing hat is relatively the first and topmost thing you can consider while buying the sun hats. On different occasions, there are different styles for hats. For example, for hikes, the sun hat should be lightweight, chin strap to secure, and an interior sweatband. Decide the intention first and then select the hat accordingly.

Sun Protection: The primary purpose of wearing a sun hat is to sustain and protect yourself from the sun adequately. While figuring out what is the best hat for sun protection? Make sure to read the UPF for the hat you are buying; hence if the sun hat that you buy has an excellent UPF (Ultraviolet Protection Factor, then you don’t have to be worried about which type of headgear you are wearing. As the rating of UPF 50+ can block UV rays up to 97.5%. This way, you can safely go out on the sharp sunny days.

Hat & Brim Size: Typically the highlighted part of any hat style you choose holds the size of the brim and hat. As different hats are made up of different sizes and suited on different face shapes accordingly.
Generally, the size of the hat and brim can be specified by the shape of the face.

  • Long face shape: Regardless of gender, men or women, if you have a long face, then hats like cowboy, wide brim, and sun hats that cut across your forehead with shortening your exaggerated face. The main focus is to smoothly cut the long face and balance while putting the hat on a long face. Try to avoid beanies while experimenting with different hat styles on various events.

For all the ladies who have long head can read our featured article here! Most Stylish Women’s Sun Hats.

  • Round face shape: For the round face, lean towards hats that have exactly opposite features – go for angular hats rather than rounded. Retro style, such as a cloche, fedora is recommended hats.
  • Square face shape: This face has amazing angular facial features. Wearing more angular hats style will overly exaggerate your facial feature. Try to add hats that can soften your face. Such hats include wide brims, floppy, and cloche.
  • Heart face shape: The heart-shaped face has accurately as it named. This type of face has a broad upper side and narrow jaw side. Best fitted hats are a newsboy, baseball cap, and fedora.
  • Oval face shape: This type of face can enjoy the versatility of different hat styles. So you can enjoy all types of hats.
  • Diamond face shape: In this face type, how you wear a hat is essential than which hat style you wear. The diamond face has a width around the head and narrower jawline. To shorten the face, put the hat further back. Choose a pull-on hat and style it further back.

Picking up the right color: Pick a hat color carefully. During summer, you will find the hat that has light in color. These light colors will reflect the sun’s rays and can keep you cool. Try to be selective when picking up the hat that has bright colors.

Brand suggestions: Different brands are globally delivering high-quality hats. Hence one can buy sun hats from these brands will inevitably result in good quality of craftsmanship. Find below the following most trusted and popular brands:

  • Billabong
  • Frogg Toggs
  • KUHL
  • Patagonia
  • Pistil
  • The North Face
  • SKEY
  • Dorfman Pacific
  • Outdoor Research
  • Peter Grimm
  • San Diego Hat Company
  • Tilley

Additional Features: As we have covered different vital considerations, one must focus while buying the hat during summer. Still, you can take these additional features if you are interested in getting more profound quality.

  • Internal Sweatband
  • Drawstring or Drawcord
  • Earflaps
  • Mesh or Vents Holes
  • Waterproof

Price range for different hats: The prices of sun hats varied based upon the style, features, material, and design. Picking a hat could be a tricky part where you have to take a closer look at what you are buying and is the hat worth of the cost. Typically, the cost of an individual hat can be varied from $15 to $150 or high.

What hat looks good on a big head?

There are so many things that one can consider while buying the hats for the big heads. As, One might not always find an easy to accommodate hats for big heads since there is no variety of options recommended for big heads. And not all hats are made for big heads. Hence, while styling, one has to go for smart choices while picking them. So, if you are among those people who are dealing with finding the right hat that looks good on big heads, then take these following piece of advice before hitting the shop:

  • Ideally, if you have a big face, try to avoid wide crowns or large contrasting headbands as both of them make your head look even more significant and turn things larger. Try to style the hats with different types of hats available in the store by wearing the in a sequence. And try not to purchase them online as they may look good in pictures and may not good on your head in real.
  • Try to have fitted crowned hats or hats with wide brims that can slightly cut down the length of your forehead. Experiment with different hat styles that belongs to such hat categories. Importantly, avoid hats that contain short brims or beanies. Moreover, try not to wear shallow hats or hats farther back to head.
dad hats
Showing a camo dad hat
  • Picking up the Dad Hats for Bigger Heads or Do Dad hats fit big heads? Yes, these hats are fit for the people having massive or large head. Typically stylish baseball caps are included in dad hats. These types of hats have a low profile crown and are unstructured design. Hence, making it ideal to set naturally on big heads. Moreover, unlike dad jeans, the dad hats are comfortable, stylish, and worn with any big head to make them look amazing.


Since the summer season, you have to keep yourself calm while protecting from harsh sunlight. The best way to do so is to accessorize yourself with a good hat.

Indeed the market is filled with a variety of options; however, people who have large heads need more homework to find the best-suited hats for them.

Dressing up with a more massive head is another tough job for them as they have to perform different styling techniques to look good while trying to shorten the embroidered face. Options like a fitted crown and wide brims are ideal for large heads. Picking up floppy hats during summer can falter your face.

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