Should a Man Wear a Hat to a Wedding

Should a Man Wear a Hat to a Wedding

Should a Man Wear a Hat to a Wedding?

Can you hear season‘s Wedding Bells? Want to look different? Can a man wear a hat to a wedding?

The one-word answer to your entire questions is YES! Special Yes to can men wear a hat to a wedding. I don’t know why wearing hat has taken as outrageous fashion statement for men especially during wedding. It’s more like GCSE logical puzzle; you can wear it anywhere you want. It always bringsubtle look effortlessly defining your personality. Without raising your eyebrows you can make a graceful statement.

Gentleman’s Etiquettes of Wearing Hat in Wedding

Everyone wants to look different yet desired tobest fit in his elusive suit on wedding day but choosing a hat option is actually challenging and risky. Moreover, very few people prefer to do this experiment on the big day as this either grace or disgrace your suit.

Gentleman’s Etiquettes of Wearing Hat in Wedding
Image by Mabel Amber, still incognito… from Pixabay

However, this fashionista style is undoubtedly a sartorial domain and few can master in it.  We know this sound a bit hyperbolic. But trust us, to caution you with the wrong combo of hat and suit can end up ruining your whole image and turns into unpleasant personality.

So, before digging into which hat you should prefer to wear we suggest you to get insights of gentleman Etiquettes of wearing hat properly.

A hat is something that abruptly displays the true personality of the gentleman. Every gentleman’s wardrobe must have the collection of different classy hats that occasionally showcase his gentleman style. In past; people generally follow ethical rules and considered them as a part of Gentleman’s etiquettes.

These etiquettes of wearing hat can be applied to any event like dinner, festivals, travelling or even in weddings to enhance the gentleman elegance. During wedding apart from wedding dates, time and guests the venue of the event is important to decide why, when and which hat you must wear to maintain your captivating image.

Why to Wear Hat in the Wedding

Why to Wear Hat in the Wedding
Photo by Kats Weil on Unsplash

Although you can wear hat at wedding, yet you must be logically aware of why you are doing it? So one thing you must ask from yourself before adding hat to your outfit is why you want to add it? Is it a dress code? Or you want something different for your look? Or you are wearing it habitual?

While figuring out the answer you may encounter with different solutions like If you are a hat lover and this is the part of dress code and you want to look differentthen you find this a cherry on the top. With the opportunity to experiment with your desirable look you can outstand in your own unique way.

In contrast for some people it’s a whole new dimension, managing this look could be a scary. A struggle with wearing hat will definitely require multiple aspects with deep analysis while picking up the right hat for the event.

Which Hat You Should Wear

The next important step after why; is to choose which hat that finishes off your elegance. Choosing the hat for the men from variety of options is not an easy peazy task. So before discussing which to choose among suggestions that will save your time and effort; let’s first get our head clears with most important “Never ever go for a cheap hat” note along with which hat Should Not to wear in the wedding?

Can You Wear a Baseball Cap to a Wedding

Wear a Baseball Cap to a Wedding
Photo by Andre Hunter on Unsplash

Even after you figure out the satisfactory reason of why wearing hat in the wedding; still choosing the baseball cap for the wedding is not the right choice to be considered.Imagine indubitably embossed appalling impression among people when you wrongly picked-up an informal hat for your intact look although you are wearing a classy fitted suit, sleek shiny shoes along with expensive watch.

Experimenting with the look is a good approach yet you must not risk your gentleman elegance with baseball cap option. Although baseball cap is all about adding comfort and ease to your casual style. But still never say yes to baseball hat, unless and until it’s a pre wedding bachelor party of your old school gang wearing the informal dresses and carrying a casual look.

Do You Wear a Top Hat to a Wedding

Do You Wear a Top Hat to a Wedding
A Top Hat and a Watch on a Bed Ready for a Wedding

There is no thumb rule of wearing a top hat at the wedding. So it’s all up to you and your choice. However top hat has been taken as most formal hat among all the other hats. In the past people include this hat style while attending different events.

So if you are a big fan of Hetherington’s creation, or invited for a royal, or formal garden wedding then you can compliment this hat with your black and white suit stitched in tail style. Conversely, the practise of wearing these hats on occasions is emitting.

So Regardless to your height tall or small try to avoid these top hats during formal and semi formal weddings. Perhaps you can go for something more widely less in height options.

Hat Suggestions You Should Consider

To look classy, decent and heartthrob gentleman, these are the few suggestions from top to bottom priority that can work on almost every event without disappointing your confidence and appearance.

1. The Panama

The Panama
Showing a Panama Hat

Light in colour and weight, made from toquilla palm plant’s plaited  leaves that always bring refreshing breathable vibes during warm weather

2. The Fedora

The Fedora
Showing a Fedora Hat

This hat justifies the statement for the man purpose with a pose. The enduring crown is always the 1st choice for the businessmen that can be effortlessly fit to anysuit for main event.

3. The Derby

The Derby
Showing a Derby Hat

The hard felt hat is the option that should not be neglected. To draw few eyeballs pair this hat with three piece or cane. And alluring your charm while slightly tipping it.

The Trilby- the retro hat that is always in fashion. Due to the attraction and most commonly acceptable piece of accessory, you can find this hat in almost every event. Carry this hat with the finest blend of suit to give yourself a classy look.

4. The Newsboy

The Newsboy
Showing a Newsboy Hat

This hat is the finest example of comfort yet trendy. Made up with wool makes is fashionable and functional for cold weather. The hat that can be paired in your formal event suits like wedding, meeting or can be switched with casual pants.

Pro Tips forStyling Your Hat:

The styling your hat – a categorical proclamation holds the limelight for the event you are planning. Keeping few tips and tricks will certainly assist in overcoming your burden.

  • Most important chose the hat which is comfortable to wear. If you are not casual wearer then decide the dress and hat few days before the main event and try to practise it.
  • Carefully pick the brims if you are tall or short its preferred to choose wide over top
  • Make sure your hat is not ill fitting,neither too fat nor too small.
  • If your hat has any ornamentation such as, feather or pin then for men it must be placed at the left side to create a perfect balance
  • Never go for colourful, shimmery hats it’s better to stick to the basic and pestle
  • Gently adjust your hat without messing up your hairs
  • Try not to pull too far while tilting as it looks awful, However generously tilt the hat to achieve the elegant look

When to Wear Hat During Wedding?

When to Wear Hat
Image by TeroVesalainen from Pixabay

When to wear hat comes up with numerous thumb rules. To make it simple to remember follow the trick of when to wear hat”wear it in public place and take off in private place”.

That’s it; this will assist you in understanding why is it considered rude to wear a hat indoors?Generally, wearing it within your private places like Home, Church or restaurant while eating and greeting can loud out proud, suppressing your gratitude personality.

Here are few bonus tips that will definitely help you in maintaining your gentleman personality regardless of the indoor or outdoor wedding location you are attending.

  • However, entryway or foyer is the public areas so you can wear it there without being judged as rude person.Moreover, wearing there will be no mess. So be careful with the location.
  • When talking to a women or a person it’s a welcoming option to take it off without showing the hat lining to other person.
  • While eating food in the gathering taking off is an option you don’t have to miss.
  • Slightly take off your hat and gently say hello and follow the flow of conversation with person close to you while accompanyingnod head and smile for polite gesture.
  • To remove your hat from head more formally, it’s a good practice holds it down with the brim.
  • Tip your hat will be a bonus point in the event to add more delightfulness in you. Over the centuries different gentlemen use “tipping-the-hat” as a gesture to respect the other person.
  • Although there is no specific time to wear the hat yet during the outdoor sunny day wedding locations likewise races or royal playground, your hat will be a big saviour saving you from big disaster while complementing your look.
  • Be carefully while snapping down the memories,
    • Make sure to adjust your hat before the photograph has clicked.
    • Don’t cover your whole face, this will definitely spoil your image
    • It’s your style on how you carry your look in solo picture but in a group photo; make sure to match with the crowd. So wear it or take off accordingly.


The journeys of can a man wear a hat to a wedding reaches to its final destination. Although during wedding prep the combos of handling the accessories including shoes, watches or studs bring variety of options to lift up your outfit charm.

In addition to these peripheral arenas can man wear hat or not to complete his attire? It’s not about can; it’s about which hat he should wear orhow you can wear it while maintaining the gentleman class.

Follow through preciselyanswer the common questionsand few tricks that definitely save your day. You don’t have to remember the complicated rules just go with the flow. It eventually helps you in sustaining yourself with the pose that everyone will gaze during wedding vibes.

Simply go through with the suggestions that are presented and that’s it. At the end of the day your gentleman personality will come up with ease and make you rock the event confidently.

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