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Top Off Any Outfit With Trendy Sun Hats for Women

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Summer hats are not only cute but also helps protect the wearers face from UV damage. They are recommended in all sun safety tips as they reduce the risk of skin cancer, heat stroke, and sun poisoning. Women’s sun hats also play an important role in a women’s beauty regime since the biggest cause o premature aging is due to the damage from the sun over the years. They also help protect hair as hair can become dry, brittle, and crack from excess sun exposure. Here are some of the best styles for women’s sun hats. Take your pick:

Boaters Hat

Considered as the hats for warm weather, the boaters hat feature a classic flat top straw hat with stiff brim and crown. The boaters were popular in the 20th century but are not making a comeback with modern and creative design especially to be used by the women of today.


A fedora styled sun hat for women is made out of felt. It has a wide brim and dented and pitched crown and completed with a ribbon. The hats are considered fashionable and the women’s rights movement adopted it as a symbol. The hats are available in a variety of colors with black, brown, gray, and tan being the most popular.

Summer hat for girls
Summer Solid Cotton Bucket Hat with Big Fold-Up Brim

Bucket Hats

The trendy bucket hat reminds many of the late and the great Michael Jackson. However, the bucket hats provide the maximum protection from sun and rain due to its downward sloping brims. They are excellent for summer activities such as hiking, fishing, golf, etc are available in various colors and materials. The buckets are popularly used as women sun hats.

Fedora Sun Hat
Lightweight Solid Color Band Braided Panama Fedora Sun Hat


The sun visors are also suitable to use as beach hats. The sun visors offer the greatest UV protection. They were first used by athletes in sports such as tennis, volleyball, and golf where eye protection from direct sunlight was desirable, but now the visors are used as a fashionable part of women’s summer attire.

Vintage Floppy Hats

Floppy Sun Hats for Women have wide brims and are great to shield the sun away from the face. And of course, they give you the look of a high-profile celebrity.

Caps for women in Summer season
Women Summer Sun Hat Wide Brim

Baseball Caps

The athletic caps can also be used as a women’s sun hat in casual settings. Whether you are going to a sports game or participating in one, the baseball caps will keep you comfortable and help prevent the sun.

Here were just some of the styles for Sun Hats for Women. Browse through our selection of women’s sun hats for a wide collection of options for color, shape, size, design and find the right hat to shield away from the unwanted sun rays in summer.

Now all you need is a sunscreen, sunglasses and clad a bikini – you’re ready to hit the beach!

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