What is a Garden Hat

what is a garden hat

What is a Garden Hat

Gardening is a way they enjoy natural freshness and beauty. But to initiate gardening and get close to nature, one think what is a garden hat you should wear?

Typically, there are few specific hats that is solely designed for gardening purpose. Since, the garden can be expressed as a pack full of Eden for both the passionate professionals and hobbyist gardeners. This way, people tend to enjoy everything. However, to save and take good care of our piece of heaven, you need to protect yourself from the harmful and dangerous UV rays. So while looking for different garden hats, you might wonder why you should buy a garden hat? Can we use sun hats for garden hats? What does a sun hat do? Or what are the best sun hats?

Generally, sunburn can affect more than two-thirds of the population around the year, and surprisingly these numbers are increasing rapidly. Hence, while going out even for gardening, you must be well protected from harmful UV rays. These rays are paramount while setting out your path to becoming the next Charlie Dimmock or Monty Don. So, all the gardeners who are about to start their journey must add garden hats as their top accessory. Trust us, wearing a good quality hat has both effective texture to protect you from damaging sun rays and stylish design. However, finding the right garden that could be challenging. Read this featured article to get more insights about the garden hats.

Why should you wear a garden hat?

For us wearing a garden hat is a must and always highly recommended. You can also agree with us on this statement that not wearing a gardener hat can easily lead you to distraction, uncomfortable sunburn, and ailment. Imagine going out in the garden without wearing a garden hat on a sunny shiny bright day. You end with a sunburn that damages your skin and tan your skin texture.

gardener hat
Showing a beige gardener hat with a leather strap

Today, we will take you to the journey where we will address everything you should know about garden hats. Moreover, choose the right hat for your purposes such as sun hat, beach hat, and sloggers hats. Furthermore, we also have a concise list of gardening hats that are currently available in the market. We are sure that our collection is best that can make you spend less time at the mall.

Why should you buy a garden hat?

  • One of the most important things is the purpose of the hat. You must consider this as a primary feature while searching for your garden hat. But before buying, you have to clear yourself first that all the hats are not designed for gardens such as baseball hats, fedora, or bennies. Similarly, some hats can use as gardener hat’s alternative, such as straw hats, beach hats, sun hats, sloggers hats, etc.
  • However, there is always a good reason for the people to buy gardening hat is quite safer and consider as a practical option. So during the hot summer, you will find the sunny rays directly heading over your head, which is dangerous and harmful. One might choose to wear a simple cap that gives shades to the eyes and protects your face, but what about your neck and shoulders. Your backside should also need protection from the sun.
  • Moreover, the material of regular hats is not compatible in terms of breathability and comfort. Hence, while working in the garden, these two features will bring ease and makes you happy for a longer time. This is why we suggest gardening hats. These hats can benefit you with the wide brim and sometimes additional neck flap to offer extra protection to your head neck and shoulder—the design of the garden hat made out of breathable material to prevent you from getting overheated. Hence, you will be super protected from the sun when you use your gardening hat during conjunction while putting on the sunscreen.
  • For most of the people who use gardening, hats can feel the big difference in moods. They feel less stressed and being able to enjoy more. So many garden hats that are available in the market have foldable quality. This way, you can store the hats easily, and your hats will take less storage space. Also, these hats can end endure vigorous spin in the washing machine without damaging the shape.

Choosing the right gardening hat for you:

While choosing any gardener hat, you should be able to check three major factors more carefully. These factors should be at your topmost priority while buying a hat. These are:

  • Comfort
  • Sun protection
  • Easy to store and clean


Let me ask you something, have you ever thought about hats to design for comfort? Yes, comfortable design is a must-have feature. You won’t wear anything, especially your hat, for a more extended period if it brings discomfort or irritation to you. So while sorting the new hat, try it down, feel the texture, and if the hat brings smooth, ease, and comfort to you, you are on the right track, this is the hat you can consider to buy.

Sun protection:

After you are done sorting down the comfortable hats for you, the next question you should ask from yourself is sun protection. Yes, make sure you know that your new gardening hat is offering suitable protection from the sun. You have understood that this garden hat has comprised of specialized flap or brim that can protect you from getting any sun damage, especially to your face, eyes, shoulder, and neck. Also, keep in mind the material quality such as thin or thick, or is your hat allow light to pass through?

While buying a suitable hat for yourself, you have to put a little more effort and reach out to the results where you find all the answers as positive and favor in the right direction.

Easy to clean and store:

Ask yourself multiple times, is the garden hat that you are going to buy can easily be clean and store? For the people who are pro at gardening, know the importance of having a gardening hat that can be clean easily. This is because gardening is a messy job. And easy cleaning is a blessing. Moreover, if the hat loses the shape due to often washes or storing, then you may lose the suitability for comfort.

Hence maintaining all these features before picking up the final hat is essential. And if you are successful in putting all of them in one, trust us, you will have a fantastic time during gardening. On the contrary, if you, by chance, skip or miss any of the factors, then there is a high chance that you might lose interest in gardening and will not continue this as your hobby for a longer time.

What does a sun hat do?

sun hat
Showing a white sun hat with a brown strap

Sun hats are your biggest savior to beat the sunny heat rays that can last for more than six to nine-month. Hence, the sun contains ultraviolet (UV) rays, and wearing a wide-brimmed hat outdoor will always protect your eyes, skin, and hairs. Typically people prefer to slather their skin with broad-spectrum sunscreen from the sunny UVA and UVB ray. However, in combination with the sunscreen, a sun hat will eventually add coverage to your skin along with other parts of the body.

So, wherever you plan to spend your summertime this year. And whatever the rules and regulations you have been following for your social-distancing. People are keeping asking in their heads. What are the best sun hats to beat the heat during the pandemic? Hence, we are on the expectation mode for you, where you will spend plenty of sun-drenched days from now till the weekend of Labour Day. Additionally, after the trusty and cute cover-up by the sunscreen, you still need an extra protection layer to adequately protect you from the sun and make you look stylish. Regardless of raffia or a cotton hat, you still need more barriers to save you from UV rays. The best sun hat that you pick can be wear at any occasion such as straw hat during the day at park or beach, grosgrain ribbon chin strap for an easy flip on and off, a floppy sun hat for gardening or reading outside.

So, we have covered the best sun hats for all the women irrespective of the style you head this summer. Here are the top summer hats for your sunny days:

  • Janessa Leone Felix hat in chestnut
  • Greenpacha Menorca hat
  • Sensi Studio lampshade shell straw bucket hat
  • Loewe Paula’s Ibiza printed hat
  • L Space sunchaser hat
  • Tory Burch structured basket weave hat
  • Lola Hats Single Take hat
  • Clyde pearl hat with neck scarf
  • Avenue the Label L’Antico pleated brim straw hat
  • Cos wide-brim straw hat

What are beach hats made of?

There are very fewer people who have the good fortune to grow up on the beach. Generally, people go to the beach to have a good relaxing time where they can decompress themselves and take a deep breath to enjoy some fresh air. While packing for the beach trip, hats are the top most essentials. But before randomly pick any hat, ask yourself, what are the beach hats or what are beach hats made of? According to Conners, a good beach hat should have the capacity to get slightly wet and crushed but still provide excellent protection from the sun and sunburn. Moreover, finding such a solid beach hat that gives an impression of function and fashion is rare.

flappy beach hat
Showing a pink flappy beach hat

The critical combination of beach hat must make up with a collection of a lightweight material such as paper straw or organic raffia and stylish shape that offers wide brim to maximize sun protection. The material for sun protection should be rated up to UPF 25+ or 50+ and have the quality to dry when you get and easily be packed in your beach bag quickly.

In addition to beach hats, people are shifting on buying slogger hats. However, you may wonder, are sloggers hats packable? Though sloggers are a renowned brand that manufactures hats, shoes, and bags for men and women.  They have a variety of gardening hats that offer both practicality and style. According to Sloggers, all their hats are UPF 50+ that can provide outstanding sun protection and, are a little crushable, so one can easily pack them to the beach, garden, or anywhere.

slogger hat
Showing a white slogger hat


Gardening is a passionate profession, as well as a hobby. Many people find gardening a convenient way to connect with nature and also a calm approach to relax.

However, gardening requires few pre-requisites, and good quality garden hats are one of them. No one can neglect the importance of a garden hat as it provides ultimate protection from the sun rays and keeps you staying outside in the garden for a longer time.

Most people use sun hats and slogger hats as the substitute for garden hats as with some minor variations, these hats can work fine in the garden. However, beach hats are sun hats, but they can quickly dry when getting wet, and slogger hats are best during extreme sunny days.

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