What is the Best Winter Hat

What is the Best Winter Hat

What is the Best Winter Hat?

Looking through an amazingly wide variety of hats for the chilly season, I feel confused thinking what is the best winter hat?

The perfect winter hat is a stylish accessory that keeps you cozy and comfortable when the temperatures drop down. Among countless options, the key to finding the best hat for yourself is to consider the shape of your face, height and physique so that you look gorgeous in addition to feeling warm. Moreover, choose your headgear for the winters according to how chilly it is. Other factors include your own preferences, your age as well as what you feel most comfortable with.

Best Winter Hat
Showing a woman with a Beanie

How to Find the Right Winter Hat?

A winter hat that is perfect for you might not look that awesome on me. Reason? Every individual has a different face cut and overall physique. So, while a warm beanie complements an oblong face, a round-faced woman might end up looking rather plump with the same hat. Similarly, your age also defines your style. For instance, a teenager or a woman in her 20s might pull of a funky bauble hat nicely. However, I feel it wouldn’t look quite appropriate for a sophisticated woman past her 40s.

I had no idea there were so many factors to consider while getting possession of the right hat for yourself during the winters. However, the nice salesgirl at the garment store I visited the other day was kind enough to enlighten me. Let me share these fashion tips with you.

Tight-fitted Hats for an Oblong Face

An oblong face is long and rather narrow. Women with this face cut need to wear tight-fitted hats which cover their forehead. In this way, the cheekbones are enhanced and the face looks shorter and well-proportioned. So, if you are one with an oblong face, go for cozy beanies , fur caps, fedoras, bucket hats or trendy baker boy caps. I’d recommend staying away from headgear with a high crown since you do not want to make your face appear longer.

Broad Brims and High Crown for a Round Face

For a round face, you need to wear hats that give a slimming effect. Take the focus away from the overall roundness by opting for voluminous hats with broad brims and high crowns. While the large size of the hat makes your face look slimmer, its high crown gives an elongated look. So, avoid small hats like beanies. Instead, the right winter hat for you would be a Fedora or Panama.

Hats with Brims and Ear-flaps for a Square Face

Bring a square face into the right proportions by wearing hats with brims. Trilby, Fedora, Panama, and a Bowler hat are all great options to help you accessories during the winters fashionably. All these hats give the face a rounder look. Additionally, hats with ear-flaps hide the square look of the face. What better way of staying warm in the winters with style?

Narrow-Brimmed Hats for a Heart-Shaped Face

My best friend has a beautiful heart-shaped face which is characterized by its well-defined cheekbones and a pointed jawline. She is quite conscious about her looks. When it comes to wearing hats, she complements her face with tight-fitting and narrow- brimmed ones. Believe me, it does the trick! Her fedoras, beanies and Coppola hats bring more focus to those attractive cheekbones. At the same time, the forehead is covered and doesn’t appear broad.

Playing with Options for an Oval Face

I’d say women with an oval face are truly blessed. This is because among all the other types of face cuts, an oval face is naturally well-proportioned. It doesn’t matter if you wear a small cap or a voluminous hat with a high crown, your headgear will always suit you.

Large Hats for Tall and Bulky Women

Large hats with wide brims are great at providing protection against the sun. On the other hand, such hats can also be awesome for the winter season if you are tall or bulky. The size of the hat complements your height. Similarly, women who do not have an ideally slim figure can also bring the body into visual proportion by wearing voluminous hats.

Small Hats for a Petite Figure

Ladies with a slim or petite figure should stay away from large hats. This means wide brimmed Panama hats, Fedoras, boater hats or Trilbies should be off the table. Instead, complement your physique with a lovely cloche, a stylish beret or any other brimless hat.

Dealing with the Chills with Woolen or Furry Hats

Furry Hats
Showing a lady with a hat for chill weather made out of wool

Other than the built of your face, the weather also plays an important part in deciding what hat to wear. There is a hat for every season. As the surroundings get chillier, go for headgear that offers warmth. In this case, knit hats and fur caps are the best winter hats. Tight-fitted cap also give you comfort as these snuggle with the head. Covering the ears with ear flaps give you extra protection against harsh winter winds or when you are out at a beautiful, snowy destination.

What is a Warm Hat?

This type of headgear is made of special material, such as fur or wool to keep you cozy. Speaking of warm hats instantly creates a mental image of some unattractive, thick hat that simply functions to protect you against formidably low temperatures. However, there is no reason why a hat that gives you warmth can’t be stylish. In fact, there is a huge collection of warm hats for the winters. So, while you put on your woolen gloves, pull up a pair of thick socks and drape your cozy scarf around the neck, do not forget to don a stylish winter hat to put a finishing touch to a head turning look.

Warm Hat
Showing a woman with a warm and cozy hat

Here are some of the most famous of these hats.

Knit Hats for a Snug Feeling

This is the most popular hat in winters. Worn by all ages, a knit hat provides warmth through its woolen construction. The cap fits tightly and protects the head and forehead from the cold. Some variations may also be pulled down to cover the ears. I love how there are so many options available with knit hats. You can go for the colors, patterns and sizes of your choice. Additionally, you can also choose from various designs including lovely crochet, attractive knit cables and super cozy wool blend.

Opulent Cossack Hats

This furry beauty is the perfect accessory for harsh winters. Available in both genuine and faux fur, this hat is going to be your trendiest winter accessory this year. For the ultimate chic look, I usually pair my fur cap with an elegant coat and stilettos.

Pleasantly Warm Fleece Caps

Although I love updating my wardrobe every season according to what’s latest, like an average woman I don’t always have enough finances for all the fashion luxurious I want. This is when I opt for materials like fleece – soft, comfortable as well as affordable. These snug hats are great when you are dressed up casually. You may also find other styles of hats which are lined with fleece inside. These are for occasions when you desire the elegance of a sophisticated hat with added warmth and comfort.

Attractive and Comfortable Crochet Caps

Comfortable Crochet Cap
Showing a comfortable crochet hat

Let me share an interesting fact: crochet dates back to the 19th century and originates from Europe. Today, crochet hats are quite popular for their trendy look. The options available are truly immense! Endless designs and patterns with countless color combinations. However, as pretty as these are, I would say crochet caps are not always the warmest. Still, I would love to put on one on the less chilly days.

What do you Call Winter Hats with Ear Flaps?

No matter how warm my clothes are, I don’t feel perfectly comfortable unless my head as well as ears are properly covered. This way, I feel protected against the otherwise unbearable winter winds or the merciless early morning chills when I’m out for a jog.  I also make sure that my daughter is covered up the same way during her outdoor trips in the cold weather. Hats with ear flaps are probably designed for people just like myself. Keeping the ears as well as part of your cheeks and jawline protected makes a huge difference when you are looking for some comfort against the cool temperatures.

Hats with Ear Flaps
Showing hats with ear flaps

Here are some of the types of hats with earflaps.

Ushanka Hats for your Coldest Destinations

For me, this is the warmest type of hat. It is a Russian fur cap offering ear flaps. There are also fur-less variations like earflap knit hats or earflap beanies. The hat can be tied down to the chin to secure it perfectly. So, I’d say it would be the right accessory to take along on your next skiing trip.

A Dashing Aviator Hat

Some people might use the names Ushanka and Aviator hat interchangeably. However, there are a few major differences between the two. The latter is more snug and usually consists of a leather exterior. The rest of the features are similar – a furry interior, ear flaps and a buckle around the chin to fasten the hat. It is also popularly known as a Bomber hat.

The Ultimate Winter Protection with “Monkey Caps”

Monkey Caps
Showing a man with a monkey cap the ultimate winter protection

I find these to be the most interesting type of winter hats. Unlike the conventional Ushanka or Aviator hats, a monkey cap gives you coverage for your entire face, ears as well as neck. The only part that remains uncovered is your eyes. Isn’t it by far the best protection against winters?

What is the Best Hat Brand?

When you want the best quality, avoid picking your headgear from the garment section at the hypermarket. Honestly, I don’t have much knowledge about the best hat brands myself. I looked up the internet and found these 5 top brands from different parts of the world.

Christy’s of London for Elegant Hats

Christy’s Hats is a very popular name in the UK. Dealing primarily in hats, it is a 200 years old brand. You will find all types of graceful and tasteful hats here for both men and women.

Past Present – Style with a Twist

This Australian brand specializes in bringing traditional looks with a fusion of contemporary trends. That is why the brand’s name is Past Present. So, if you love such twists, this is the right place for you to pick your favorite hats.

The American Hat Company for Brimmed Hats

This US based hat manufacturer offers the most astounding collection of hats. It began in 1915 as a single store in Texas. Today, it is a well-established company that specializes in hats with wide brims. You can turn to this brand if you are a big fan of Panama hats or cowboy hats. For the winters, there is a special collection of felts – hats made from premium quality fur.

Borsalino – Hot Trends from Italy

Italy is not just the hub for the hottest shoes and bags, you will also find high quality hats through this Italian brand – Borsalino. Established back in the 19th century, today it is most famous for its stylish Fedoras which are popular all over the world.

Brixton for Contemporary Hats

Those who are into the most modern styles of hats should turn to Brixton. The brand was established in 2004 and brings you designs that are appropriate for the modern day look. Both men and women can find something for themselves here.


Stay warm in the winters without compromising on your style. Find out what type suits you most by considering just a few factors – your face cut, figure and the extremity of the weather.

Hats in Winters
Showing a woman from the back with a winters hat

There are countless options when you want to purchase a warm hat. Fashion and comfort go together with the conventional as well as modern styles available today.

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