What Summer Hat Suits Me

what summer hat suits me

What Summer Hat Suits Me

While getting ready during summer, what summer hat suits me? It always hit my mind. Choosing the best hat that suits the outfit and looks is very important.

It is essential to keep in mind what summer hat suits me? As there are variety of summer hats based on different face shapes. Moreover, these hats provide the shield from the harsh sun and beautify your face, polish your entire look and cover you up from “no go” hair day. However, finding how do, I know which hat suits me? Can I wear a felt hat in the summer? Or what hat suits your face shape? How do you pick a women’s hat? It is very complicated.

Interested in knowing, How do you pick a men’s summer hat? So, the primary reason for picking a hat for a men’s during summer not only include fashion but also to have a shield from the sun, harsh rays, and beat the heat. While selecting the hat in summer, you must know why you need them. Most people wear different types of caps, hats, and head protectors during the summer. Read this featured article that can explore different types of men’s hats during summer.

How do I know which hat suits me?

Dealing with “How to find the right hat?” is critical. Finding a flattering hat that compliments includes everything that deals with the level of confidence as well as the amount of pleasure you feel and enjoy the way you look while warning it. Moreover, few factors such as your face shape, dress code, event, and numerical measurements of the hat are the key role that can help you answer How to Find the Right Hat?

While choosing the correct hat for yourself, make sure you go for something that brings comfort and confidence to your entire look. Confidence and comfort are paramount, so wearing something good can makes you feel good. Hence, the moment you feel confident while trying a hat, just buy it.

While choosing different styles for the people, one might get the suggestions on Can I wear a felt hat in the summer? Since the felt hat is considered to be the most favorite and beloved accessory of western wear, hence, you find most to buying and wearing the felt hats.

felt hat
Showing a felt hat

Initially, these felt hats were designed for winter wear to protect you from cold and moisture. Similarly, straw were used during summer to protect from bright sun, harsh rays, and heat (Read more about wearing a hat during summer). However, by the time the trend has been evaluated, enable you to think, can I wear a felt hat in the summer? Or can straw be used with my winter look?

Hence, based on an arbitrary fashion rule, it has been observed that felt hat can be worn between Labour Day and the May long weekends. Keep common sense as your guide. Regardless of the time of year, you cannot pick a straw for your formal event or during cold days of winters. Similarly, never choose a felt hat during your casual gathering or the super-hot summer days.

As the trend has been changed, the truth is there is no thumb rule for wearing a specific hat for specific weather. Interested in learning more about buying collection? then read this featured article on where you can buy the best sun hats.

What hat suits your face shape?

face shapes
Showing 6 types of face shapes

Most of the people are finding trouble in buying a new hat. While going through the mannequin, you see these hats quite incredible and mesmerizing. Buying the absolutely unbelievable and super chic hats from the shops can make you painful, and hat worn around the head will make you look more unsatisfactory. This way, you make yourself stuck in the vicious cycle of feelings that ends on becoming hat-paranoid. You find every hat as the odd or silly one. Hence, by picking the flattering hat based on your face’s shape, that can add flair and sharpness to your appearance. Let us discuss the basic shape types and figure out what hat suits your face shape? Moreover, you can dig into more and learn How to Choose a Hat That Suits Your Face Shape.

Starting with good news, people who have an oval face shape are considered to be lucky. They are free to choose and wear any hat.

Long Face:

long face - floppy hat
Showing a floppy hat

If you have a long wide face, you might discover that few hats are not faltering, such as beanie hats positioned at the top of your headline. The primary reason behind such hats is the expose of your entire face that elongates it. This kind of look is a “no no” as it is the exact opposite of the balance you are looking for. Despite the long, elongate look, you want a hat that is wider to create width. Likewise, going for a floppy hat with a deeper crown can create a horizontal angle and make your face look less stretchy. A hat such as a beret can hit across the forehead, reducing the length of the face. Also, during freezing days, pick a trapper hat, this hat can keep a wide balance, bring a side volume, and keep you cozy.

To wear: Fitted crowd hats, head with wide brims and hats that cut across the forehead.
To Avoid: the hats that have short brims, beanies, wearing hats that are father back to head and shallow crown hats.

If you have a long head, then check out this featured article about Find the Most Stylish Hats will give you a perfect summer hat suggestion.

Square face:

square face - felt hat
Showing a black felt hat

People with square face shapes always need a head accessory that entirely fits into the face while bringing the softness to the sharp angles. Hence picking up the angular hat is always a no for square face. Such angular hats include all-time favorite fedora as this hat enhances angular clash between face and hat style. To maintain the angular balance for the width of your forehead, jaw, and cheekbones, we recommend you choose a floppy hat along with soft and long brim.

Additionally, berets and beanies hat; they also play a vital role in softening the angular features as well as a slouchy fit that displays your hair towards the front of your face. Interestingly, during the 1940s, there is a trend of ever-classy cloche and retro style hats, which gives a flattering structure to your bone. These hats support the bold style. Similarly, to add softness to your look, it’s an excellent choice to add a round shapes hat in your wardrobe.

To Wear: cloche hats, beanies, round brims, circular-style hats, and slouchy berets
To Avoid: Hats with angles likewise fedoras

Heart Face:

heart face - fedora
Showing a black fedora hat

Unfortunately, if you have a heart-shaped face, then all the popular hats such as circular floppy and wide-brimmed are not for you. The more widely the brim, the more wideness will be enhanced to your forehead and cheekbones while keeping the jaw narrow. Hence, not an excellent option to dramatize your heart shape with such options.

Hence, we prefer to pick for an option that has shorter brims and angles. Fedora is one of the best-suited hats for the heart shape. The slanted brim will eventually add a wide illusion to your chin side. Other caps such as Newsboy, jockey, and baseball caps will continue to narrow down the jaw. For your cold winter days, try to go for a thinly knit sock hat. This type of hat will elongate your face without adding extra width to the head top.

To Wear: thin-knit sock hats, fedoras, short brims, and jockey caps
To Avoid: floppy hats, wide brims, and thick-knit beanies.

Round face:

round face - shallow crowns
Showing an ivory shallow crown hat

People that have a round face must avoid hats that are similar to such circular or round shape hats. Round hats like floppy hats with a soft and wide brim will create more round and full appearance. Similarly, a big no to beanies this will overly emphasize the soft roundness of your face. We recommend you select something that can be worn at the height of your hairline or above, just like Boy George-style. Styling this way can create a length, will balance your round face, and bring a high crown to your round face shape.

Playing with angular hats will also be a great idea. As interesting angle will add some dimensions to your round bone structure and makes you look great. Give a straight try to hats such as fedoras and retro ladylike hats that have more angles. Similarly, pick long sock hats for your winter collection to create an illusion of a longer face. Add these long sock with fun pom-poms or some extra slouchy to embellish the length of your face.

To Wear: Shallow crowns, Angular hats, Fedoras, long sock hats, and hats that can be worn at the farther back on the head.
To Avoid: circular brims, deep crowns, berets, and hats that can be cut down across your forehead.

Diamond Face:

diamond face - shallow crown hat
Showing a shallow crown hat

Mostly diamond shape face people have some extra width at cheekbones and eyes and have narrow, shorter jaw and forehead. Hence, the hitting target is to add length to face while picking up the hat for a diamond face. You can achieve this target by carefully hitting the hats that can be worn at the hairline or a bit farther back from it. You must give regular beanies a try by styling it a bit more now. Moreover, choose a shallow crown hat that is meant to be carried out at the farther of your head.

To Wear: Shallow crown or hats that can be worn farther to head
To Avoid: Floppy hats and hats that can be worn at the forehead.

Considerations during how do you pick a women’s hat?

Regardless of the face shape as a general trademark for picking the hat style for you, some women are still very conscious about selecting the specific style hat for them. How do you pick a women’s hat is always a tricky part for you to handle especially when you are occupied with so many options. Hence, considering a few steps in mind can help you in solving the problem and make you pick up the women’s right hat with less hustle. Typically, how do you pick a women’s hat consist of these following steps:

  • Decide the reason for picking the hat.
  • Match the hat with your face shape
  • Examine your personality and the outfit


What summer hat suits me is a relatively important topic as most of the people find it challenging to pick the right hat for themselves.

Hence, to ease down the confusion, you can choose a variety of hats by considering different factors such as your physique (face shape) and purpose of wearing (formal or casual), fabric, etc. Picking up the hat based on facial features can save you time and make it easier to determine the right hat.

So simply follow the hat rules that suit your face shape to filter the hat that compliments you. Moreover, there is no specific thumb rule of wearing a felt hat. Hence, you can wear them in any formal, indoor summer event too.

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