When should mother of bride remove her hat

When Should Mother of Bride Remove Her Hat

When Should Mother of Bride Remove Her Hat?

During the wedding, just slightly turns the limelight on mother of bride, her outfit or when should mother of bride remove her hat?

There is no hard and fast rule that needs to be adopted. Keeping the wedding ceremony and other factors it’s a choice when mother of the bride removes her hat. From traditional etiquettes, during formal church weddings, she has to wear the hat. Whereas, nowadays due to informal wedding ceremonies; the answer to these repeated question is solely based upon choice.

Unspoken Rules of Mother of Bride’s Headwear
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Unspoken Rules of Mother of Bride’s Headwear:

Wedding charm always brings a source of captivating vibes for friends and family. The rapid change in the culture enables everyone to remember their day to be celebrated in a new and unique way. The proper amount of balancing the proportional taste between being formal and informal is always a hard task, especially at the bride’s side. Traditionally, it was an important etiquette for mother of the bride need to wear a hat on her daughter’s big day. However, by times things evolve different formal traditions become more informal.

Nowadays, there is no list of commandments are left to follow. However, different cultures still have different norms which they use to satisfy their argument or win a discussion or take lead on the account of deciding when should mother of bride remove her hat? Or does mother of the bride need to wear a hat? Or is it OK to wear a black hat to a wedding? Or can you wear a fascinator to an evening wedding? Or do you have to wear a hat or fascinator to a wedding? Let’s start answering these questions in a sequence while some suggestions on the list of etiquettes and rules everyone should be preferred during wedding season.

When Should Mother of Bride Remove Her Hat?

In the past, the traditions depict the power of the Mother of Bride through wearing and removing the hat. During the formal wedding ceremonies, all the ladies keep their hats in place till the Mother of the Bride removes her hat. Moreover, from a historical perspective, the mother of the bride (MoB) removes her hat after the meal and when the gentleman removes their jackets for more informal discussions. In addition, many women by that time remove their hats after the wedding ceremony ends as a sign of their gratitude and hospitality.

On the contrary most weddings now a day follow fewer traditions and requires more uniqueness, so you can eye-witnessed many ladies removing their hats while seated to eat. Eating meal while wearing a hat on can somehow be uncomfortable. Hence, there is no harm in being removing the hat at any time during the wedding.

Does Mother of the Bride Need to Wear a Hat?

Mother of Bride is the most important member during the wedding day. Meeting up with the people, attending the guest, greeting and welcoming everyone are few things to do list as her major roles in the wedding. Hence, she needs to look perfect choosing the right outfit to the complementing accessory that boosts her confidence while walking through event. Wearing a hat or not totally based upon her choice or the type of ceremony organized by the family of both bride and groom.

  • So if not wearing a hat is an option then most important task is the outfit, as well as accessories likewise bags or jewelry to carry. More about the fashion trends for this year New York Fashion Week

However, if wearing a hat is compulsory these are the few considerations use as a thumb rule that will eventually save a lot of time and money.

1. Choosing the Right Hat Style:

Wearing a hat is not a part of your daily outfit so the pro tip is always to pick the hat which brings comfort and you can wear it without any hustle. Furthermore, choose the hat according to your face shape. Here are a few suggestions:

  • Almost all hats fit on the round face shaped especially brimmed hats

    Round Face Hat
    Showing a brimmed hat for round face
  • For those who have small face shape, half head covered hats can be used as an amazing option. Closely fittings hats like disc hats with a properly fitted band worn at the right side of the head along with the subtle dress will eventually add few veils of the mist of glamour in your personality

    Small Face Hat
    Showing a disc hat for small face
  • For longer faces, the choice of being switching to a wide-brimmed hat or you can go for cocktail style hat covering the head and forehead gracefully

    Large Face Hat
    Showing a cocktail style hat for large face

2. The Right Way of Wearing a Hat

After choosing the right hairstyle the next step is to carry the hat in the right way, so pick your elegant hat positioned it to the angle from east to the west slightly up from the left while tipping down from the right ear.

3. Hairdo According to the Hat

Properly styling your hair is the most crucial part. As wearing a hat flatten your hairs. Hence, adding up more volume in your style while using hair setting products will eventually make your hairstyle lasts for a longer period of time. Learn more about hairstyles from expert and get suggestions for your big day hairdo.

Bonus Tip

  • If you want to keep it in budget-friendly and interested in affordable investment then go for hiring a branded hat which looks good, will be expensive and yet leave an unforgettable charm on the big day
  • Take good care of your hats during and after the ceremony as it save money, time and effort here is a guide on How to Take Care of Your Hats

Can You Wear a Fascinator to an Evening Wedding?

During the wedding times, the size of the hat depends upon the time of the event. This is another unspoken rule that one must be considered. The size of the hat is relative decreases as the evening comes closer. Moreover, one is free to pick big, wide, large brimmed hats during the day time or in the first half of the event. However, during the evening, the fascinator is always an appropriate approach to choose as your headwear. Wearing the smaller fascinator in the evening grace the looks add more colors to the outfit that will pull off your stunning personality.

How to Choose the Right Fascinator for the Special Evening:

Here are the most significant unsaid rules followed by the Mother of the Bride.

  • Choose the fascinator smaller in size, delicate while keeping the closer look to the venue, season and time based upon ceremony.
  • Choose the appropriate fascinator that complements your body shape, size of the face. Likewise:
    • For Tall or heightened – pick a low fascinator
    • For short or petite height – always go for medium to a small fascinator
  • Never say yes to the overly jeweled, loud or heavy fascinator, as this will distract the attention from the bride on her big day.
  • Regardless of the formal and informal event, the mother of the bride doesn’t have to remove the fascinator during the wedding ceremony. The only possibility of removing the fascinator is solely based upon the family custom or unless specified.

Top Pick Fascinators for Mother of Bride:

Few are the dazzling fascinator designs that will go with your all type of outfits for the evening.

  • Navy Blue Bow Fascinator
  • Classic Pink Flower Headband
  • Red Feathered Flower Fascinator
  • Black Embellished Net Fascinator

Navy Blue Bow Fascinator
Showing a navy blue bow fascinator

Classic Pink Flower Headband
Showing a classic pink flower headband

Red Feathered Flower Fascinator
Showing a red feathered Flower Fascinator

Black Embellished Net Fascinator
Showing a black embellished net fascinator

Is it OK to Wear a Black Hat to a Wedding?

During the wedding season, the pressure of looking good and different while maintaining the decorum of the ceremony always bring high pressure on everyone. Thinking on what to wear and what to skip is always a hustle. Multiple suggestions, numerous thoughts, and list of do’s and don’ts more often bring a messed up confusion. Putting up a clear image on being comfortable in mind should be taken as a major priority while choosing the outfit. Choose the color that goes with your personality. There is no shame in choosing the black color hat. You can even find a variety of options in the market that makes you more attractive. However, one must keep more focus on the dress. Contrast a black color hat with your outfit is a way better option than weaning a combination of a black hat with a black outfit.

In traditions wearing the black color at the wedding holds the unspoken emotions of the unlucky and bad norm but traditions have been evolved. Uniqueness and culture have given new definitions to historical customs. So without any doubt, It is ok to wear a black hat at the wedding while maintaining the dilemma of wedding etiquettes.

Do You Have To Wear a Hat or Fascinator to a Wedding?

Wedding is all about getting dressed up beautifully. These dresses will compliment more attractively if being worn by the beautiful headpiece. The argument on wearing a hat or fascinator to a wedding is always on the top of the discussion list.  Recently, popular for the party and occasion-based website LittleBlackDress.co.uk has revealed the popularity of wearing hats has plummeted over the past few years. The ratio among wearing fascinator over hat was 13% whereas 29% of the people preferred not to wear any headwear during the wedding. Furthermore, you will come across much reason for and against wearing or not wearing a hat or fascinator during the wedding.

Substitution Opt. For Hat or Fascinator:

Options that you can use as a substitute of Hat or fascinator while maintaining the perfect balance of your wedding day attire:

  • Headband
  • Jeweled slide
  • Floral crown
  • Statement Hairstyle/Hairdo

Apart from choosing the hat, Fascinator or any other headwear there are few important things termed as do’s and don’t’s that one must follow while preparing for the wedding day.

The Do’s While Preparing for Wedding:

The jewelry and your dress should align in the same patterns. Basic dress code with plain jewelry with limited details includes a decent elegance over heavy loud motifs and bright color.

You can either go for one statement jewelry or go for matching jewelry set including matching bracelet, earrings, and necklace along with plain one basic color dress like navy blue, black and other darker toned will suit you more.

The Don’ts While Preparing for Wedding:

  • Don’t go for heavy jewelry along with busty pattern or sparkling floral.
  • Don’t go for overdoing while experimenting new trend and tradition. A simple bracelet and less jeweled accessories work wonder
  • Don’t say yes to sparkling shimmery shades like orange, red or pink jewels. Stick to basic is the code for the wedding day as savior. Either gold or silver but not both at the same time, using both gold bracelets with silver earrings can turn as mismatched.


Wedding traditions have so many customs and norms, taking care of every option are always a hard thing to manage. Some people follow the old traditions the ways of celebrating the big day like Mother of Bride to remove the hat after the wedding ends or after the meals. While some mother of brides doesn’t take the option of wearing a hat as mandatory.

Moreover, the options of wearing a hat or fascinator, the style of carrying the hat and colors totally depends upon the Mother of the bride and time. But some etiquette, thumb rules, do’s and don’ts discussed here will always work as fascination.

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