Where to Buy Sun Hats

Where to Buy Sun Hats

Where to Buy Sun Hats?

Ever wondered where to buy sun hats when you get down to packing your bags for a tropical holiday?

Well, headwear features at the bottom of our priority when we start preparing ourselves for long and sultry summer days. However, getting a good sun hat is essential to enjoying your sunny days without worrying about nasty sun burns or tanned skin. A cool-looking sun hat will not only protect you from the scorching sun but also make your outings a little more fun and hip. Dig into some of the coolest sites that sell amazing sun hats to ward of the harmful sun rays and keep you cool during your outings.

Even when packing for a summer holiday, your tote bag contains everything from a good sunscreen lotion to a scarf but seldom do you think of packing an appropriate headgear. Summer days without a good sun hat will simply ruin your outing (duh).

Instead of cursing the sun why not find out where to buy sun hats? Let’s take a look at some of the best hats for sun protection and online stores where you can buy them.

What are the Best Hats for Sun Protection?

Sun hats are an essential part of your summer style and will compliment your favourite summer dresses and flip flops quite well. However, finding the right hat that suits your personal taste and style will need some research. Here is a list of some of the popular summer hat styles:

1. Fedoras Hats

Showing a Fedoras Hat

Preferred by many, these summer hats are perfect for an outing on the beach. Fedoras are also considered to be great fashion statement as you can always pair them with your favourite weekend summer dress. You can check out some chic looking Fedoras on Amazon, Hats.com and Fedoras.com

2. Bucket Hats

Bucket Hats
Showing a Bucket Hat

Adventurous souls looking to indulge in intense outdoor activities like biking, hiking, kayaking, walking etc. can rely on these thick hats to combat sun’s fury. Lulu & Sky has some great collections and they’re even offering amazing discounts.

3. Boater Hats

Boater Hats
Showing a Boater Hat

A boater will provide complete protection from the sun while you’re out taking stroll or just sipping beer near the barbeque.

4. Floppy Hat

Floppy Hats
Showing a woman with a floppy hat

Add some zing to your beach wardrobe by opting for this classy hat that keeps your skin completely covered. Check our Nordstrom for these classy yet hip headgears.

5. Brim Hat

Brim Hat
Showing a wide brim Hat

Fashionable yet wide enough for protecting your shoulder and face from the harmful UV rays, Brim Hats are a big hit with the outdoorsy ones. Zappos has some great collection of Ultrabraid brim hats.

What is a Sun Hat Called?

What is a Sun Hat Called
Photo by Rodrigo Felix from Pexels

Also known as a field hat or harvest hat, sun hat not only shields the wearer from the harmful UV rays but also comes across as a style addition. A sun hat offers good shade to the face and the shoulder to prevent unnecessary tanning of the skin. These hats are made from a variety of materials such as cotton, straw, fiber etc.

If you’re wondering as to where to buy sun hats from then let me remind you that these hats are quite common around the world and come in various types. Thus, technically getting a good sun hat for your beach holiday won’t be much of a challenge as there are hundreds of good online stores from where you can buy an appropriate sun hat.

Available in a wide range of materials and types, sun hats come with small as well as large brim.

Fashionable Sun Hats for Ultimate Sun Protection

You got to make the best of your yearly tropical holidays so put on your best summer dress and wear the most fashionable sun hats. Let’s dig in:

1. Le Chapeau Bomba

Le Chapeau Bomba – From the stable of Simon Porte Jacquemus, this chic head gear is a must if you want to up the fashion quotient this summer.

2. San Diego Hat Tassel Straw Fedora

Colourful hats can be a great addition to your unique and fashionable outfits. Check out the one at Nordstrom Rack

3. Coolibar UPF 50+ Shapeable Travel Sun Hat

Looking for real sun protection then use this UPF hat with a strap to keep things in place. Buy this super-cool sun hat online on Amazon.

4. C.C Fun Verbiage Wide Brim Sun Hat

To have fun while staying protected is a great feeling that you will get with this stylish hat. Time for some fashion statement!

5. UV Protection Bucket Hat

This summer go hiking, biking and camping all in the shade of this beautiful yet functional bucket hat. Enjoy summer without the fear of sunburn!

Do Straw Hats Protect from Sun?

Straw hats have statement woven all around them and you can flaunt a straw hat just like many of your favourite celebrities. However, the big question is: do straw hats protect from the Sun?

Do Straw Hats Protect from Sun
A girl reading a book in the sun with a protecting hat from the sun

Well, sun hats usually have large brims and they offer the right protection from the harmful UV rays. Some celebrities even opt for the oversized straw hats that cover the entire body while providing shade to not only the shoulder and face but also the back and their legs! It is a recent trend where we get to see oversized floppy hats made from straw that offer full-body protection while one is out in the sun. However, if you’re planning to flaunt these oversized hats during your upcoming tropical holiday they don’t forget to get a larger luggage!

The large-sized straw hats offer great protection from the harmful UV rays and if experts are to be believed this can actually protect you from advanced photo-aging and skin cancer. The wide brim hats are immensely beneficial as they offer 360 degree protection. Ignoring the over-the-top hats, you can always buy the ones that have larger brims.

Majority of the experts will advise you to buy straw hats that have a tighter weave sans the visible perforations. Go for the ones that have at least 3 inch brim to experience optimal coverage. Simply put, you should buy the ones that offer shade to your neck, shoulders, ears, and nose along with your face. Several pretty looking sun hats made from materials like silk, linen or basket weave don’t offer optimal protection. UV rays simply get through onto the skin, thus defeating the very purpose of wearing a sun hat. However, this is not the case when you choose to wear a tightly woven straw hat.

What’s My Best Bet for Good Protection?

Only a tightly woven straw hat or the ones made from opaque and thick fabric. In case you’re still confused and overwhelmed by all the information then it’s best to stick with the ones that come with UPF (Ultraviolet protection factor). Good protection will lead to a comfortable and fun-filled holidays!

Does That Imply You Can Give Your Sunscreen A Miss?

No, not at all! Despite wearing a high-quality hat, you still need your sunscreen for complete protection. A simple straw hat can’t be your only protection when you go out in the sun and it has to be coupled with a good sunblock cream. So prior to going out, apply a good sunscreen, wear your chic looking straw hat while pairing them with a nice sunglass.

Important Tips on Buying Sun Hats

Irrespective of whether you’re packing for a holiday on the beaches or going out on a long tropical vacation, protecting yourself from the harmful sunrays needs something more than just getting a sunscreen. Sun protection accessories must always include a good large-brimmed sun hat that’s not only stylish but offers the right shade.

Important Tips on Buying Sun Hats
Important Tips on Buying Sun Hats

When you get down to ordering sun hats, you’re bound to be overwhelmed by the different types of sun hats on the offing. However, you’ll have to decide on the one that suits your style as well as your outdoor activity. For instance, if you’re just looking to relax on the beach then a large brim straw hat would do the job. On the other hand, if you want to just go hiking then a fedora or a boat hat is all that you’ll need.

Here are a few things to keep in mind while you’re still struggling to find out where to buy sun hats:

It Needs to Be Comfort

You might be tempted to buy those insanely oversized large-brimmed straw hats but believe me they are not as comfortable as you think. Keep in mind that whichever head wear you choose, it has to be comfortable. You won’t be just sitting around during your summer outings and you need a sun hat that is both functional as well as comfortable. Go for hats made from softer materials that you can happily wear for longer hours. It’s going to be hot outside and you don’t want to be sweating after an hour in the sun!

It Also Needs to Have Enough Protection

You wear a sun hat to prevent the sun from burning your skin, so choose the ones that offer enough protection. Go for materials that are both breathable and at the same time offer good shade to your face and shoulders.


Now that you know where to buy sun hats, it’s important that you do a bit of legwork (read research) to find an appropriate one for this summer holidays. This year the sun is burning down like never before and it’s important to protect your skin from unnecessary sunburns. A good sunscreen coupled with some chic and stylish sun hats can create some real memories for you.

Stroll on the beach or go hiking without worrying about getting tanned when you wear an appropriate sun hat. Amazon has some good collection of sun hats and you can take your pick from a wide range of materials like silk, cotton and straw. Straw hats in particular are fascinating because it’s all natural and you get the best protection. As far as style is concerned, the straw ones are nothing less than their fabric counterparts. You get fedoras, boat hats, bucket hat, floppy hats et al.

Don’t let the sun ruin your tropical holidays this year because you can tackle all the heat by wearing the right sun hat. Some cool sites that you can check out for sun hats include Nordstrom Rack, Sunprecautions, San Diego Hat Company, Bronte Shop etc. Find a good sun hat and pack your bags for the best tropical destinations around the world! Have Fun Guys!

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