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Boater Hats

Welcome to the World of Hats. This one is huge with numerous different kinds and styles. You’ll get ones to go with your formal dressing like the one on weddings, meetings, and conferences. There are also the ones you can carry on hunting, sports and all beach, friends and hangout parties. Not only are these, but hats you just use to protect yourself from sun rays in hot weather also the part of this amazing hat world. So, if you want to be a fashion pro then along with all the other accessories, you also need to know all about the hats; their kind’s, which ones complement what and how to carry them.

We’ll start with the simpler one; kinds of hats. However, it might sound easy and simple but there are so many out there that you’ll feel like you are lost in their world. So, let’s begin!

1. Beanies

These are a bit elongated caps made from triangular pieces of cloth. These caps are buttoned at the top and the clothes are seamed on the sides.

Black & White Beanie

These ones go really well if you want to carry the cool and chic look with your casual outfit.

2. Berets

These round and flat-crowned hats are made of hand-knitted, woven and crocheted wool. These feel very soft and comfortable.

Beret Hat
Blue Beret Hat

These berets have been part of military uniform but that does not mean that you can’t make them a part of your outfit. You can buy these for your children if they are playing a military role in any school play. Or, simply just keep one at your home and wear whenever and the way you want.

3. Boater Hats

These hats became very famous in the 19th and the 20th century. These are usually worn by men and are considered part of the formal dressing. These are also known by names like basher, skimmer, cady and Katie.

Boater Hat
Classic Boater Hat

So, now you can buy one and keep it for your formal occasions like wedding dinners and prom parties. It will give you a classic look.

4. Cowboy Hats

Well, these are the ones everyone knows. Everyone considers them as the top of the fashion world. It does give you that classic cowboy look at every girl longs for. Even girls wear them for a chic and hot look.

Cowboy Hat
Stylish Cowboy Hat

These are wide-brimmed and high-crowned hats and are well-known for being an essential part of northern cowboys’ attire.

5. Deerstalker Hats

These hats are typically known to be worn by men in rural areas. They wear it especially during hunting and particularly during deer stalking hence the name.

deerstalker hats
Give your hunting a classic look

So, if you’re planning to g on a hunting adventure or even on a forest trip, these deerstalker hats will be the best choice. Get your look wild look from these ones!

6. Gambler Hats

As the name tells the fact that these hats are the style statement of gamblers. So, if a bar is your next stop these hats ought to be our next hat.

Gambler Hat
Stylish Hat for Gambler

People of west-America have always been selective in their looks and made sure that they reflected them in the true sense. So, these hats were their style statement.

7. Golf Hats

It is clear from the name that these hats are the types worn by the golfers. Wearing this unique piece of art with golf dress and making a hit makes an amazing sight.

Golf Cap
Simple Golf Cap

However, just because it names so, it doesn’t seem fit on any non-golfer. You can buy one and use as your regular cool hat. It will totally complement your outfit. Like all the other hats, this one is also made fit for both men and women.

8. Fancy Dress Hats

These hats are fit for wearing at any fancy dress party. You can also buy one for your child to wear in any skit and play a role of a royal member.

Fancy Dress Hat
Unique fancy look

Hats like these might not go well with your usual outfit however on fancy occasions there is no choice better than these creative pieces of art.

9. Bucket Hats

Well, these are the hats most longed for. The reason for such a high demand is that they go really well with any type of outfit and five cool and lively look. These are available in decent simple color as well as in multiple vibrant colors.

Bucket Hat
Cool Bucket Cap

These pretty hats are best for both men and women! These types of hats suit best in summers and in casual parties and hangouts.

10. Baseball Hats

These soft caps have a rounded crown and a stiff peak projecting forward. These are not only fit to be worn while playing baseball, as the name might indicate, but also best to be worn casually every day. You can wear these whenever and wherever you want. Even if you’re going to the grocery, these are best, especially during summers to keep sunlight away.

baseball cap
Black Baseball Cap

You can wear these hats while playing baseball, basketball, cricket, tennis and even when not playing anything!

11. Cloche Hats

These pretty and beautiful hats are the perfect choice for all the females out there. However, for men, I’m afraid these won’t make a good choice.

Cloche Hat
Stylish Cloche Cap

So the girls can wear these simple yet classic hats with any of their outfits especially skirts and stand out in the crowd. These ones are available in different styles; simple and multi-colored, vibrant and dull. In any way you want. These are also easily available so you can easily go and grab one from your nearest store.

This might seem a long list but believe me, there are still many more left. However, the above-mentioned are the famous and well-known ones. They are also easily available so you can easily get one whenever you want. You will not have to search for them.

So, with this handful of knowledge, your choice of hats must have been made much easier and specific.

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